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Omaha coal blooded training presentation


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NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice training

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Omaha coal blooded training presentation

  1. 1. The Social, HEALTH AND ECONOMICImpactof CoalPutting Faces on the Consequences of America’sAddiction to Coal
  2. 2. Presentation Overview• Overview of NAACP ECJ Program• What is Environmental & Climate Justice?• Disproportionate Exposure• Disproportionate Impact• The Injustice of Coal and Communities of Color• North Omaha Station and North Omaha Profile• Planning the Strategy• Short Video: Reverend Dear in Chicago• What Are Affected Communities Doing?• What Do You Want To Do?
  3. 3. Disproportionate EXPOSURECogentrix Plant, Portsmouth, VA
  4. 4. Disproportionate EXPOSURECrawford Plant, Chicago, IL
  5. 5. Points of injusticeCesar Chavez High School, Houston, TX
  6. 6. WIDE spread exposureRiver Rouge Community Park, MI
  7. 7. Subsistence Fishing Out of a Toxic Soup
  8. 8. Disproportionate IMPACT
  9. 9.  Antoine—Always watching,seldom playing
  11. 11. We need to take control!We need to take control!We need to take control! Of this climate!<Repeat>It’s getting hot! Yeah it’s heating up!!The climate’s changing! How it’s affecting us!!You mean the floods storms, droughts, and fires.
  12. 12. And heat related deaths in the US is getting higher!Now who at risk? You at risk? So what you doin’?Neighborhoods affected by all this air pollution…..It’s not amusing. It’s a problem . It’s solution!Decreasing carbon footprint…’s really not hard to do it.I been going green since I was a little kid. In my hood the heatis killing kids!
  13. 13. Get Your Green Class
  14. 14. I speak for the climate. Yeah, I’m the earth’s ventriloquist!Those heat waves, I know you feeling it.Stop burning that coal. Use propane when you grilling it causeit could harm your respiratoryAsk these politicians for change. They ain’t doing nothing forme.They pollute around my area cuz we ain’t in they category!We need to take control! Of this climate!Ladder to prosperity…I’m ready to climb it!
  15. 15. This country’s morals, laws…..Somebody help me find itOur eco-death certificate. They ready to sign it!And I ain’t having that, especially not around my habitat! Andthat’s mainly where it happen at!They acting upon us. So that’s the reason why we acting back.Protesting, lobbying,….. Going green is my hobby, man.Stop drilling for fossils. Worry ‘bout tomorrow!
  16. 16. Keep going at this rate, the whole earth going be insorrow. No resources to borrow.I said let’s take control of our climate and your carbonfootprint, please try to decline it!It’s getting hot! Yeah, it’s heating up! The climate’schanging! How it’s affecting us….
  17. 17. IMPACTS---EXTREME WEATHERHurricanesDroughtFloodsEarthquakesTropical CyclonesLandslidesWildFiresHeat or Cold Wavesand much more….
  18. 18. Disproportionate IMPACT
  19. 19. Surge in Damaging Tornadoes
  20. 20. Port Gibson—Grand Gulf
  21. 21. Hurricane Irene
  22. 22. Hurricane Sandy
  23. 23. Disproportionate IMPACT
  24. 24. Who’s Making theDecisions?
  25. 25. Who is Recovering/Returning?
  26. 26. Food Insecurity in the USCorner Store Supermarket
  27. 27. Feast and Famine in Urban AmericaCorner Store Supermarket
  29. 29. STATS• Capacity: 627 MW• Built: 1954• 2007-10 average SO2 emissions: 13,358 tons• 2007-10 average NOX emissions: 6,272tons• 2011 CO2 emissions: 3,460,600 tons• 2005 Mercury emissions: 216 lbs21,92921,929
  30. 30. Who Is Breathing North OmahaStation Pollution• Residents in 3-mi radius : 43,133• Average income: $13,858 (70% of Nebraskaaverage)• People of color : 56.7%Coal Blooded Grade: F
  31. 31. Death and Disease Attributable to Fine ParticlePollution From North Omaha Station(SOURCE: Clean Air Task Force—Abt Associates)Type of Impact Annual Incidence ValuationDeaths 14 $100,000,000Heart attacks 22 $2,400,000Asthma attacks 240 $13,000Hospitaladmissions10 $240,000Chronicbronchitis9 $3,900,000Asthma ER visits 15 $6,000
  32. 32. ??What Are Our Stories??
