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Html web designing background and rules


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For BBEMNHS students reference.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Html web designing background and rules

  2. 2. USING COLORS ANDIMAGES AS BACKGROUND REMINDERS ON PUTTING BACKGROUND COLORS and IMAGES 1. Consider the color harmony, a darker text color will be harmonious with lighter background and a lighter text color with a darker background. Consider the file size of the image, the bigger the file ,the slower will load your web page.
  3. 3. THE BGCOLORATTRIBUTE Background color tag <bgcolor> is used to set the background color of the entire Web page. The syntax for putting background color is: <body bgcolor= ncolor> where ncolor is n is the name/code of the color. Ex. <body bgcolor= red> Note: You can also used the HTML Color code.
  4. 4. BACKGROUND IMAGEATTRIBUTE BACKGROUND IMAGE TAG: Instead of background color, you can also put an image on your Web page to serve as background attribute. The syntax for adding image background is: <body background= ‘imagefile’> Where imagefile is the file name of the image you want to put as background. Note: The images should be in the same folder of your save web page documents.
  5. 5. PUTTING HORIZONTALRULES Web pages contain information on different categories, so it a good practice to organize them properly into sections or divisions. To indicate these divisions, a horizontal rule (dividing line) is used. To add a dividing line, the <HR> tag is used. The syntax is <HR>
  6. 6. <HR> tag WIDTH Attribute The width of a dividing line depends on the browser screen. For you to control the width of the line, you can set the WIDTH attribute of the <HR> tag you desired thickness in either pixels or percentage of the width of the browser screen. The syntax for using the WIDTH attribute is: <HR WIDTH= pixels> or <HR WIDTH= percent>Ex. <HR width= 50> or <HR width= 25%>
  7. 7. The <HR> tag SIZEattribute Size attribute defines the thickness of a line. The syntax to do this is: <HR Size= pixels> Ex. <HR Size= 1> Note: The default size is 2 pixels
  8. 8. <HR> tag ALIGN attribute HR are centered by default. To specify your desired alignment, you set the ALIGN attribute of the <HR> tag to LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTER. The syntax for doing this is:<HR ALIGN= alignment>Ex. <HR ALIGN= left><HR NOSHADE> if you don’t want the HR to have shading.