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JamiQ Buzz is a multilingual social media monitoring platform. JamiQ's multilingual social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, measure, and gain insights from conversations taking place online. JamiQ's unique solution provides the widest coverage of the Asia-Pacific's diverse and multilingual social media. JamiQ uses advanced data mining and natural language processing technology to produce real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, influence scoring, and market segmentation, giving you the critical insights businesses need for immediate and strategic decision-making.

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JamiQ Buzz

  1. 1. JamiQ Buzz Example Case Study JamiQ Buzz is a powerful multilingual social media monitoring software that helps businesses listen, measure, and discover insights from conversations taking place online. In this example, we analyze the social media from the point of view of the airline brand AirAsia showcasing many of JamiQ Buzz’s features and how they can be used directly for a brand. Disclaimer This is only an example based on publicly available data. Actual usage of JamiQ Buzz from this brand or any other client is kept strictly private.
  2. 2. Brand Overview 1. As AirAsia’s social media manager, I want to see what’s been happening in the last 30 days globally. 2. The chart shows a total1 of 24,381 Entries (unique posts). 3. Trending Words in multiple languages 2 seem to hint that people talking about “big sale” and “promotion to Bali”. Which is in line with our 3 marketing efforts.
  3. 3. Brand Overview 1. Interestingly, most of the posts are coming from Indonesia. 2. Amazingly the bulk of the chatter comes from Microblogs such as Twitter. Which also means most people are responding to our Twitter accounts. 3. It is also good to know that the sources making1 the most noise is AirAsia’s social media properties. 2 3
  4. 4. Competition 1. Having created a Topic to track the competitor JetStar, we can turn it on to see how we stack up. 2. The chart shows clearly that JetStar does not get as much buzz as AirAsia does. 21
  5. 5. Market Specific 1. While getting all the buzz is good, I now want to focus on Malaysia, our home1 market. 2. I think I’ve just spotted an issue brewing. People are talking about the Australian lawsuit. 2
  6. 6. Sentiment 1. Switching over to Sentiment charts to see where the problem could be. 2. There is a clear negative trend on 24 Jan! Could this be because of the Australian Lawsuit 2 news?1
  7. 7. Actual Data 1. Clicking on the chart or on the trending word I get to see the actual data with the filters set to exactly what I need. 2. True enough, lots of1 negative entries on 4 blogs, Twitter, and other sites about the 2 lawsuit. 3. Clicking the links in blue lets me see the actual post. 4. Now I need all this data to send to the PR team, 3 so I down load it all to Excel.
  8. 8. Deep Dive 1 1. Now that I’m sure the lawsuit is a hot topic for Malaysia, let me be specific and search for 2 every post that talks about the issue. 2. There seems to be another spike relating to this issue! (Response from AirAsia that it won’t affect sales) 3. I need this exact trending report to be sent to PR too. I download it to a Word Doc.3
  9. 9. Influencers 1. In order to solve this problem I need to know who the influencers are. So I look into the Top Sites and set the filters to Blogs in Malaysia1 talking about “lawsuit”. 2. I now have a list of the2 top bloggers in Malaysia talking about the issue.
  10. 10. Spike Detection 1. Now that I’ve taken care of the lawsuit issue, let me see if I can spot any other trends with the Spike Detection. 2. There seems to be a spike on Feb 15. What could that be about? 21
  11. 11. From: JamiQ Email Alerts no.reply@jamiq.com Spike Detection To: Me Date: 15 Feb 2012 1. The email immediate tells you what the Subject: [Spike Alert] AirAsia - JamiQ number one issue is. It Dear Benjamin, clusters similar articles together so you know No. Entry Mentions Media Type Link immediately what most1 1 RT @Destawrs: Tiket ke bali sampe bulan oktober lagi 67 Microblog Link people are saying. promo gila-gilaan banget x_X 2 2. All the links to the 2 RT @tnooz: Latest! Airline social seating? AirAsia X goes 46 Microblog Link antisocial with Empty Seat Option http://t.co/lLi2VwbY dashboard are available so if you want to check 3 almost all the big sale tickets at airasia are sold out 34 Microblog Link them out you can. 4 Japan Airlines orders 10 new Boeing Dreamliners 21 News Link 5 AirAsia and AirAsia X Launch Big Sale Promotion 13 News Link This could be a crisis or issue around AirAsia. Click here to view the conversations around this spike. View AirAsia | My Dashboard | My Account This email was automatically generated by JamiQ.
