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The Presentation illustrates the once elusive Light of Self-Realization and Creativity, and describes an evolutionary Model of Human Awareness towards Unity Consciousness and Healing for Humanity. The paper also explains the process of Creativity and Innovation from concept to creation and links it to multiple intelligences and the process of personal and professional development. In conclusion it is found that as Humanities Consciousness continues to develop existing Organisation Mission Statements, Objectives & Policies, Products & Services will continue to evolve for the benefit of all.

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  • And how can we Solve the problems humanity is faced with today. How can we Create a better World.These are questions I have asked since I first watched the news on TV.
  • At the top of Maslow's hierarchy Self-Actualization & Transcendence are humanity's highestpotential andinclude self-realization and an understanding of Unity consciousness.
  • Our Soul is a source of Light that exists in the Present moment. When our Mind Body and Soul are aligned and unified we are in our Element and Flow through Life with Purpose Ease and Joy. Our Soul is our source of coherence and center point of individual consciousness that extends from a central Source of Pure Light and Life-force energy.
  • Research by the Institute of HeartMath shows theheart produces the body's most powerful electromagnetic field, it is no coincidence that theInner-Light of our Soul can be found within the Heart chakra.
  • The bright spark_within_us_all_-_mini v4

    1. 1. The X-factor &Bright Spark within us all James x Williams
    2. 2. What is the Source of our• Bright ideas• Thoughts• Emotions• Intentions• VitalityThese are the questions I have asked since Ileft school.
    3. 3. And how can we?Solve the problems humanity is faced withtoday. How can we Create a better World.These are questions I have asked since I firstwatched the news on TV.
    4. 4. Happiness Well-being & SuccessAfter observing world events and reviewingHappiness, Well-being and Life satisfactionleague tables, it is clear a deeper awareness andintelligence is required to create a HealthyHappy Harmonious and Prosperous society inthe 21st Century.
    5. 5. Positive initiativesThere is Light at the end of thetunnel and many positiveinitiatives are being introduced.For example:• Schools have been instructed to include SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) which teach children how to develop their social and emotional skills.• In 2010 the prime minister set up the National Well- being Project, to go beyond economic measures to inform policies to enhance Well-being in our Society (3).
    6. 6. Emotional intelligence (EQ)• Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be aware, understand and regulate our emotions and is a key ingredient towards being Happy and Productive.• Daniel Goleman reported on compelling breakthroughs from the fields of neuroscience and business, he found that those who excel in emotional intelligence achieve not only superior academic and business results, but also have higher levels of personal fulfillment and increased well-being.
    7. 7. Intuitive Intelligence (IntQ)• Research by the Institute of HeartMath is uncovering the important role of the hearts intuition in balancing and managing our mental and emotional energy.• Intuitive Intelligence (IntQ) is the ability to tune into the inspiration and guiding force within us.• According to HEC Paris International Business School Intuitive intelligence is the ability to combine our analytical mind with our intuitive aptitude to solve problems in an innovative way and succeed in the new economy.
    8. 8. Intuitive Intelligence (IntQ)• Today intuition is being touted by management consultants as “essential.”• In a study of 13,000 business executives by Harvard researcher Jagdish Parikh, the executives credited 80 percent of their business success to relying on their intuition (21).
    9. 9. Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsImage source:
    10. 10. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
    11. 11. Self-Actualization• At the top of Maslows hierarchy Self-Actualization & Transcendence are states of humanitys highest potential that include self-realization and an understanding of Unity consciousness.• Maslow defined this inherent and natural state as one of Well-Being with Positive feelings of Joy, Serenity, Euphoria and an awareness of the Unity of all things.• Maslow was sure that the more emotionally healthy we are, the greater the likelihood and frequency of these experiences in our daily lives.
    12. 12. Multiple Intelligence ModelWe can clearly see that there are deeper levels of ourselves thatwe can become aware of and understand and in doing so we cangain greater self-awareness and intelligence.
    13. 13. Extended Model fig. Extended: Multiple Intelligence Model of Human Potential
    14. 14. Brain WavesScientific research shows that our brains operate in multiplebrain-wave states:• The Beta brainwave state is associated with focused concentration.• Alpha brainwaves represent a state of relaxed mental awareness, relaxation and reflection.• Theta brainwaves are slower and include deep relaxation, meditation, enhanced creativity, light sleep and dreaming.• Delta brainwaves are slower and are associated with healing.• Gamma brainwaves occur during bursts of insight. (5)
    15. 15. The following diagram shows how we access theselevels within:Research shows that Gamma waves occur during aninsightful AH-Ha ‘Light-Bulb‟ moment (7).Research with Buddhist monks have shown a correlationbetween gamma waves and transcendental states ofUnity consciousnesses (6).
    16. 16. FLOW• Flow is being „in the Zone‟ a state of consciousness that occurs when we are fully immersed in the present moment.• According to Goleman the hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task (28).
