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CESI SOA Standards Conference Beijing 2010


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Presentation on open standards cooperation to CESI ( at SOA conference, May 2010

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CESI SOA Standards Conference Beijing 2010

  1. 1. 合作的数据标准Cooperation in standardsCESI SOA Conference, Beijing, May 2010 © OASIS 2010
  2. 2. Who is OASIS?● OASIS is a member-led, “The largest international non-profit standards group for standards consortium for global e-business & the electronic commerce information economy on the Web.”● Over 650 companies, organizations & individuals producing 35% 15% royalty-free and RAND Users & Government influencers & Academic standards● Over 70 technical 50% Technology Providers committees About 45% of our user accounts, and about 35% of our organizational members, are outside North America © OASIS 2010
  3. 3. What is an Open Standard?An open standard is: publicly available in stable, persistent versions Developed & approved under a published open process open to public input: comments, archives, no NDAs Can be licensed under clear, feasible IPR termsAnything else is proprietary: Using methods from a single company, or close group, may be fine: but has different risks than using open standardsGovernments & industry increasingly demand openstandards, rather than closed, single-source systems.世界贸 组 :关于贸 易 织 易技术 垒 定:开放标 壁 协 准WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement, Annex 3: legal_e/final_e.htm. © OASIS 2010
  4. 4. CIQ, CGM, CMIS,ASAP, CAM, ebXML- DocBook, ORMS, Energy Interop,BP, Semantic Exec, OpenDocument, EMIX, WS-CalendarSCA-BPEL, WSCAF , QUOMOS, UBL,WS-TX, [BTP]. Orchestration & UIMA, UnitsML,[WSBPEL] Management Data Content ElectionML, Emergency, Forest, UOML IHC, Legal XML(4), Materials, PLCS, PPS, RCXML, OBIX, WS-DD, TaxXML,TransWS, XLIFF, [Auto WSRF, WS- Repair], [AVDL], [eGov] Notification BCM, ebSOA, SCA-Bindings, SEE, ID-Cloud, SCA- SOA-RM, SOA-EERP, Test Policy, SPML, Assertions. TaMIE, [Conformance], WS-Federation, A Description {FWSI] XACML, XSPA, S O ebXML CPPA, HumanML, Security & [DSML] SCA-Assembly, SDD, UIMA, Access UIML, WSRP Code Lists, DITA, SCA-C, SCA-J,BIAS Integration, SearchWS, SET, XDI, XRI, [EntityDSS-X, IMI, KMIP, Res], [Topic Maps]SAML, WS-SX, Discovery[DSS], [WS- ebXML RegRep,Security], [XCBF] Messaging UDDI Common language (XML) RELAX NG, XSLT Conformance ebXML MSG, ebXML IIC, WS-RX, WSQM, [WS- Common transport (HTTP, etc.) Reliability] © OASIS 2010
  5. 5. CIQ, CGM, DocBook,ASAP, CAM, ebXML- OpenDocument, ODFBP, Semantic Exec, Energy Interop, EMIX, WS-Calendar Adoption, UBL,SCA-BPEL, WSCAF , UnitsML, UOML Many Management components of SOA Forest,WS-TX, [BTP].[WSBPEL] modular Orchestration & Data Content ElectionML, Emergency, 许多模块化件服务架构 (SOA) IHC, Legal XML(4), Materials, OBIX, PLCS, PPS, RCXML,DCML (x2), TaxXML,TransWS, XLIFF, [AutoWSDM, WSRF, Repair], [AVDL], [eGov] • WebWS-Notification Services: WS-Security, WS-BPEL, WS-RX, WS- SX, WS-TX, WSRM BCM, ebSOA, FWSI, SCA-Bindings, • SCA- Policy,Architecture: SOA-RM SOA-RM, Test Assertions, SPML, WS- [Conformance] • SCA: SCA-Assembly, SCA-Bindings,Description Federation, SCA-Policy. A XACML, [DSML] Security & SCA-C++, SCA-J, SCA-BPEL S O ebXML CPPA, HumanML, • Access & Authorization: SAML, XACML, SCA-Assembly, SDD, UIMA, Access WS- UIML, WSRP Federation, WS-Trust, XSPA, KMIP, IMI, ID-Cloud • Quality & Assurance: WSQM, TaMIE,Code Lists, XDI, XRI, [Entity Res], Test DITA, SCA-C, SCA-J, SearchWS,BIAS Integration,DSS-X, EKMI,Assertions PKI, [Topic Maps] • ebXML: ebXML-BP, CPPA, Messaging, RegistrySAML, WS-SX, Discovery[DSS], [WS- ebXML RegRep, • Specific Content: WS-DD, ObiX, SOA-EERP, WSRP,Security], [XCBF] Messaging UDDI WS-Calendar, etc. RELAX NG, XSLT • Many others, in OASIS and other organizations Common language (XML) Conformance ebXML MSG, ebXML IIC, WS-RX, WSQM, [WS- Common transport (HTTP, etc.) Reliability] © OASIS 2010
  6. 6. Real-world installations arecomposed of multiple standards HTML IMAP / POP3 SMTP Typical ASCII / Unicode e-mail URIs TCP IP © OASIS 2010
  7. 7. Every standards group has a process Generic path: Project scope > Contributions and input > Committee editing > Public reviews > Approval > Publication © OASIS 2010
  8. 8. Standards groups must learn to share • Contribute technical material to each other • Re-use suitable standards, not re-invent them • Seek joint approval, by using well-designed serial submissions or parallel processes © OASIS 2010
  9. 9. Standards groups must learn to share OASIS interoperates with the world: sharing our successes ebXML > ISO = ISO TS 15000 OpenDocument > JTC1 = ISO/IEC IS 26300 SAML > ITU-T = ITU Rec. X.1141 XACML > ITU-T = ITU Rec. X.1142 WebCGM > W3C = Final Recommendation CAP > ITU-T = ITU Rec. X.1331 UOML > JTC1 = ISO/IEC FDIS 14297 UBL > CEN/ISSS > UN/CEFACT = ongoing More web services standards in 2010 © OASIS 2010
  10. 10. Sharing includes intellectual property © © ©• Patent & copyright disclosure rules vary.• Patent & copyright licensing rules vary: some are RAND, some "royalty free", some have other rules• Must a user ask for written licenses? (See the OASIS Non-Assertion Covenant: who/intellectualproperty.php#licensing_req) © OASIS 2010
  11. 11. 非常感谢。 © OASIS 2010