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JamiQ Buzz Brochure


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JamiQ Buzz Brochure

  1. 1. JamiQ BuzzJamiQ Buzz is the leading multilingual social media monitoring and analyzing solution. Ouronline services help you to listen, measure, and discover insights from conversations takingplace anywhere and in any language on the social media.FeaturesMonitor EverythingThe foundation of social media monitoring is theability to capture most, if not all, onlineconversations. Just like a search engine, the moreweb pages that are covered the better a service itis. JamiQ uses the worlds best search engines,APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlersto monitors the social media in real-time.Our revolutionary design and relentless approachenables us to capture social media posts on blogs,forums, microblogs, news, social networks, videosites, and more. Based in Asia, JamiQ specializesin monitoring the diverse and multilingual Asiansocial media including Sina Weibo and the largestforums in Asia.Multilingual MonitoringThe social media is a global phenomenon thatimpacts everyone from every country in everylanguage. JamiQ lets you monitor the socialmedia in any language, from any market.Everything from Chinese and Korean to German dashboard also gives you an immediate view ofand Spanish will be monitored according to your how many Topics you have running and easyrequirements. access to managing them.JamiQ also provides a one-click translation option Buzz Trendingfor any foreign language post. Every Topic you create in JamiQ Buzz monitorsEasy To Manage your brand in near real-time. The moment aJamiQs dashboard organizes and gives you a mention of your brand appears on the socialquick overview of the most recent updates on all media, it gets captured by JamiQ. JamiQ lets youyour Topics. At a glance you get to see what has visualize the buzz of all the entries over any datechanged in the last 24 hours, identify which range, even down to the hours in a day. QuickTopics are critical and jump right in. The links to frequently used date ranges andJamiQ Private Limited67 South Bridge Road +65 6536 0906Level 3 sales@jamiq.comSingapore 058697
  2. 2. interactive charts provide quick access to your This trending helps you discover insights into themost critical data. most popular and pressing issues that relate to your brand.Influence IndicatorsJamiQs smart algorithms automatically analyzesthe influence of every website on the fly. Theinfluence chart gives you an instant view of theimpact your brand is making on the social media.Highly influential media could signify news sitesor popular blogs, while less influential sites arelikely personal blogs or niche community forums.Noticing a shift from less influential sites to moreinfluential ones could indicate a phenomenonwhere chatter about your brand is being pickedup from the blogosphere in the news media.Sentiment DetectionUsing our specially designed natural languageprocessing technology, JamiQ is able to detectthe sentiment of every post on the fly. Thesentiment chart gives you an indicative view ofthe perception surrounding your brand. Thisallows you to react immediately when you noticea sudden change of heart.While machine-driven sentiment detection isnt areplacement for human intellect, it provides themuch needed leverage for monitoring the vast Market & Media Segmentationnumber of opinions that are generated onlineevery single day. Just as important as knowing what is being said about you is knowing where the conversationsSpike Detection are taking place. JamiQ uses smart algorithms toWhen a crisis hits and mentions of your brand discover which country a post comes from andsuddenly spikes, JamiQ is able to pick up on that what media type it is (blog, forum, news, etc.)trend and immediately send you a notification by This gives you the ability to zoom in on your localemail. You can set the spike detection to focus on market and media types of that are critical.particular markets or media so you’re kept in theknow when a crisis is about the take place. Its Your DataInsights & Discovery JamiQ lets you view every individual entry and its attributes in an interactive table. Use the filtersThe most used words in the posts that JamiQ to manipulate the data focusing on exactly whatcaptures are extracted and trended according to you need. All data captured on JamiQ is kept forthe frequency of their occurrence in the social up to 6 posts. For more advanced and detailed manipulation, all your data is available for download to Excel.JamiQ Private Limited67 South Bridge Road +65 6536 0906Level 3 sales@jamiq.comSingapore 058697