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CH@T Vodka


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The world is filled with ways to communicate. We spend hours using the phone, email, IM and social networks. But nothing makes us feel closer than seeing our friends and family face-to-face.

We created Ch@t Vodka to bring people together. To talk instead of type. Laugh out loud without using emoticons. And share our lives over a round of great drinks.

Life is moving faster than ever. Sometimes it's nice to slow down and spend time with the people you care about.

Ch@t is a conversation starter. Everything about us is new, innovative and bold – from the sleek black bottle to the amazing way we make our vodka silky smooth.

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CH@T Vodka

  2. 2. • Vodka 2.0, Seeking Distributors in USA | Chat Vodka Distribution Page • Vodka has been around for centuries. We thought it was overdue for an upgrade of epic proportions. For as long as anyone can remember, people have been using filtration, barrel aging and re-distillation to make vodka smoother. But all those methods can leave harsh elements behind. We found a better way. Using the revolutionary TerrePure® process, we purify Ch@t naturally with ultrasonic energy. The result is an incredibly smooth, ultra premium vodka with a subtle, refined character.
  3. 3. • Quick facts • Vodka and Strawberry flavored vodka now available. • American made, ultra premium profile. • Distilled from the highest quality grain. • Gluten free & certified Kosher. • Made using TerrePure® ultrasonic technology. • Made in small batches to ensure smoothness.
  4. 4. • Where the conversation began • Ch@t is the brainchild of college student Melissa Sohmer. In the beginning stages of the brand development, Ch@t was simply a class project. But as the project progressed, it became obvious that there was already a huge demand for a spirit that could connect with a huge generation of new drinkers that are technologically connected. Ch@t was an instant hit in the classroom and is positioned to be an even bigger hit outside of it.
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