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Nature Lane Farms Fertilizer Presentation


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Information on some of the Organic Fertilizer's that we sell

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Nature Lane Farms Fertilizer Presentation

  2. 2. March 14, 2013 News Announcement The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency Approves Heads Up label for suppression of SDS on Soybeans and extends current Soybean White Mould label to include all dry beans This approval will make Heads Up ( Right On ) Seed treatment the ONLY Seed treatment registered for the control of SDS on soybeans and White Mold on soybeans and dry beans.
  3. 3. Peas •Seed Treatments Hermiston Trial 2005 , Hermiston Seed Treatments Milton-Freewater Trial 2005 , Milton-Freewater Pinto Bean White mold control pinto beans 2011. Dr. Michael Harding, Alberta Agriculture. Heads Up comparative.
  4. 4. Soybeans •White Mold and SDS report , Iowa State University 2009 Dr. X.B. Yang, Dr. S.S. Navi •Soybean seed treatment trial to assess yield and vigor Study Director: XB Yang, Iowa State University, Ames, IA •HeadsUp Plant Protectants Inc – Soybean seed treatment trial to assess yield and vigor (Treat#1--4) Location: NE Research and Demonstration Farm, Nashua •Soybean 2008 Dr. XB Yang Iowa State University Yield Chart •Soybeans 2007 Wisconsin State University Dr. Craig Grau •Expt. No. 2007-141. HeadsUp: HeadsUp Soybean seed treatment trial Personnel: T.S. Maloney Location: Klein Farm, Ft. Atkinson, WI •Evaluation of Headsup a new Systemic Acquired Resistance •( SAR) Seed Treatment on Soybean Seed - 2007 •Expt. No. 2007-142. Expt. Title: HeadsUp: HeadsUp soybean foliar treatment trial Personnel: T.S. Maloney Location: Pester Lane Farm, Whitewater, WI •Evaluation of fungicides for control of soybean rust of "RR 2100" soybean, East Lansing, MI, 2006. Michigan State University, Dr. Willie Kirk 2006 •HeadsUp Seed and Foliar Treatment Trial Agri-Tech Consulting, Dr. Tim Maloney, Whitewater,WI. 2006 •Efficacy Results of Fungicides on Soybean White Mold Control Iowa State University, Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm •HeadsUp® Brochure for Soybeans
  5. 5. June 15: Note the color difference in the treated plants in the left four rows.
  6. 6. July 14: The fourth row is treated Norland and the 5th through 8th are untreated. Note the increased flowering on the fourth row treated with HeadsUp.
  7. 7. August: The picture is the result of Early Blight and verticillium. In this test plot there were no other treatments and no foliar applications of fungicide.