  34. 34. Anti-Regulatory InvestmentsCompany Total Spent on Lobbying in 2010Southern Company $13,220,000Edison International $13,080,000American Electric Power $10,313,196Duke Energy $4,800,000Dominion $2,050,000First Energy $1,865,000Xcel Energy $1,720,000DTE Energy $1,500,000
  35. 35. Fighting Renewable Energy• Southern Company successfully opposed aplan to create a national electricity market in2004 and has dedicated significant moneyand effort to fighting the Renewable PortfolioStandard (RPS), which would require utilitiesto purchase 15% of their power fromrenewable sources by 2020.
  36. 36. CNN NEWSROOM-HurricaneIssacMALVEAUX: And Senator, finally, why is it that PlaqueminesParish did not get that support for a levee?LANDRIEU: Because the Corps of Engineers has a formula thatthey use to determine where they are going to build orreinforce the levees, based on economic impact ….you get lesspoints if there is less of an economic impact……
  37. 37. CEO Compensation for 2010 at Companies Owning theTop EJ OffendersCompany CEO Name CEO CompensationEdison International Theodore F. Craver Jr. $9,536,038Dominion Thomas F. Farrell II $16,924,385DTE Energy Gerald M. Anderson $5,601,383Duke Energy James E. Rogers $8,815,181Xcel Energy Richard C. Kelly $9,956,433Southern Company Thomas A. Fanning $6,019,151First Energy Anthony J. Alexander $11,627,657[i] AFL-CIO CEO Pay Database, Accessed November 2011
  38. 38. Our Overall Economic Plight• While the national rate of unemployment during February2012, was 8.3% that rate is nearly double of AfricanAmericans at 14.1%.• A report by the Pew Research Center revealed that the wealthdivide between whites and people of color hit a record high in2009, with the median wealth of white households 20 timeshigher than black households
  39. 39. Deepening Disparity• The average CEO compensation for thesecompanies in 2010 was $9,782,889 while theaverage worker in these companies made$33,840.• On average the CEOs at these companieswere compensated at 289 times the rate ofcompensation for the average worker.
  41. 41. Additional Key ConsiderationsRevenueJobsElectricity
  42. 42. Options• Pollution Controls• Conversion to Cleaner Forms of Energy• Plant Closure
  43. 43. What Is Our Aim—What Do WeWant?
  44. 44. What Are We Going To Do?
  46. 46. What are these numbers?$40 Billion1.1%.001%
  47. 47. Energy Efficiency
  48. 48. Wind Energy
  49. 49. Solar and Geothermal Energy
  50. 50. Promoting Local Ownership• Local ownership programs can create two to threetimes as many jobs per megawatt produced. Andthese local jobs keep over three times as muchmoney and wealth in a community compared to bigcompanies.
  51. 51. Forming ObjectivesWhat Will Get Us to What WeWant?
  52. 52. • Who Has Power Over What We Want?• What Will Influence Those in Power?
  53. 53. Objectives
  54. 54. Objectives cont’d
  55. 55. Objectives, cont’d
  57. 57. Tactics• Direct Negotiation• Town halls with testimony• Postcard/letter writing campaign• Shareholder resolution• Advocacy Day on Capital Hill• In-district educational visits to congressional representatives• Demonstration in front of power plant or corporate offices ofowners• Legal/Litigation Action• Engaging with EPA and other regulatory agencies andinstruments• Boycotts• Media blitz for public awareness and support raising as well asshaming of the perpetrator: op-eds, radio/TV interviews, newmedia (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  58. 58. EducatingOurselvesIn Florida
  59. 59. EducatingOurselvesIn Chicago
  60. 60. Rising Up—Taking Action!
  61. 61. Communities Across theCountry Are Recognizing theImpact of Coal On TheirWellbeing and They AreLaunching the Resistance! Up—TakingAction!
  62. 62. Advancing Just Policy
  63. 63. Confronting Plant Owners—Callingfor Corporate Responsibility
  64. 64. Legal Action--MATS Intervention
  65. 65. CurtailingFinancing
  66. 66. What are Our Individual and GroupAssets?• Knowledge• Skills• Relationships• Institutions• Allies
  67. 67. Summarizing Our 6 Month Plan
  68. 68. Jacqui PattersonDirector, Environmental and Climate JusticeProgramjpatterson@naacpnet.org443-465-9809ECJ Programecjp@naacpnet.org410-580-5794ThankYou!