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Allscripts app challenge qis final


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Quality Information Systems is an Allscripts Enterprise EHR add-on solution that helps healthcare provider’s meet requirements for today’s ever-changing mandates on chronic disease care and prevention. Within Enterprise, a traffic signal designates how well the patient’s active problems are being managed.

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Allscripts app challenge qis final

  1. 1. EHR Integration Services:Team “Perfect Practice”QIS: Quality Information SystemJamie Steck, Business Development Manager 1
  2. 2. Solution Overview High Level Solution Description: • QIS traffic signal prompts healthcare staff with the patient’s medical needs based on the Allscripts Enterprise (EEHR) Active Problem list. • Allows quick data entry that becomes discrete data in EEHR. • Delivered with several reports that can be utilized to manage chronic disease populations and provider attentiveness. • Low level admin that does not require database or programming knowledge to generate new levels of disease management. Healthcare/Business problem addressed: • Low performance of healthcare staff documenting and ordering healthcare requirements for chronic diseases and preventative measures. • Requirement for highly skilled programing/database staff to create and generate healthcare inventive and patient population management reports. • Education time required for healthcare staff per disease state, reduced or eliminated. The application developed addresses the following category: (X) Applications that improve management of high cost chronic diseases.  Innovative approaches to addressing value-based care imperatives.  Both 2
  3. 3. Usability and DesignThe QIS tool provides real-time visual RED = More than 4 measures are missing/expired YELLOW = 1-4 measures needing attention status update on a patient’s quality GREEN = No action necessary – all measuresmeasures, right on the clinical desktop. complete > By clicking on the signal provides details on the missing measures 3
  4. 4. Usability and Design Patient A: Asthma, Hypertension and Low Back Pain • Green traffic signal indicator immediately notifies clinician that the patient is up to date on healthcare requirements for the providers specialty. • QIS Dashboard enables instantly provider access to all the recent results/dates for all the chronic diseases, and when they are next due. • Color indicator designates that the patient is NOT up-to-date on their Cancer quality measures and prompts a referral to Oncology. Patient B: New Patient Normal Health • Fast and simple documentation of previous colonoscopy, mammogram, vaccines, smoking status and more, based off the age of the patient. Reports: Patient Population Management • Easily identifies all patients that are not meeting a disease requirement and provides report for scheduling or phone calls intervention. “QIS has provided a flexible and efficient means of adding real-time, point-of-care clinical decision support to our Allscripts Enterprise EHR platform. Numerous SCMG physicians have been impressed with how much it adds intelligence and ease of results entry to the EHR.” Neil W. Treister, MD, FACC Medical Informatics Officer Sharp Community Medical Group 4
  5. 5. Usability and Design Admin Build • EHR Integration Services designed QIS to meet the needs of the clinical end-user. • QIS contains a utility tool that enables clinical staff and administrators to build all quality metrics required. • Functionality does not require a programmer or high level IT person to manage. 5
  6. 6. Development Stage Indicate the development phase as of Phase I Submission Date:  Code complete, tested and approved by Allscripts Provide additional information here on the degree of development • QIS is currently released and available in the market with v2.2 • Release cycles are quarterly, at a minimum • Development is driven by Medicine requirements and client requests “QIS has been a huge boon to our practice. I’ve heard nothing but praise for it from the well over 100 physicians, NPs and PAs in our group that regularly use it. QIS really helps remind clinicians and staff to do recommended tests, immunizations and treatments that might otherwise be overlooked. ” Kenneth Adler, MD, MMM President & Medical Director of Information Technology Arizona Community Physicians 6
  7. 7. Integration Description Detail integration points of Allscripts solution(s) • Integrated into Allscripts with an icon on the banner bar that launches QIS with patient and user context • This is accomplished using CHWorksHook.js and CHContext.js List APIs/Web Services calls used • We use Allscripts provided interface stored procedures to import data into the application from QIS • Stored procedures imported include: o FileResult_CMS o FileFindingImport o FileImmunizationImport o FileOrder 7
  8. 8. Go To Market Plans How will solution be brought to market • Press announcement/media follow-up • Client reference site and case study development (ie. Sharp Community Medical Group - already a successful QIS client) • Integrated digital marketing campaign o Email, webinars, eNewsletter, Social Media, Blog • Conference circuit – reference client speaking engagements (ACE, Allscripts regional user groups, etc.) • Product-specific user group (on-line and integrated with ACE) Which Allscripts customers will be targeted • Allscripts Enterprise EHR (version 10.x and 11.x) What is the proposed price point of the solution • $85 - $175 per provider per year; dependent on size of organization • $4500-$7500 one-time installation/training fee 8
  9. 9. Video Demonstration Link To Video Demo description • Explanation of QIS Traffic Signal • QIS Dashboard Overview o List of QIS Problems w/ Linked Measures • Updating Metrics • QIS Delivered Reports “QIS has generated a great deal of enthusiasm, increasing engagement significantly among some of our less committed adopters. We have found it very easy to customize and expand to meet our changing clinical needs; the administrative backend was easy to learn. Our team is now able to quickly build and configure QIS to meet the requirements for multiple different quality metrics.” Neil W. Treister, MD, FACC Medical Informatics Officer Sharp Community Medical Group 9
  10. 10. Why This Solution Should Be Selected! Ease of Implementation • Implementation from test-to-live, has taken as little as 3 weeks • Training for admin staff takes ~1.5 hours; end-user staff takes 15-30 minutes • Build of new problem list and measures can be done in as little as 5 minutes • Reports are delivered out of the box and ready for immediate use • Tracking capability is built upon over time to capture everything from CQM and MCQFs, to requirements from a local grant Easy to Use with High Return • Task reminders - what to do, when to do it, tied to each disease being tracked • Easy data entry functionality leads to more accurate data Quick and Inexpensive Quality Management • Report give just the right information and are based off TODAY’s data • Reports can be exported or printed for provider follow-up or data analysis Proven Value • Successfully installed and being used in (8) Allscripts clients Aggressive Development Plans (the Future) • Insurance based reports • Immunization management • Recall process 10
  11. 11. Meeting the Needs of Healthcare . . . The graphs on the next two pages outline the quality improvement progress that Central Utah Clinic has seen by using the original prototype of this product. EHR will provide a broader sampling of this data across all clients for Phase 2 of the challenge. 11
  12. 12. Allscripts-Enabled Improvements> in Patient Care 12
  13. 13. Allscripts-Enabled Improvements> in Diabetic Care 13
  14. 14. EHR Integration Services . . . And our Perfect Practice . . . • . Holistic View of Data Integration• We assess workflow, people, technology, budget and priorities, then, create a data integration plan to fit their needs.• Our primary guiding principle is optimization…integrating your existing information infrastructure to enhance, clinical and operational workflow. 14