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digital media training presentation for the NAACP Region IV CRATI

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  • I’m the director of the digital media department at the NAACP—I hope you all have seen our website…and that if you have a story that you think should garner national attention—send it to me, and we’ll see if we can post it on the blog. My email is (and I’ll repeat my contact again at the end of this presentation.) Before I start, I want to tell you a little about where I come from--
  • NAACP was able to communicate with 28,764 subscribers to get out the vote in 2012. In the month leading up to the election, NAACP grew its list by over 1,000 subscribers. The mobile messaging strategy was primarily focused on getting out the vote—we did this via a partnership with New Organizing Institute. NOI worked with Google to create an open API that all 501c3 orgs could use to provide state by state information on voting. We pushed this information out to our 12 deep dive states via NOI links and an early voting Tumblr created by Revolution Messaging—it provided information on in-person early voting. Throughout the month, we continued to ask our list for their zip codes—to better serve them with voter information. And towards the end of the month, Revolution Messaging built a polling place look up that provided a voter’s polling place once they texted in POLL and followed the prompts.
  • Here are some sample messages
  • The civic engagement meme campaign combined pop culture/history and stories to encourage new mobile subscribers and voter registrations via the 1866MYVote1 campaign. Our top five posts included:10/9 “Jamie Foxx GOTV” meme: shared 1,760 times with 3,052 likes, reach of 33,513 10/1 “Six Reasons Why We Vote” meme: shared 1,409 times with 1,678 likes, reach of 25,43710/19 “Pledge to Vote” martyrs meme: shared 1,294 times with 2,352 likes, reach of 30,01810/31 Politics Nation Early Voting share: shared 442 times with 1,560 likes, reach of 12,85210/26 Pledge to Vote-Equality meme: shared 166 times with 559 likes, reach of 15,151
  • We had a substantial list—but in order to grow up—we often just had a number and a name. As you know—folks are more mobile than ever and generally folks will bring their phone numbers when they move, so there is no real way of knowing a person resided in their area code. So we had to poll the list—and poll and poll the list. We sent our a number of creative messages that resulted in geographic information.
  • We’re a membership organization so we want to convert all our mobile subscribers to NAACP members.
  • Region4 crati april11

    1. 1. NAACP Region IV CRATIApril 11, 2013St. Louis, MissouriTrainthe Trainers: Digital Media
    2. 2. Agenda- What we will cover• Definition of digital media• Platforms of disseminating that media• Strategy for growing your campaign• Power of mobile messaging – 2012 case study• Creating, owning and producing our owncampaigns for change
    3. 3. What is digital media?Email Blog MobileSocial MediaVideo PhotosCrowdsource fundingData
    4. 4. Social Media Behemoths• Facebook• Twitter• Google +• YouTube• Flickr• Vimeo• Tumblr• Pinterest• Instagram
    5. 5. Agents of Change: Micro-bloggingSaying it in 140 characters or less on Twitter
    6. 6. Access for the Commoners
    7. 7. Social Media Campaigns• Case studies– 1-866-My-Vote1– Tweet for Jobs
    8. 8. 2013 Mobile Case Study• NAACP digital GOTV campaign• This is My Vote campaign• NOI/NAACP/mobile• NAACP Memes• 1-866-MyVote1• VAN, mobile and Big Brother• Targeted mobile sends• Mining information from your mobile list
    9. 9. NOI/NAACP Mobile Program/ VANConnecticut
    10. 10. Mobile Messages• NAACP: Honor those who have struggledfor the right to vote - share this image, toremind friends that voting registrationdeadlines areapproaching: http://rev.msg/xxxxx• NAACP: Elections are just around thecorner! REPLY with your five-digit ZIPcode to get information about voter rightsin your state
    11. 11. Voter Registration MemesShares: 1,760 Likes: 3,052 Reach: 33,513 Shares: 1,409 Likes: 1,678 Reach: 25,437 Shares: 442 Likes: 1,560 Reach: 12,852Shares: 166 Likes: 559 Reach: 15,151 Shares: 1,294 Likes: 2,352 Reach: 30,018
    12. 12. VAN and Target MessagingOur goal was to register new voters.• Matched the mobile list w/unregisteredvoters• We messaged our list twice, gently nudgingthem to vote.
    13. 13. GeoTargeting
    14. 14. Mining Information
    15. 15. Continuing the conversationjadams@naacpnet.orgoffice: (202) 559-9619mobile: (443) 571-6618Twitter:@NAACP@JamiahAdamsFacebook:• Papa Bell) >