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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Jamie M Redmond 208 East School Lane Prospect Heights, IL 60070 847-220-2132
  2. 2. Design Statement “A building has integrity, just as a man and just as seldom! It must be true to its own idea, have its own form, and serve its own purpose!” Ayn Rand (Howard Roark, The Fountainhead) Howard Roark, the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s novel “The Fountainhead” is an architect whose approach to his life and his work is rooted in individualism, honesty and integrity. The originality of design is important because the function or purpose of any designed space or object is unique to the client and end user. I believe that design should be approached as a way to provide a functional solution to a problem, and the resulting spaces will be defined by the purpose they need to serve. All elements in a space should have a role in meeting the needs of the end user and improve an individual’s experience in a space. In our existing natural environment, it is essential that we recognize the importance of preserving natural landscapes, and designing with the utmost respect to our earth as a whole. The most efficient and successful design should have the smallest possible impact on the land and resources.
  3. 3. Table of Contents Sustainable Office Space SLiK Space Degustation Restaurant Hotel Maison Chicago Youth Hostel Black & White 35mm Photography Black & White 120mm Photography Digital Photography Resume
  4. 4. Interior Design Studio II - Sustainable Office Project: 55 West Monroe, Chicago IL CLIENT PROFILE: Integrated Environments Studio (IES) is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable design products that would be specified by interior designers, builders, and architects. The company is opening a showroom/regional office in downtown Chicago. PROGRAM: The public spaces are designated for events, product presentations and product display. The product consultants work in a collaborative setting adjacent to the reception area to provide a transition from public to private sections of the space. Private spaces accommodate managers offices, filing centers, copy stations, administrative assistants stations, research and sample libraries, storage and employee break out space. LOBBY/RECEPTION AREA PRODUCT DISPLAY AREAEVENT & PRESENTATION ROOM KITCHEN & BREAK OUT SPACE PRODUCT CONSULTANTS WORKSTATIONS ADMIN. STATIONS, FILING & COPYING RESEARCH & PRODUCT SAMPLE LIBRARY PRIVATE OFFICES & CONFERENCE ROOMS
  5. 5. CONCEPT: Urban Space + Natural Growth: Space plan mimics botanical growth to meet the end users needs. Public transitions to collaborative, collaborative transitions to private. (Public/Bloom, Collaborative/Stem, Private/Roots) Unexpected angles, translucent materials and variations in ceiling height help to define open areas without enclosing them and blocking out natural light. Despite its urban setting, the space is organic and utilizes renewable natural sources. Finish material selections are eco-friendly products that come from sustainable resources and have low to no VOC emission ratings to promote a healthy working environment. Lighting plans focus on low energy consuming LED & florescent lighting, and work spaces are arranged on the perimeter of the space for maximum integration of natural light.
  6. 6. The SLiK (Student Lounge & Information Kiosk) Space at Harrington College showcases student skills and ideas. The Lounge’s design, funding and installation was a 16 week project by students in the Spring 2009 Experimental Design class. The student lounge is an inviting and flexible space for relaxation, student work displays, critques and events. An electronic information kiosk helps eliminate paper waste and organize information and announcements. Renderings by team member Renderings by team member exPeRimental design - slik sPace
  7. 7. Funding for SLiK was provided by student organized fund raisers and much of the material was donated by manufacturers and distributors. Student design work was not limited to construction of the walls. Furniture was designed and built with construction waste materials, and a table that had been in the original space was refinished and repurposed as bench. The completed space is frequently used for student shows, lectures and guest critiques and has become a popluar gathering place. Renderings by team member Renderings by team member
  8. 8. Degustation embodies the spirit of French cooking; The enjoyment of a meal. Conceptual planning for Degustation derived from the relationship between Chicago and Paris as sister cities. Rivers, a strong natural element in both cities, were studied as a means to illustrate the connection. The flow of the Seine and Chicago rivers through their respective cities influenced movement throughout the restaurant. Further, the intimate and defined dining areas are representative of the change in demographics along the rivers’ paths. Degustation’s atmosphere is intimate and relaxing, inspired by a classic Parisian brasserie, in a modern urban high rise. The interior finishes highlight timeless Parisian style: monochromatic grey palette, herringbone parquet flooring, metallic patinas and accents of blue and cream. Interior Design Studio III - DÉGUSTATION: The Act of Tasting.
