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Where to find capture page images


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To create a high converting capture page sometimes requires a stunning background. These are not always easy to find and once you find a good source its like finding gold.

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Where to find capture page images

  1. 1. Where To Find Capture Page Images Capture Page Images To create a high converting capture page sometimes requires a stunning background. These are not always easy to find and once you find a good source its like finding gold. A few things about Capture page images The images contained on your capture page must be visually engaging to your audience and relevant to your target audience. This means if you were making a landing page targeting golf, it would be a good idea to have an image related to golf in the background as opposed to say a fishing image. If you have a look at the text in the capture page image above you will see that it has the word beech in there which makes the background image relevant tothe text and hints at the prospect of working from the beach. The problem is many people are using images they find on the internet which do not belong to them. I hope this is not you. The Problem The problem with images is trying to find quality images for your backgrounds which you can legally use. See what happens is a person visit’s Google images, looking for a capture page image. People tend to think it’s cool I can grab any image I want. This is not the case and there are lots of people who have been fined for using images that they did not have permission to use. It is a bit of a nightmare sometimes. Unless the image has been made available to public use, there is a possibility that the image has some form of copyright attached. If it does and you do not have permission to use it, then you will be sent a desist from using letter, and possibly be taken to court and fined. Some fines are quite substantial.
  2. 2. The Solution That’s the doom and gloom out of the way. There is a ray of sunshine. If you want to use Google images. Then Look at the image below click on search tools, labelled for reuse, and then click labelled for reuse. If you change your settings, Google will only show you images that are labelled for reuse. Doing this will generally mean you will be okay to use the images, however when you do restrict your search like this you do not get many good results. So here is a list of places where you can find images, just make sure you check the licence requirements first and you understand what the licence requirements mean. Each site will tell you. Public Domain Images is a copy of the master Wikipedia page at Meta, which lists a number of sources of public domain images on the Web. Lost and Taken is one of my favourite websites for free background textures. Graphic River is another platform created to satisfy the designer’s craving for free background textures. Texture King There’s a heavy photographic influence to what Texture King has to offer outdoor textures such as wood, concrete and bark, for example. WebGraphics From Seamless Burlap to Retro Linen, Wegraphics offers a themed selection of free background textures Flickr Album This Flickr album gives direct and free usage of a vibrant and high resolution set of free background textures, to be used directly or edited as you wish under a Creative Commons License. Blog Spoon Graphics is a superb design blog offering a wide range of resources for designers.
  3. 3. Texture Gen is possible the ultimate texture hub, with a vast range of categories of free background textures organised in a way that’s easy to use and browse through. FBrushes offers a great selection of seasonal-inspired images. Shizoo is a great resource for graphic-related downloads, and has a beautiful library of free background textures made available for download. The above are some great resources for personalizing your landing pages. To help you with the process here are 15 capture page images I have put together for you – click the download button to get access. This information brought to you by James F Woods