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Personal learning project tweet chats


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What is a Tweet Chat?
How to use and follow the conversation!

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Personal learning project tweet chats

  1. 1. *  Jamie Johansen COM 509/609 – Personal Learning Project
  2. 2. * •  Or “Twitter Party”•  More than an organized chaos tweet session.•  A live discussion that happens on Twitter.•  Tweets in the discussion thread are identified by a common hashtag. •  #agchat •  #nptech •  #PRChat •  #SmallBizChat•  A simple way to get tweeps together at a determined time to talk about a pre- determined subject.
  3. 3. * •  Find hashtags you are interested in • ••  Just Google it •  Google.doc •  The 12 Most…•  Follow organizations or people with similar interests. Chances are they involved in chats you would like too.
  4. 4. * •  You can follow a chat from your timeline on Twitter, but it is easy to lose the thread of the conversation and miss out on tweets.•  Hosting sites that automatically add the hashtag to your tweet: • • • • ••  You can also follow hashtags on Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Simply search for the hashtag and tweets with that hashtag will appear.
  5. 5. * •  Pre-determined time •  Tweet chats have a set time. •  Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly •  They are typically between 1 and 2 hours in length.•  Moderator/Leader •  Sets agenda •  Guides the discussion •  Ask questions •  Keeps the conversation going•  Format •  Single Topic Questions •  Multi-Topic Questions •  Topic Free Questions •  Free Flow •  Guest – Q&A with free flow Q&A at the end •  Open Q&A
  6. 6. * *  Introduce yourself, your connection to topic, affiliation, etc., even if you come in late.*  Always use the hashtags associated with the tweet chat.*  Stay on topic or “respect the chat” as some like to say.*  Watch for questions to be posed by moderator.*  Use the questions number (ie: Q1, Q2…) in advance of your response so that people trying to follow the conversation later can identify what you are responding to.*  Learn the tool you will be using prior to tweet chat. *  Tweetchat tutorial*  Don’t forget tweets are public.
  7. 7. * •  Groupthink •  Occurs when highly cohesive groups fail to consider alternatives that may effectively resolve group dilemmas. •  Theorists contend that group members frequently think similarly and are reluctant to share unpopular or dissimilar ideas with others. •  When this occurs, groups prematurely make decisions, some of which can have lasting consequences. 
  8. 8. * •  Tweet chats are formed so groups of people with like interests can come together to: •  ask questions •  answer questions •  form opinions •  share opinions •  gather ideas•  When this happens doors are opened for highly opinionated and dominate people to control what the group thinks about a certain topic.•  This could lead to changing or molding your opinions on an issue that might not have happened if other opinions were allowed.•  Basic peer pressure. Let’s avoid Groupthink •  Follow rules set by moderator •  Be polite and considerate of others opinion •  Remember you can leave the chat anytime you want
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