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SlideShare Media Kit


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Published in: Technology, Design

SlideShare Media Kit

  1. 1. Jamie Perlman Media Kit
  2. 2. Social Media for Professionals SlideShare is the world’s largest presentation sharing site. Millions of professionals visit it to research and discuss business and technology topics every day.
  3. 3. Explosive Growth! 25 million business decision makers Over 400% growth in the last year! *Quantcast – Nov 2009
  4. 4. For Technology & Business Pros • Millions of business and technology decision- makers visit SlideShare everyday to research By the numbers* topics such as: marketing, IT, software ular site development, entrepreneurship, and social ‣ 293rd most pop media for business. on the Internet visitors/ ‣ 25mm unique • SlideShare is popular with an influential, tech- month forward professional audience (Techcrunch, Guy iewed/ ‣ 70mm pages v Kawasaki, Mashable, Tim O’Reilly, the ‘Twitterati’) month • Fast Company Magazine recently named our CEO, Rashmi Sinha, one of the ‘Most Influential Women of Web 2.0’ • Recent advertising clients include: Cisco WebEx, Adobe, Sun, Intel, Sun Trust Banks, Microsoft, Dell, MarketingProfs, GoToMeeting, FedEx Office, etc. *Quantcast – Nov 2009
  5. 5. US Audience Demographics US Median Age = 44 *Quantcast – Jan 2010
  6. 6. Audience • 2,000,000 registered users • 50% are managers, directors, or C- level execs with significant purchasing influence* • 30,000 slideshows uploaded weekly Popular Audience Se SMBs (62%) gments • Average time on site = 6 minutes Micro-businesses (25% Marketing (16%) ) Education (20%) • Average of 20 slides viewed per visit IT & Internet (14%) Design community (8 %) • Integration partnerships with LinkedIn, Healthcare (7%) Non-profit (5%) Facebook, Xing, and Microsoft Office *SlideShare User Survey Fall 2009
  7. 7. Reach vs. Popular Tech Sites Monthly Global People *Quantcast – Dec 2009
  8. 8. US Reach vs. Popular Biz Sites Monthly U.S. People *Quantcast – Dec 2009
  9. 9. High in Search Results (SEO Value) Over half of traffic comes to SlideShare through a search for information on a business or technology related topic Go where your clients are researching solutions to their problems!
  10. 10. Search for SlideShare on Twitter SlideShare is a viral content-sharing platform Thousands of SlideShare presentations are linked to, blogged about, embedded, and tweeted out each day See which SlideShare presentations people are sharing on Twitter right now: ?q=slideshare
  11. 11. You’re in Good Company Recent SlideShare advertisers include
  12. 12. Advertising Opportunities & Case Studies
  13. 13. Display Ads Display Ads 728x90 and 300x250 ad units available throughout site. Can be targeted geographically and contextually (to specific SlideShare Content Categories and Subcategories).
  14. 14. Case Study: WebEx Case Study 11 Objectives: WebEx (C isco) came to us in Feb 2009 looking to generate awareness among ou r tech-forward, professional audience and leads. Tactics: A high-impa ct roadblock consisting of 1) a 728x 33 a 2) 300x250 medium 90 Leaderboard, rectangle, and 3) a custom, Social Tools Sponsorship unit was targeted to all Slid eShare Professional Content Categories. Results: Avg. CTR has been .14% across all 3 units over the entir e 9 months we’ve been running th e campaign. WebEx and their agen cy have been so pleased they’ve renew ed and/or increased their spend with us every quarter. 22
  15. 15. Sponsored Channels Sponsored Channels offer the ability to sponsor popular sub-sections on SlideShare containing the best and most popular SlideShare content ran d around a topic of interest. Y our B Examples include: The Marketing Channel, Social Media Channel, IT Channel, Cloud Computing Channel, Entrepreneurship Channel, Small Business Channel, The Green Energy Channel, etc. We can also d You r Bran create custom topics. Sponsors get to associate their brands with the content and community most relevant to them, while taking advantage of all the engagement and authenticity that user-generated social media offers. Join the conversation your target audience is already having on SlideShare today!
  16. 16. Custom Brand Channels SlideShare Brand Channels are a customizable ‘home’ for your brand on SlideShare. Take advantage of our community, content, and SEO – be where your customers already go to get information. Your channel can include: •Custom look, feel, and CTAs •Aggregation of brand presentations, videos, case studies, other docs •Relevant user-generated content •Blogging / curation platform •Other custom modules that accept HTML SlideShare users engage with your brand by subscribing to your channel, viewing, downloading, sharing, favoriting, and commenting.
  17. 17. Channel Case Study Case Study Objectives: Microsoft wanted to generate aw Microsoft Office outs areness of uses for ide of the office and in the home. Tactics: We launched the Parent's Toolbox Ch as a vehicle to engage annel on SlideShare users around both prof generated examples of essional and user- Microsoft Office docu home (e.g. Excel for a ments for use in the family budget, PPT fo etc.). r designing invitation s, Results: Over 3 month s the Channel generate • 290,266 Channel pa d: ge views • 178,825 visits to the Channel • 2:34 avg. time on Ch annel • 406 user documents uploaded to Channel • 15,728 document en gagement actions (do • 1,425 posts to Channe wnloads, favorites, co mments) l and Group walls • 468 Cannel follower s • 158 users joined Chan nel sub-groups • 3,146 views of Channe l videos • 105 user tweets abou t Channel See the live Channel no w: http://www.slideshare .net/microsoftoffice
  18. 18. Contests Engage SlideShare users in a conversation around your brand or product with a Contest. Users create, upload, and drive their friends to vote on contest entries around a topic of interest to them and your brand (e.g. “Go Green” contest, “Small Business Hacks” contest, etc.) Your brand’s messaging is woven throughout the contest pages, including: brand videos, demos, and presentations, custom CTAs, etc.
  19. 19. Contest Case Study: Adobe Case Study Objectives: Adobe w anted to generate aw business, technology, areness among and design thought-le benefits of upgrading aders of the to the latest version of Acrobat and its new po Adobe rtfolio format. Tactics: Adobe Acroba t 9 sponsored our 3rd “World’s Best Presenta annual tion” contest from Sept The contest included m -Oct 2009. ultiple elements to de value of Adobe Acroba monstrate the t 9 as well as incentive software via an Acroba to try the t 9 specific contest cate gory. Results: Over six wee ks, they saw more than : •3,500 contest entries •1,000,000 contest pa geviews •Avg. time on section of 6 mins •64,000 actions (votes, fav orites, comments, down •4,400 trial software do loads) wnloads •25,000 views of exam ple Acrobat 9 files •Avg. CTR = .21% View the contest entrie s at: http://www.slideshare .net/contest/worlds-be presentation-contest- st- 2009
  20. 20. Email Newsletter Ads 2,000,000+ subscriber list Goes out every other week 160x600 and 728x90 ad units
  21. 21. Custom Sponsorship Units Integrate your message/logo in the SlideShare experience. Units often perform better than traditional banners (3X).
  22. 22. Presentation Featuring Our Home Page receives over 35,000 views/day. Cut through the clutter to reach users with your longer-form message at our front door. Featured Presentations Avg. 200 presentation views/day Top Presentation Avg. 500 presentation views/day udy Case StHCL we recently used t For clien n featuring to tio presenta generat e: Views • 21,236 s ownload • 2,971 d es orit • 92 Fav s bed • 40 em s omment • and 16 C ! e month in just on
  23. 23. Thanks! Jamie Perlman