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Ice Age 4 - Professor Mike Bruford

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Ice Age 4 - Professor Mike Bruford

  1. 1. The Science of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift The Science of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
  2. 2. What IS continental drift??
  3. 3. And what about the Ice Age??
  4. 4. The last iceage!!20,000yearsago…
  6. 6. What about the animals??
  7. 7. MANNY a mammoth They lived from 5 million years ago But were still alive 3,000 years ago in Russia: 7,000 years after the lastCool fact: although some were very big (4m tall)most were the size of an Asian elephant, their ice age!!closest living relative…
  8. 8. They are extinct partly because of climate change and partly because of hunting by man.They are often very well preserved….
  9. 9. a Smilodon (orsabre-toothed cat)They lived from2.5 million yearsago in theAmericasThey died out10,000 years ago
  10. 10. Cool fact: Smilodons were massive (S populator exceeded half a tonne – much bigger thana tiger) and genetically very different from living cats: more like half way to a hyaena!
  11. 11. Sid a Magalonyx or ground sloth They lived from 10 million years ago in the AmericasCool fact: Sid’s closest living relative is the two-toed sloth… They died out 10,000 years ago
  12. 12. Sid is small in thefilm – but someMegalonyx weremassive – 3m talland lived on theground, not intrees…We can still findtheir fossilised poo(coprolytes) in cavesin South America!!
  13. 13. Today you will meet – Gutt!! He is a giant ape - Gigantopithecus They lived from 9 million years ago in Asia: we know very little about them!Cool fact: Gutt could never have met Sid They died out 100,000or Diego on land – they lived on differentcontinents! years ago
  14. 14. And finally, what on EARTH am I??
  15. 15. Scrat .. Was described as a sabre-toothed squirrel in 2002 when the film Ice Age 1 was released…. BUT no such animal was known to exist….Sabre teeth!!
  16. 16. However….In 2011, scientists discovered the fossilised remains of a sabre-toothed squirrel in Patagonia, South America !! The film-makersguessed right… The catch???
  17. 17. 93 million years ago… He’s too old to have met any of the other characters!!!
  18. 18. ENJOY THE FILM!!