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Name ideas


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Name ideas

  1. 1. For my Music Magazine
  2. 2. I will take inspiration for my magazine from similar magazines of my genre. These being: NME, Q, Rolling Stone etc.These are all original names that are now very distinguishable and every knows and can relate to.
  3. 3. Name #11, 2, 3, 4This is said when bands start songs to keep everyone in tune. In will be subtle but very clever as people will have to think about it initially.
  4. 4. Name #2 Musical ExpressThis is used so that people will automatically identify this magazine as music genre. This is so that people wont have to rummage through many different genre magazine they don’t want to look at or read.
  5. 5. Name #3 Music Mayhem The music part attracts music fans to buy the magazine however the mayhem part of it makes it seem ‘edgy’ and attracts a different kind of audience who are Individual. Indie are my main target audience therefore this will appeal for them.