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FourSquare @ EMC World 2010 - Support Spots4Bots


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EMC is using FourSquare at EMC World 2010 to drive donations of VEX Robotics kits to middle schools and high schools - please support us! Learn more on my blog post:

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FourSquare @ EMC World 2010 - Support Spots4Bots

  1. 1. Using FourSquare at EMC World We encourage you to use FourSquare to share where you are, what you’re doing, what booth you’re visiting, what keynote you’re attending and all the fun you’re having at EMC World! If you are not yet on FourSquare or signed up to use from your mobile phone, visit our Bloggers Lounge or use the instructions on the right. You can also friend EMC World at to receive EMC World communications! Sign up for FourSquare: Step 1: Go to and sign To make a public Check-In: up for an account. From your FourSquare application, select Places and a list of nearby Step 2: Sign up to use FourSquare via your places will appear – select the venue you’re at and click Check-in and mobile device. share your location. Be sure to share it with Twitter, as well to let your network know you’re at EMC World! Have a Smartphone? (like an iPhone or Blackberry)? Use one of these apps: You can also search on #emcworld in your FourSquare application to see a listing of  iPhone – to download the app, search the just EMC World venues. App Store from your iPhone Some check-in venue suggestions:  Blackberry - to download the app, open this link from your BlackBerry:  Bloggers Lounge  EMC Community Network booth  Studio E booth  Android - to download the app, search  Key note sessions the Android market from your Android  Look for signs posted around phone: EMC World for check-in opportunities!  Palm Pre - to download the app, search the App Catalog from your Palm device To make a private Check-In: Don’t have a Smartphone? You can still post To check in privately, deselect the “Tell my via text message or mobile website: friends” option when checking in to the EMC World venue. Step 1: Sign in to your FourSquare account Step 2: In the upper right hand navigation To friend/follow attendees: bar, click Settings and add your cell phone Select “More” from the menu of options number under your “Account Info” and choose the option that meets your Step 3: Using your mobile phone, send a text needs to locate new people to friend/follow. message to 50500 to update your location (Standard text message fees apply.) Why FourSquare at EMC World? Or, visit the FourSquare mobile site at EMC wants to help connect you with the people and places around you at EMC World, all while having a bit of fun and supporting a great cause! Step 1: Sign in to your FourSquare account EMC will also be using your FourSquare check-ins to donate robotics kits from VEX robotics to different school systems. These are used by Step 2: Select “Check-in” and share where students to better understand science and technology, and are also used you are! by school systems to enter into global competitions to 'build the best bot'... How cool is that? Connect with EMC after the conference, too! Created by @JamiePappas