  12. 12. Spike Detection 1. While there’s a lot of on this day, it seems pretty normal where there’s chatter in the day and less when people are asleep. 2. The trends seem to point to our “hot promotions” and “big 1 sale” with some chatter about our waiting room. 3. Mostly positive too, meaning this is a good day with nothing to worry about.3 2
  13. 13. Main Dashboard 1. As you can see, I have many Topics in my Dashboard, but even with 1 Topic, I have completely managed my brand’s social media monitoring.1
  14. 14. Setting Up 1. You can tell the system1 to focus on data from a market. What happens is our system will pull from google.com.my instead of google.com if you key in Malaysia. 2. You can put any number of keywords in multiple2 configurations of May, Must, and Exclude. 3. RSS feeds of any other site can be added as data sources.3
  15. 15. Social Media CoverageBy default, JamiQ covers a wide array of social media sites and sources. If a specific website is not covered and iscritical to your business, JamiQ’s data mining and web crawling technologies can be deployed to specificallyacquire data from any website in any language at an additional fee. Data Type Default Additional Coverage Option Twitter Public Feed Greater coverage is available upon custom request. (up to 20 tweets/min) Facebook Public Feed API Greater coverage (such as specific Facebook pages or Groups) is available upon custom request. News Over 100,000 News Sites Specific news sites coverage is available upon custom request. Blogs Over 2 Million Blogs Specific blog sites coverage is available upon custom request. Forums Over 45,000 Forums Specific forum sites coverage is available upon custom request. Video YouTube API Other video sites coverage is available upon custom request.
  16. 16. Multilingual MonitoringThe social media is a globalphenomenon that impactseveryone from every country inevery language.JamiQ lets you monitor the socialmedia in any language, from anymarket. Everything from Chineseand Korean to German andSpanish will be monitoredaccording to your requirements.JamiQ also provides a one-clicktranslation option for any non-English entries.
  17. 17. Translated Sentiment vs. Native SentimentMost vendors of social media monitoring solutions provide multilingual sentiment analysisthrough translation. This means that a phrase that does carry sentiment often gets itscontext and meaning lost due to literal translation. For example: Actual Phrase Machine Translation Typical Sentiment 萝卜头 radish head Neutral / UnknownAt JamiQ, we perform multilingual sentiment analysis using native language lexicons. Thisremoves the translation layer and context and meaning is not lost. For example: Actual Phrase True Meaning JamiQ’s Sentiment 萝卜头 Being conned, gullible NegativeJamiQ’s local language sentiment abilities can also cover local slangs, abbreviations, andcolloquial language.
  18. 18. Designed to LocalizeTo make social media monitoringwork in your market, localizationof data is key. JamiQ’s uniquetechnology is able to:1. Analyzes IP Address and Domains for geolocation.2. Recognizes City, State, Country names in people’s profiles.3. Resolves GPS coordinates from mobile posts.4. Understands short forms (e.g. NY, KL, SG).5. Takes into account mentions of significant landmarks.
  19. 19. Unique to JamiQFeatures DESCRIPTIONMultilingual Monitoring • JamiQ supports the monitoring of any keyword in any language right out of the box.Accurate Market Detection • Unlike most US-based tools, JamiQ goes far beyond IP address and domains to detect where an individual is from. • JamiQ’s proprietary system analyzes profile pages, geo-location data, and even significant location specific landmarks within text to identify an individual’s location.Multilingual Sentiment • JamiQ’s proprietary system supports native English, ChineseDetection (simplified/traditional), Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, and French. • New language lexicons can be added upon request.Custom Data Mining • By default JamiQ covers 80% of the most popular social media. • In situations where specific sites are required, JamiQ can deploy customized web spiders to mine data from sites the client requires.100% Customizable • Our complete technology stack is built and owned by JamiQ thus any modifications above or to the core technology can be made to fit client needs.
  20. 20. Usage Of Social Media MonitoringBUSINESS FUNCTION BENEFITSDigital • Campaign tracking • Influencer discoveryPublic Relations • Crisis and issues monitoring • Stakeholder engagementAdvertising • Campaign testing and development • Brand planningMedia Planning • Affiliate marketing • Earned media measurementMarket Research • Brand and perception audit • Consumer habits and usage studiesCustomer Service • Customer feedback • Issues monitoring
  21. 21. Typical Engagement ScheduleActivity Approx. DurationRequirements Gathering 3 - 5 daysSigning of Agreement 1 DaySetup of New Client Account(s) 1 – 2 DaysKeyword Consulting, Setup, Testing 1 WeekClient Training 1 DayComplementary Consulting & Support 1 WeekOngoing technical support and account management Duration of Contract
  22. 22. Some of JamiQ’s Customers
  23. 23. About JamiQ JamiQ’s multilingual social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, measure, and discover insights from conversations taking place online. JamiQ’s unique solution provides the widest coverage of the Asia- Pacific’s diverse and multilingual social media. JamiQ uses advanced data mining and natural language processing technology to produce real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, influence scoring, and market segmentation, giving you the critical insights businesses need for immediate and strategic decision-making.
  24. 24. Contact JamiQ BENJAMIN KOE CEO +65 6536 0906 (office) +65 9181 7128 (mobile) benjamin.koe@jamiq.com http://www.jamiq.com 67 South Bridge Road, Level 3 Singapore 058697
  25. 25. .com