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9 frame


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9 frame

  2. 2. FRAME 1The scene starts off with dramatic lowkey music alongside a medium shot ofwalking legs, the floor is bombarded byrain and the long shadows cast by the legsstretch off shot. These are all very strongcharacteristics of noir, they are all markerswhich cement to the viewer a pessimisticand intents theme. The steps are in timewith the music- this use of synchronisedmusic draws importance as to where thecharacters are going. More and more feetjoin the march, they stop and the cameratilts up showing a crowd of halfsilhouetted citizens .
  3. 3. FRAME 2The crowed are looking up at this-asilhouetted man about to be hung, thesilhouette makes the scene more vivid,allowing the audience to image the lookon the mans face, also the strong use ofsilhouettes is key to noir, implication andassociations come hand in hand with thedramatic music and intense story line.Crime. Crime is mostly glamorised withinthe world of noir with care free gangsters,drugs and drinking , however within thisframe you can see how the director (FrankBorage) has considered the punishmentand effects of crime.
  4. 4. FRAME 3The scene fades to this, another silhouettecast upon a childs bed, it resembled theman hanging, the camera pulls back toshow it is a childs toy, sinisterly placed tomock the childes farther. The child seemsto be being bullied because of his fatherscriminal exploits, a side rarely shown innot just noir but film as a whole. Theroom is light by a window, it leaks brightlight onto the bed, clearly showing thechild crying under the covers. The cryingis all foley, in fact it doesn’t even match upwith the child’s mouth. It seems that thechild may be in a orphanage but it is notclear yet.
  5. 5. FRAME 4 Elliptical editing is used to show the child older, this time in a playground fighting with a school rival. Other children can be seen running towards the fight, as they are all boys it seems more probable that this is in an orphanage or school. As ever the shadows are long and the music is dramatic. The rivalry between these two children all could stem from the farther being hung, the scene shows the ripples of ones mans crimes.
  6. 6. FRAME 5 Again conflict is shown between this one child and the other boys- they hold him up against the wall and rub dirt in his face. The boys face is shown half in darkness, these techniques are often shown in noir , weather it be to show fractured personalities or to reinforce the pessimistic dark world with surrounds the characters. The high angle tells the audience that the bullies are in control and that this defenceless boy is a victim, the shot asks the audience to pity the boy despite his fathers roots.
  7. 7. FRAME 6 The next frame shows a high school dance, well light and reflected in a swamp like marsh. The fore ground is almost completely black, only showing the outline of leafs and shrubs. This shot shows seclusion; distance, not only for the audience but for the characters among this forestry land. As this is a teen dance it could be said more elliptical editing has been used.
  8. 8. FRAME 7 The marshes are the perfect setting for the final conflict, its dark and mysterious. The bully seems smug and confident, smartly dressed and styled . The victim is scruffy and dark he has been destroyed by the bully. The lighting is coming from the moon and is fractured by the trees, typical of noir. The sound within this scene is ambient forest and residual noise from the high school party.
  9. 9. FRAME 8 This long shot shows the conflict in progress, the scene has moved to a near log cabin, these darkened scenes show an approaching climax, the bullied teen is almost completely hidden in blackness, the bullys white suit is carefully light. As far as the music is concerned is quite quiet and low.
  10. 10. FRAME 9 The bullied teen is cast in almost complete darkness, his eye sockets are completely black and his attacking the bully, the audiences opinions of this victim are shifting, as the bully is on the floor, defenceless, and the teen is above him with a rock in his hand – an attack seems imminent. The audiences shift opinions quite quick, we feel sorry for him and feel ashamed of routing for him. The music is low key and quite orchestral. This climax shows the result of countless bullying encounters.