  9. 9. Hôtel Maison approaches accommodations with an emphasis on luxury and comfort. Hôtel Maison offers a variety of rooms, from standard single rooms to 1,400 square feet King Suites. The hotel design takes a domestic approach to Dégustation’s Parisian influence and evolves into a comfortable urban setting. The luxury King suites of Hôtel Maison offer two private bedrooms, two full bathrooms, powder room and a sitting area with a wet bar. Maison delivers luxury and comforts that are often missed when traveling. A neutral palette of silks, leathers and hardwoods are employed throughout the space to enhance the warm, inviting atmosphere. The suites are spacious, yet arranged for intimacy and privacy. Every room offers generous views of the surrounding city. Interior Design Studio III - Maison: Home
  10. 10. Undergrad Thesis - CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL YOUTH HOSTEL The Fibonacci Sequence: The evolution of proportion, function and efficiency manifested in natural forms was studied and expressed in the development of the building structure for the Chicago International Youth Hostel. A study of natural forms and the purposes they serve. A study of structure and how we facilitate our needs.
  11. 11. Hostel will offer dormitory style accommodations for 2-6 people, as well as private rooms. Locker rooms take the place of single user bathrooms. Common areas, kitchen and recreation amenities will be accessible to all guests. Location is ideal for visitors to Chicago; The site is surrounded by restaurants, museums, nightlife and iconic monuments. Metra & Amtrak trains, CTA trains, subways & buses and water taxis are just a short walk away. Public transit to O’Hare and Midway airports are blocks from the front door. Site: 100 North Franklin, Chicago IL
  12. 12. Conceptual study models & renderings for building & site Undergrad Thesis
  14. 14. Interior Sketches & Renderings Undergrad Thesis
  15. 15. Exterior Renderings
  16. 16. black & white 35mm PhotogRaPhy
  17. 17. the caRRibean
  18. 18. Black & White 120mm Photography
  19. 19. Portrait Studio
  20. 20. Digital Photography
  21. 21. Florence & London
  22. 22. Digital Photography
  23. 23. Ireland
  24. 24. Digital Photography
  25. 25. Ireland
  26. 26. Resume Summary of qualifications • Computer: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project), Intuit Quickbooks, AutoCAD (2D, 3D & Retail Focus), 3D Studio Max, JDA Floor Planning, Google SketchUp, Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, In Design), Adobe Acrobat • Professional: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong team and collaborative skills, thorough understanding of construction documents, organizing and tracking vendors and material orders, ability to work on multiple projects with different trades and vendors, knowledge of daily business operations, understanding of accounts payable and receivables PROFESSIONAL SKILLS HIGHLIGHT • Motivated and enthusiastic • Able to multitask and work quickly • Strong conceptual design and programming skills • Detail oriented • Construction experience has instilled understanding of timelines, budgets and client relationships • Responsible and resourceful individual • Efficient and goal-oriented worker • Involvement in family business has taught me to act quickly to avoid and solve problems • Strong understanding of construction documents various trade responsibilities EDUCATION Harrington College of Design – Chicago, IL • Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design • Dean’s List - January 2009 & January 2010
  27. 27. WORK EXPERIENCE Sears Holdings, Hoffman Estates, Illinois Merchandise Planning Contractor, May 2010 – Present • Space and merchandise planning for Sears and Kmart stores nationwide • Analyze merchandise allocation charts and apply to floor plans as required • Determine merchandise location based on priority Holly Hunt, Chicago, IL Intern, January 2010 – April 2010 • Pulling memo samples for clients in the showroom and for shipment • Managing inventory for all lines in showroom & sample library • Maintaining inventory of memo samples and informational brochures for all lines Redmond Construction Co., Prospect Heights, Illinois Project & Operations Manager, January 2006 – January 2010 • Manage residential and commercial construction projects • Maintain customer and vendor accounts and build strong relationships • Design and manage from conceptual planning through construction Glenview Ice Center, Glenview, IL Hockey Instructor, September 2009 – Present • Implement & maintain lesson plans • Work closely with children & parents to improve hockey skills • Create a fun and positive environment for all players
  28. 28. “It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, Of all things physical and metaphysical, Of all things human and all things super-human, Of all true manifestations of the head, Of the heart, of the soul, That the life is recognizable in its expression, That form ever follows function. This is the law.” Louis Sullivan, “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.”