SEO PR Insights For Public Relations and Digital Pros


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Here are some SEO PR Insights from @jamescrawford of This is a beginners guide and was presented at Search Me, a conference in Manchester which is orgranised by Don't Panic.

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SEO PR Insights For Public Relations and Digital Pros

  1. 1. Search Me? PR and SEO Convergence by James Crawford Managing Director, PR Agency One February 2013Copyright © PR Agency One 2013
  2. 2. my company and i:PR Agency One:• a PR agency for a digital world• Our focus is on building businesses• We believe our impact can be measured• Tracking corporate reputation – perceptions• eCommerce metrics – immediate commercial benefitClients range from: James Crawford, Managing Director, PR Agency One• Major national and international brands• Fast-growing and forward thinking SMEs
  3. 3. The assumptions before we begin: I am assuming that you know the basics of: Google’s PageRank The value of links / social shares Domain / page authority The benefits of a well built and planned website Google Analytics and what can be measured... ...if not, let’s discuss it now…
  4. 4. what isseo pr? SEO PR improves online visibility using a range of marketing communications, public relations and social media techniques...
  5. 5. PR influences PageRank
  6. 6. Why is SEO PR becoming more relevant? … because of Google’s Penguin update and - to a lesser degree - Google Panda...
  7. 7. what does seo pr look like? SEO PR: consists of many traditional PR tactics puts your website at the heart of the strategy uses the social web to full effect targets links and shares is measured by driving traffic and online visibility
  8. 8. by doing a, we achieve b: A. Real world marketing B. SEO PR 1. ncreased visibility I 1. igh authority links H 2. rand association B 2. nline visibility O 3. onesty and trust H 3. rganic search traffic O 4. esponsive and R 4. eferral traffic R engaged 5. ocial media footprint S
  9. 9. examples of tacticsits not just press releases that generate links... Consumer Media Trade / B2B News and Features Thought Leadership Stunts Guest Posts Features Research Product Reviews Content Marketing Competitions News and Features Advertorials Market Reports Research
  10. 10. one for the future: authorship l + 1ed my own post Second post is higher because of Google + circles
  11. 11. essential prerequisite for seo A good, content rich website that’s well planned for SEO (meta data) and is built to web standards A place on the website to publish content and link to, e.g. a blog
  12. 12. example of a business benefiting from seo pr Hat tip to Jackie Hole, Malcolm Coles, Richard Thornton, Rhys Wynne and Richard Kershaw, founder of for input in the next couple of slides:
  13. 13. example of a business benefiting from seo pr
  14. 14. example of a business benefiting from seo pr
  15. 15. example of a business benefiting from seo pr
  16. 16. example of a business benefiting from seo pr
  17. 17. example of a business benefiting from seo pr
  18. 18. the roi of seo prInstant ROI:- Traffic that converts from the following sources• branded• direct• referral• long tailLong term ROI: (For me, the exciting bit)• Acquiring links and shares• building domain authority.• improving search visibility
  19. 19. a copy of this presentation is available here:
  20. 20. contact us James Crawford, Managing Director, PR Agency One m: 07793 441 686 e: w:
  21. 21. any questions?
  22. 22. Copyright © PR Agency One 2013