Gamification and Social Media


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A presentation for the Queen's University Film 260 Digital Media Studies.

J. Zhu

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Gamification and Social Media

  1. 1. socialmedia>>the gamification of daily lifeby: James Zhu - 10001567Doug88888  via  flickr  
  2. 2. Traditionally when the term“gaming” is brought up, what is thefirst thing that comes to mind?VIDEO GAMES!Br3nda  via  flickr  
  3. 3. Brands take social mediaplatforms and intertwine them withaspects of video game designto become an increasinglyincorporated factor in ourdigitally connected lives.Jason  A.  Howie  via  flickr  
  4. 4. Social gaming started with in-browser apps like Farmville on Facebook.But since then it has moved out of the webbrowser and has become detached froma mouse and keyboard. Where you wouldPLAY then SHAREresults.idlepines  via  flickr  
  5. 5. LIFE ITSELFbecomes a game that you can play…The definition of social gaming has morphed.Ka<e  Harris  via  flickr  
  6. 6. day to day activities become…SOMETHING MORE!Joe  Lanman  via  flickr  
  7. 7. Whether youMAKE IT COUNTwith Nike+ Nike+  Free  download  
  8. 8. or you geotag withJohn  Fischer  via  flickr  
  9. 9. …gamification hasmoved away from thescreen, and into our physicaldaily lives.Phil  Hilfiker  via  flickr  
  10. 10. >> More and moreexamples of day today gaming arearising; fueled by theintrinsic human desirefor rewards andgratification.Kreg  Steppe  via  flickr  
  11. 11. By taking the video gameprinciple of motivation -the key ingredient to thesuccess of gamifyingonline social media is toreward badges andprovide achievements.David    Biesack  via  flickr  Judd Antin, Elizabeth Churchill –Badges in Social Media: A SocialPsychological Perspective
  12. 12. -  Aleena Chia. “it is the carrot and thestick - it is putting more  LIFEinto your  LIFE.”  Tom  Blackwell  via  flickr  Aleena Chia– More Lively Than OurLife is the Motto: Better LivingThrough Gamification
  13. 13. “One way to get peopleBUZZING about your brandover social media is to gamify theexperience and engage the usersin fun ways”GabeZichermann(Chair Gsummit)  David    Biesack  via  flickr  Gabe Zichermann – How GamificationCan Create Social Media Buzz
  14. 14. >>Studies have shown thatgamification boosts:Commenting – 13%.Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter,and [other] networks – 22%.New content Discovery – 68%.          - John KoetsierChirag    Galundia  via  flickr  John Koestier – Billions of useractions say gamification increasessite engagement 29%.
  15. 15. “Gamification succeeded...where advergaming and in-game advertisement failed!”Kris<na  Alexander-­‐son  via  flickr  Gabe Zichermann – The Purpose ofGamification
  16. 16. // Gamification of life throughsocial media is a HOLY GRAIL formarketing.A win-win solution providing bothexposure and advertisement forthe brand, all while activelyengaging the customer - providingtangible rewards and goals tostrive towards,further eliciting participation.Vancity  Allie  via  flickr  
  17. 17. a buzzwordengineered forhype?oatsy40  via  flickr  
  18. 18. NO!>> Successful gamificationprovides motivation todesperately perform thebehavior the ability to easilycarry out the behavior and atrigger to cue to behavior.-­‐Michael  Wu,  Ph.D.  Ro_buk  via  flickr  Michael Wu– Gamification 101: ThePsychology of Motivation
  19. 19. In the 2012 joint studyconducted by the PEW and ELONUniversity; a THOUSAND internetexperts were surveyed. Theresults showed:predicting gamificationwill be implemented inmost digital activities ofmost peoplepredicting the significantadoption and use ofgamification in daily lifeN  i  c  o  l  a  via  flickr  Sebastian Deterding – Experts Split,Hold various Opinions: GamificationResearch Network
  20. 20. “Gamification may be the mostimportant social and commercialdevelopment of the next fiftyyears… Socially, gamifiedtechnology will evolve andhumanize many of the artificialinteractions we currently endure– check-in’s, like’, shares, andtheir kin will all ‘just work’ anddrive new waves of innovation inour technology.”Ross Rader"(general manager at Hover, board member ofthe Canadian Internet Registration Authority)"Bre  PeWs  via  flickr  PEW Research Group Press Release2012– The Future of Gamification
  21. 21. because the principle ofgamification throughsocial media outlets is stilla relatively fresh concept,it does possess an Achillesheel.the fact that it’snot always social.fluffisch  via  flickr  
  22. 22. “While it’s often thought tobe social inherently, it’s not– there’s a differencebetween getting a badge,and getting a badge andsharing it. One is social andone is not.”                          -Victor White(Gigya Marketing)Niklas  Wikstrom  via  flickr  Jennifer Beese –Can GamificationBoost Engagement? CustomerActions are Saying Yes.
  23. 23. “The most important stage of a gamified life cycle will beto turn users into product evangelists, who spread theword of mouth online through their social networks andreach to potential users.”Mark Russell.(Ph Creative)mallix  via  flickr  Mark Russell – The Gamification LifeCycle
  24. 24. Gamifica<on  is  currently  in  its  infancy,  and  as  we  move  towards  web  3.0  and  a  more  socially  connected  world;  more  and  more  adopters  will  arrive,  and  gamifica<on  will  take  a  higher  precedence  in  daily  life.  Gamification is still in itsinfancy and constantlygrowing. As we movetowards web3.0 and a moresocially connectedgeneration of web users;the reward system of videogame design will beincorporated in motivatingactions.Di  Bedard  via  flickr  
  25. 25. Gamification will be intertwined with social media for an intuitiveexperience in which life becomes a game that you can PLAY, andmore importantly, life becomes a game that you can SHARE.Brian  Talbot  via  flickr  
  26. 26. Marco  Arment  via  flickr  
  27. 27. References.  1.  Dooley  via  flickr