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Jerome schoolboard


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Jerome schoolboard

  1. 1. Forum Partners: SWIFTT, Salsa Business Network,NAACP, 100.5 NTA FM, and New Zion Baptist Church Welcome to the RPS205 School Board Candidate Forum – 4/3/13 Moderator: Mike Williams, executive director, Rock River Training Corp & former RPS 205 school board president
  2. 2. Sub-District A See on MapLisa Jackson - Incumbent
  3. 3. Sub-District A See on Map Dion Simpson
  4. 4. Sub-District B See on MapTim Rollins - Incumbent
  5. 5. Sub-District C See on MapKen Scrivano - Incumbent
  6. 6. Sub-District D See on MapJude Makulec - Incumbent
  7. 7. Sub-District E See on Map Michael Harner
  8. 8. Sub-District E See on Map Kim Mullins
  9. 9. Sub-District F See on Map Michael Connor
  10. 10. Sub-District F See on Map Jeff Holt
  11. 11. Sub-District F See on Map Juan Reyes
  12. 12. Sub-District G See on MapLaura Powers - Incumbent
  13. 13. Sub-District G See on Map Jaime Escobedo