    17. 17. Light-Up • Dr. Jane McGonical (13) has also written and spoke about how Gaming is an example of totally immersing ourselves in the achievement of a task. • When we Enjoy ourselves and have fun such as Playing Games we „Light-up‟ or Power-up, we increase our Energy levels and our resilience. • We Rejuvenate at a cellular level and our bodies come alive enhancing our performance in everything we do.img source:
    18. 18. Being in your ElementSir Ken Robinson an Internationaladvisor on education describes thisphenomenon within us as „Being inyour Element‟:“Activities we love fill us with energy … When people …in the zone, they tap into a primal source of energy.They are literally more alive because of it. It is as thoughbeing in the zone plugs you into a kind of power pack…it’s a way of Unifying our energies. It’s a way of feelingdeeply connected… and it curiously comes about through asense of relaxing.” (9)image source:
    19. 19. And looks something like : )image source:
    20. 20. “The richness of the precious present comes from its own source” (8).image source:
    21. 21. Perhaps Eckhart Tollesums it up perfectly withthe title of his firstbestselling book„The Power of NOW‟.Where does the Energyand Power of the PresentMoment come from?Why does it make us„Come Alive‟?
    22. 22. All Paths are Pointing to the same ‘Soul’ution The Institute of HeartMath IHM refer to the this state as being in ‘coherence’.image ref:
    23. 23. Coherence & BiophotonsFritz-Albert Popp a preeminent German physicist (11)focuses on coherence in biology and has confirmed theexistence of particles of Light known as biophotons thattransmit and regulate information within and between cells.He has discovered a dynamic web of light that connectscells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as theorganisms main communication network.
    24. 24. Ultra-sensitive cameras now also reveal that our bodies emit light, “Amazing pictures of "glittering" human bodies have been released by Japanese scientists who have captured the first ever images of human bioluminescence ... one cant help wondering what further surprises the human body has in store for us” (17), (18).Art work by Alex Greyimage ref:
    25. 25. Spark of Genius Intuition Creativity and Abundant energy are available when we Surrender to the present moment. The brain-wave model indicates that the more we relax our minds and allow our Consciousness to Center within, we step outside the box and enter the infinite creative Potential and Inspiration of our Soul.image source:
    26. 26. Our Soul is a source ofenergy and Light thatexists in the Presentmoment.When our Mind Body andSoul are aligned and unifiedwe are in our Element andFlow through Life withPurpose Ease and Joy.Our Soul is our source ofcoherence and center pointof individual consciousnessthat extends from a centralSource of Pure Light andLife-force energy.
    27. 27. Inherent Source of lightDavid Bohm an American-British physicist believedthat everything is connected and one unified whole.The diagram below illustrates the structure of UnityConsciousness and inherent Source of light within usall:
    28. 28. Valerie Hunt a professor atthe University of Californiahas discovered the chakrafrequencies and hasproduced a scale offrequencies correspondingto state of mind and level ofpersonal development (14).Similarly Dr. HiroshiMotoyama has createdinstruments that verify thechakras and the flow ofenergy through the body(15).Art work by Alex Greyimage ref:
    29. 29. Maslow’s Pyramid can be mapped to the ChakraSystem as a model of human development.
    30. 30. Institute of HeartMathResearch by theInstitute ofHeartMath showsthe Heart producesthe bodys mostpowerfulelectromagneticfield:
    31. 31. EvolutionThe deep inter-connectivity that we share gives rise toour open-hearted philanthropic desire to assist othersand improve the world.The Energy and Values of the Heart & Soul are nowintegrating at an Individual & Organisational level for usall to play and equal role in the Creation of a BeautifulNew World.When our mind is alignedwith our Heart and Soulwe are able to createwonderful innovations /products / services /organizations that benefitall.
    32. 32. On the SurfaceImage ref:
    33. 33. Mindful BusinessThe ability to access and develop deeper levels ofawareness and intelligence is quietly reshaping thecorporate world and is now being taught by the BigCompanies all over the World.Spearheaded by pioneers such as General Mills andGoogle the concept and practice of Mindfulness isused to train the mind to be more focused, to be morecentered and balanced, to gain clarity, to havespaciousness for creativity and to feel connected (19).
    34. 34. MindfulnessA New Science and Society is emergingthat is helping humanity to awaken tohigher levels of awareness and is allowingfor a positive transformation from within.The concept and practice of Mindfulnessand Present Moment awareness is nowproliferating throughout Society, it is a simple butprofound awareness of the Life within us, which whenrealized has the power to Positively Transform ourselvesand the world around us.
    35. 35. ConclusionThe Multiple Intelligence Model of Human Awareness& Creativity is a Personal & Professional developmentModel for the 21st Century.It includes Physical Cognitive Emotional Intuitive Creativeand Divine intelligence that integrates the once elusiveLight of Self-realization and Actualization the X factor andBright Spark within us all.What is the Source of our intrinsic motivation, theinspiration that guides us, the love that unites us, the life-force that animates our body, the bright ideas that light upour minds? Based on my Experience and Research, it isthe Bright Divine Spark within us all : )
    36. 36. Any Questions
    37. 37. Your Most important to do : ) ref:
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