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JamiQ Application Development Sales Kit


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Published in: Technology, Business
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JamiQ Application Development Sales Kit

  1. 1. JamiQBuilds Cutting-edge Technology That Provides Deep Analysis And Insights From Online Social Media Consumer Conversations<br />
  2. 2. Solutions & Offerings<br />Monitoring Platform<br />Consulting & Training<br />Analysis & Reports<br />JamiQ’sSaaS platform provides a fully automated and intuitive dashboard for monitoring the social media in any market and language. JamiQ uses advanced data mining and analysis technology to provide deep insights into online conversations.<br />JamiQ offers consulting and training for social media monitoring and analysis. We offer industry best practices, seminar talks, workshops, and hands-on training of our social media monitoring platform.<br />At JamiQ we work with clients beyond the software providing the human touch and intellect in analyzing data. JamiQ helps clients create custom reports with detailed analysis that meet their goals.<br />Application Development<br />Data Visualizations<br />API<br />JamiQ’s API lets you get our data onto your dashboards and apps. With social buzz becoming a powerful measure, JamiQ’s data against your campaigns will reveal new dimensions of insights.<br />JamiQ’s engineering expertise has been tapped upon by clients to build custom applications above our core monitoring platform. JamiQ has worked with clients to create customized dashboards or industry specific data analysis.<br />JamiQ works with event organizers, corporations, and governments to create unique and engaging ways of looking at data. Our visualizations have been used to spot growing trends or share a social media story with the world.<br />
  3. 3. JamiQ’s Value Proposition<br />JamiQ’s Core Monitoring Platform<br />Social Data Mining<br />Sentiment<br />Analysis<br />Market<br />Segments<br />Influence<br />Measures<br />Multilingual<br />Support<br />Topic Trending<br />Crisis Detection<br />Lead Generation<br />Predictive Modeling<br />Influencer Mapping<br />Market Intelligence<br />Reputation Management<br />Decision Making<br />Competitor Analysis<br />Product Development<br />Trend Analysis<br />Crisis Management<br />Campaign Measurement<br />Share of Voice<br />Market Research<br />Customer Service<br />Public Relations<br />
  4. 4. JamiQ’s Technology Offerings<br />Solution Deployment<br />Technology Consulting<br />Application Development<br />JamiQ’s Core Monitoring Platform<br />Social Data Mining<br />Sentiment<br />Analysis<br />Market<br />Segments<br />Influence<br />Measures<br />Multilingual<br />Support<br />Topic Trending<br />Crisis Detection<br />Social Media Monitoring Product<br />Social Media Visualizations<br />
  5. 5. Case Study: JamiQ Helps Predict Financial Markets<br />JamiQ’s client works with brokerages, hedge funds, and other institutional investors to provide data, tools, and insights from the real-time social media to improve selectivity and timing for profitable investment decisions.<br />Based upon JamiQ’s Core Monitoring Platform:<br /><ul><li>We develop and deploy custom social media data mining of the top traded stocks around the globe. Covers all major social media platforms (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc).
  6. 6. Co-develop data modeling and analysis layers that identify sentiment, events, and financially relevant insights.</li></ul>Results<br />JamiQ’s client finds that social media data is more accurate, provides better predictability, and trends appear hours faster than financial news such as Reuters and Bloomberg.<br />
  7. 7. Case Study: JamiQ Improves Reputation Management<br />JamiQ’s client works with celebrities and top executives to improve the image of the individual based on the search results on Google and similar search engines. <br />Based upon JamiQ’s Core Monitoring Platform:<br /><ul><li>We develop and deploy custom social media data mining of the top search engines.
  8. 8. Develop specialized workflow system that enables the client to react quickly to changes in results.
  9. 9. Using machine driven sentiment analysis the client is able to better analyze the results.
  10. 10. Automation of key processes including SEO, content creation, report generation.</li></ul>Results<br />JamiQ’s client can react faster to and more effectively on behalf of their clients. Turns their operation into a highly scalable and global business.<br />
  11. 11. Case Study: JamiQ Helps Market Movies<br />JamiQ’s client consults with the top movie studios on marketing. From the launch of movie trailers to opening night till the DVD launch, they provide insights on consumer feedback throughout the entire lifecycle.<br />Based upon JamiQ’s Core Monitoring Platform:<br /><ul><li>We develop and deploy custom social media data mining of movie titles in all markets.
  12. 12. Co-develop specialized analysis layers that identify insights on what’s being talked about during each phase of the campaign.</li></ul>Results<br />JamiQ’s client is better able to provide consumer insights at each phase of the campaign including real-time data from the movie’s opening night. The insights at each phase dramatically impacts the marketing decisions made for the next phase.<br />
  13. 13. Some of JamiQ’s Customers<br />
  14. 14. About JamiQ<br />JamiQ’s multilingual social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, measure, and discover insights from conversations taking place online. JamiQ’s unique solution provides the widest coverage of the Asia-Pacific’s diverse and multilingual social media.<br />JamiQ uses advanced data mining and natural language processing technology to produce real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, influence scoring, and market segmentation, giving you the critical insights businesses need for immediate and strategic decision-making.<br />
  15. 15. Contact<br />Benjamin Koe<br />Head of Client Leadership<br /><br />+65 6536 0906 (office)<br />+65 9181 7128 (mobile)<br />67 South Bridge Road<br />Level 3<br />Singapore 058697<br />Michael Lim<br />CTO<br /><br />+65 6536 0906 (office)<br />+65 9749 7431(mobile)<br />67 South Bridge Road<br />Level 3<br />Singapore 058697<br />
  16. 16. .com<br />