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  1. 1. JamiQ is a large screen real-time engagement platform designed specifically for eventsand conferences. During events, your delegates are already sharing their thoughts andcomments online in real-time via Twitter and serves as an active timeline of conversations and photos shared by the delegatesduring an event. can also be used to share data in events that take place acrossmultiple venues in perfect synchrony.Features Zero SetupReally Real-time Works straight out-of-the-box with any supportedConversations are displayed immediately on web browser - Desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, even before the users look up from and an Internet connection.their devices, with direct real-time streamingfrom Twitter, and/or SMS gateway. Deeply IntegratedSmarter Than Ever Works with Twitter and even SMS/text messaging gateways. Automatically resizes attached picks up trending keywords to let your to ensure your participants’ conversations areaudience grasp the main themes as the event always beautiful. Built-in modules allowprogresses. Your participants in multi-tracked participants to reach out to the exhibitors onevents will appreciate this as they “eavesdrop” their iOS and compatible devices.on what is happening in the other room.JamiQ Private Limited67 South Bridge Road +65 6536 0906Level 3 sales@jamiq.comSingapore 058697
  2. 2. Benefits 1. Powerful visual on large screens at live events and concerts. 2. Creates a new level of engagement uniting the online conversations with the offline world in one visualization. 3. This large interactive wall is a powerful platform to drive delegates to booths and sessions. 4. Sell sponsorship of the large screen which everyone is looking at. 5. Synchronous across multiple screens. 6. Available on companion iPad/iPhone mobile screens. 7. Onscreen agenda, clock, announcements, keyword trending, leaderboard, and SMS integration are optional plugins that can be included on the screen. 8. 100% customizable to your event or sponsor’s look and feel. 9. Turn-key solution with 24 hour activation (without customization). 10. Cloud-based architecture allows for instant global deployment. 11. Self-monitoring and self-healing technology for robust uptime.Using An international non-profit organisation used as a learning tool. The powerful social media visualisation brings people together, unravel insights and reveal key messages in real- time. connected event participants in different rooms have yielded unprecedented interactivity meaningfully.A large telecommunications company leverage on theability of to connect people across a diverserange of devices and platform. As the event was targetedat senior enterprise customers, the organisers ensuredthat participants can use both text messaging and Twitterto interact with each other in real time.JamiQ Private Limited67 South Bridge Road +65 6536 0906Level 3 sales@jamiq.comSingapore 058697