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Confab Content Strategy Presentation


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Confab Content Strategy Presentation

  1. 1. Presented for Ads NextJune 15, 2013by Jamie Tiralla
  2. 2. What Is Confab?It is the industry’s leading Content Strategy conference.How long has it been around?Since 2011How many people attended?611 attendees from 42 different states.What kind of people were they?Professionals from all types of background who care aboutmaking the Internet a better place: Marketing, UserExperience, Writers, SEOs, Designers, Developers...What qualifications did the presenters have?There were 33 speakers who are leading authorities inContent Strategy, SEO and User Experience.
  3. 3. Why did I go?★ I am passionate about Content Strategy and User Experience★ I wanted to learn from industry experts and improve my craft★ To bring back ideas for Ads Next so that we can be better at what we do★ Learn ways to communicate with our clients about Content Strategy andwhy it’s important.
  4. 4. My Agenda: Day 1Opening Keynote - Kristina HalvorsonCEO Brain Traffic, Host of Confab, Author of Content Strategy for the WebContent Strategy Case Studies - Catherine TooleCEO Sticky ContentResponsive Web Projects - Steve Fisher & Alaine MackenzieFounder of The Republic of Quality / Lead Content Strategist at Yellow PencilWrite Like a Human, Think Like a Robot - Sara Wachter-BoettcherContent Strategy Consultant, Author of Content EverywherePlan, Create, Amplify & Measure Content - Pam DidnerGlobal Integrated Marketing Manager, IntelContent in a Zombie Apocalypse - Karen McGranePartner Bond Art + Science, Author of Content Strategy for Mobile
  5. 5. My Agenda: Day 2Experiencing Delightful Content - Jared SpoolCEO User Interface EngineeringMaking the Case for Content Strategy - Ahava LeibtagPresident Aha Media GroupContent Strategy for Social Media - CC HollandPrincipal C Squared MediaGetting the User Generated Content You Want - Vanessa GennarrelliLearning Lead, Peer 2 Peer UniversityPoetry of SEO - Mike KingDIrector of Inbound Marketing, iAcquireClosing Keynote - Paul FordDirector, Activate
  6. 6. What did I learn?There is a lot that we’re doing rightThere are many ways we can improveThere are things we can start doing nowThere are things we can do down the road
  7. 7. What is Content Strategy?Content is anything that is on the website (social media, blog, etc).Not just page copy, it’s also headlines, titles, microcopy, metadata, video, photos,animations, PDFs...Content Strategy is about giving users the best possible experience and gettingthem to do what you want them to do.
  8. 8. Content Strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solutionIt’s tailored to the clients needs and goalsIn order to have a good Content Strategy, you must:1. Define the business objectives2. Identify the audienceYou want to deliver the right content to:• the right audience• in the right place• at the right time
  9. 9. There is only one Content Strategybut there are multiple channels:• website• blog• social media• newsletters• print• radio• tv• etc...
  10. 10. Content Strategy never endsIt just evolves and adapts to new business objectivesand new audiences.
  11. 11. How does Content Strategy apply to Ads Next?Dental ClientsBusiness Objectives: Deliver 10 new patients per monthAudience: Determined on the kick off callWhat happens next:Keyword research and analysisGeographical research and analysisCreate an audience profile, tone of voice, copy guidelinesReview client’s existing content, identify missing piecesEdit existing copy and write new copy with SEO goals in mindCreate standard copy for services, treatments and concernsGuide client to add-on services like photography, video, etcMeasure results, analyze and adjust as needed
  12. 12. How does design / development fit in?Great design is invisible. - Jared SpoolContent Strategy and Design combine for User ExperienceDesign conveys tone, promotes brand recognition, connects with the audience.A great design makes it easy for the user to find the content they want andmove logically through the buying process.
  13. 13. What happens after the website goes live?Content Strategy never ends.We want to create a Content Strategy that lives on after the website launchesso that we have consistency in our messaging as we move on toblogs, social media, newsletters, etc.As the business objectives change or the audience changes,we should re-evaluate our Content Strategy, make adjustmentsand apply it across the board.
  14. 14. What is our Content Strategy for mobile?There is only one Content Strategy but there are multiple channels.Ads Next is moving towards responsive designso we are delivering the user with the same contentregardless of the device they are using.We cannot continue to assume that mobile users are “on the go.”We cannot continue assume that mobile users want less content.We can only assume that mobile users have a smaller screen.
  15. 15. 31% of Americans who access the internetfrom a mobile device say that’s the only way they go online.88%of American adults own a smartphone.By 2015, more Americans will access the internetthrough mobile devices than through desktop computers
  16. 16. Our mobile Content Strategy should behaving a great Content Strategy for websitesprioritizing the information for usersand making sure that the content is easy toread, access and interact with regardlessof the screen size.
  17. 17. Ads Next Content Strategy Action Plan• create standard copy for services, treatments and concerns to streamlinethe process, optimize for search and user experience, and save time onsetups.• spend more time creating unique content for About Us, New Patients,Meet the Doctor, etc.• continue to work on responsive design, consider mobile users whendeveloping content and start to prioritize content for mobile.• create an editorial calendar to streamline the process for blogs, socialmedia, etc. and ensure that these efforts tie into and support our ContentStrategy.• use data to create better Content Strategies, better designs and improveUser Experience.