Using Email to Build Relationships and Sales


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From the members section of: - Discover email marketing methods that will enable you to build relationships that transform into sales. From the rules of how often to follow-up, what content to share and more you will quickly discover how you can have email marketing work in any market. From B2B to Direct to Consumer unlock the power of email marketing for your business.

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Using Email to Build Relationships and Sales

  1. 1. By Joey & James Bridges Join us on Facebook at Only Content. Join us at
  2. 2. 4 Rules For E-mail For Success1. Every E-mail has a purpose2. People guard their e- mail fiercely so provide value with each e-mail3. Build a relationship with your prospect via e-mail4. Keep it interesting Join us on Facebook at
  3. 3. Rules For Follow-up Build the relationship right from the start Watch the line between aggressive follow-up & not enough Communicate over a long period of time Updates are very important Join us on Facebook at
  4. 4. Email #1 – Take them To Another Place Keep the message short Make the call to action clear Take them to a place on your website for:  Watching a video  Listening to an audio  Downloading a report Join us on Facebook at
  5. 5. E-mail #2 – the story Relate to your prospects through a story of someone famous Telling the story:  What challenges did they face?  How did they overcome it?  How does it relate to them? Join us on Facebook at
  6. 6. E-mail #3 – It’s been one year Acknowledge how long that it has been since you have heard from them Ask one or two questions Make a clear call to action with either a reply or a phone number@JamesBridges & @JosephBridges Join us on Facebook at
  7. 7. Homework For E-mail Look at your current e-mail follow-up Questions to ask?  Are you following up for 12 months?  Do you mix it up?  Do you take them back to your website?  Do you make different calls to action? Add at least one e-mail from the templates to your follow-up Join us on Facebook at
  8. 8. Q&A Training Call Post Questions  Support Link on  Member Forum  Member Calls Avoid frustration  Ask a question & get your answerQuestions or comments for call at: or member forum
  9. 9. By Joey & James Bridges Join us on Facebook at us on Facebook at