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Using Twitter at EMC World
  We encourage you to use Twitter to discuss EMC World and send
  questions to the EMC World te...
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Twitter @ EMC World 2010


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Twitter @ EMC World 2010

  1. 1. Using Twitter at EMC World We encourage you to use Twitter to discuss EMC World and send questions to the EMC World team during the actual conduct of the event (publicly or privately). If you are on Twitter, please go to to follow EMC World. If you are not yet on Twitter or signed up to use from your mobile phone, visit our Bloggers Lounge in the EMC World Village or use the instructions on the right. Sign up for Twitter: To make a public Tweet to EMC World: Step 1: Go to and sign up for an account. Just type @emcworld in your Twitter post (Tweet) along with your question, as shown below. (Note: Twitter followers will be able to see Step 2: Sign up to use Twitter (Tweet) via your your question.) mobile device. Have a Smartphone? (like an iPhone or Blackberry)? Use one of these apps:  Twitterriffic (iPhone) To make a private Tweet to EMC World:  Tweetie (iPhone) Go to and sign up to follow @emcworld. Once @emcworld follows you back, just type D @emcworld with your question. D is for “direct message” and means that what you write  Twitterfon (iPhone) won’t be seen publicly.  Twitterberry (Blackberry)  Twibble (Nokia, Blackberry, SonyEricsson) Don’t have a Smartphone? You can still post To make comments: Tweets via text message: Just include #emcworld in all of your Tweets about the EMC World Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account event. Step 2: In the upper right hand navigation bar, click Settings Step 3: Click the third settings tab, Devices Step 4: Add your mobile phone number, with country code first (+1 is the US country code; To follow attendee Tweets: a US phone number would look like this: Set your browser to to +15084351000) - If you are not US based, view all the Tweets about EMC World. please see the Twitter helpdesk for further instructions. To share photos: Step 5: Wait for the verification code to appear Any photos of EMC World you wish to share with everyone – just Step 6: Using your mobile phone, send a text include a link in a tweet with #emcworld in the message, or upload your message with the verification code to 40404 photo to Flickr ( or Twitpic ( (Standard text message fees apply.) ) tagged with #emcworld. Connect with EMC after the conference, too! Created by @JamiePappas