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  1. 1. HEADACHESWhat physiotherapists can do to help.
  2. 2.  Did you know that headaches can be caused by problems with posture, muscle tension or stiffness in joints within the neck. A headache which originates from the neck is one of the most common types of headache but is just one of many. Another common type is vascular (this includes migraines).
  3. 3. Neck and Poor upper back Previous neck posture Stiffness trauma (e.g.Muscle whiplash)imbalance Sedentary lifestyleMuscle CAUSESweakness Dehydration Muscle Inappropriate tightness Stress pillow or sleeping postures
  4. 4. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS• Gradual onset of neck pain• Pain and stiffness in the neck• Tension in shoulders and neck• Reduced neck movements• Dull ache at the back of the head, behind the eye socket or temple region
  5. 5. PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTYour physiotherapist will be able toassess your symptoms and recommend thebest course of treatment to meetyour individual needs. Some of thetechniques they will use are:
  6. 6. MOBILISATION & MASSAGE Joint mobilization to increase the movements at each joint. Soft tissue massage to release tension in muscles around the neck.
  7. 7. EXERCISESYour physiotherapist will prescribe appropriate exercises to improve flexibility, strength (particularly the deep cervical flexors) and posture, depending on your particular problems.
  8. 8. EDUCATION & ADVICEYour physiotherapist will provide education and advice in the following areas:• Activity modification• Ergonomic advice• Postural advice