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Evaluation music video

  1. 1. Q1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My music video mostly uses and develops the codes and conventions of real media products.However also to some extent I challenge some forms of real Media conventions. Such as mymusic video contains a lot of performance footage of the artist simply walking about or performingas he sings the song. I have used this from watching existing music videos which gave me theidea that the audience likes to see the facial expressions of the artist. My song is very upbeat andfast temp and uses very interesting lyrics which helps to get a beat of close ups or action withinthe music video and allows me to have any sort of performance link to it and sell the artist. I alsouse a small amount of narrative which is established near the beginning of the music video inwhich the artist creeps into the room and has a somewhat pervy look to him as he gets into thebed. Ive used plenty of long shots and mid shots as well as close ups to show that close ups donthave to be the vital point of selling the artist and that a music video can look effective without it.After doing research I made a list of music videos on my previous blogs which had influenced mein my ideas and these videos was from artists I liked such as; Black Veil Brides, All Time Low,Bring Me The Horizon, Breathe Carolina and Fall Out Boy. All these music videos contain morethen one artist therefore challenging me in attempting to try make a music video with just the mainartist. Ive used one artist using narrative and performance based style to my music video to giveit the edge I was looking for personally in the music video. Using my brother as the artist alsomade him feel comfortable in performing as it was me behind the camera filming and as weve gota fun weird bond as brothers it allowed him to act however he wanted for the character of theartist even if it could be considered slightly crazy.What influenced me on different shots within the genre I am purely interested in and feelcomfortable working around the Rock genre I found many different types of shots which interestedmy taste of camera angles and shots.
  2. 2. These are some of the camera angles and shots taken within the music video “The Legacy” byBlack Veil Brides. The reason why these stand out to me is because it is just of the main artisteven though their a band, it shows that with the correct look and interesting style that the musicvideo is possible with only one person within it. Also the shots of the are all varied of him and he isnormally focused onto the camera however the one where he isnt too looks very effective as itshows variation to their style. This helped me in deciding on what type of angles I am going to trywork from and how to film the artist effectively as hes alone.Working alone made it hard to get feedback and other ideas meaning that if I am fully dedicated toone plan then theres simply no one to go against my idea, so therefore meaning I had to discussoutside of school to friends and relatives on what sounds good and what I should and shouldntdo. I also showed some of the inspirational images of what Id like to achieve and they agreed itwas a unique image to go for however it would be very difficult to achieve it in similar ways.Realising this made it a tricky task and it lead me to the image I got with my brother simple butfashionable with different styles mixed into one. The pictures above is the main music video thatinfluenced me however also the band Bring Me The Horizon style of camera angle and shots alsogave me some influence.
  3. 3. As you can see these images Ive picked up from Bring Me The Horizon are somewhat similar tothe images picked up from Black Veil Brides, this lead me to the decision that this is the sort ofclips Im going to be going for due to finding my taste bud of style of music video. However arethese arent the easiest images or clips to obtain it would prove difficult to achieve a amazingoutcome.The narrative from the bed scene in which the artist wonders into the room and lays next to aunknown person was suggested to me from my partner and this interested me and proved abrilliant way to bring the narrative side into the music video along with a edgy look to it as theperson is appeared to be sleeping and the artist is just lurking around the females room. I decidedto make the room look very messy as a normal teenage female room may be to give it some sortof realistic look.The scene at the very beginning of the music video where the artist is placed next to a gaterelates to somewhat of the song title “Prisoner” however I decided to do him trapped outsideinstead of inside somewhere as its challenging the forms of convention by instead of the termbeing locked up, its more as he is appearing to wanting to be locked up and he doesnt no how toachieve it.As most videos contain a lot of random shots and cut away to keep the audience engaged Idecided to go for some of them however I kept it related to having the artist within in it doingactions and poses which are irrelevant at times to what is being said to keep it rather confusingand the audiences mind working on what is going on.
  4. 4. Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text.The combination of my main project and the ancillary tasks are they they work very well together.For the ancillary tasks Ive created and album cover which will contain a poster and the artistssong choices as well as other eye catching photos to lure the audience into wanting to see more.These are created to sell the artist as a whole meaning his image and his music video and hissong titles. The image that I have decided to be used for my album cover will be an image that isnot what Id say is related to the music video however related to the lyrics and will be very eyecatchy in a weird disturbing interesting way. However there will be other various photos aroundthe locations featured showing him in different postures and styles to keep the audience engagedand so he stands out to them. This is the combination I am going for, also to keep things spicedup Im going to get a photo image which shows his style to sell the music video and him as anartist.Album cover influences I have come across which interested me and caught my eye variedmassively around the rock genre be it new or old school rock these are the sort of covers thatinfluenced me into my design.
  5. 5. The reasons why these album covers stood out to me so much is purely because of how differentsome of them are and it shows a level of creativity to their images showing some thought tolinking their music,image,lyrics all into one and giving a great look to the audience on wanting tobuy their album.Discussing the type of album cover I wanted with my brother he agreed to go along with it andallowed me to open my creativity without too much of a limit as he was willing to participate tocapture the perfect image which lead me to my album cover and digipack.This all worked extremely well as the style based in the music video is a pretty mixed style andelegant meaning that I can chose which ever path that I wanted, however I decided to go for amuch more mysterious way linking to the Bring Me The Horizon album cover as that is whatinterested me the most out of the majority of the album covers I have come across.
  6. 6. Q3. What have you learnt from your audience research?What Ive learnt from my audience research individually is that not to many people are fussy onthe pace of the music linking to the pace of the music video, however it can help them link the pairif it is, But I learnt that if done effectively the pace of the music video being slower then the musiccan also have a very good effect to. So this challenged me as making a very quick upbeat musicvideo to fit the song I have chosen in a much more slower and calmer but narrative andperformance way.The Feedback also came in very handy on how many locations there should roughly be and thereasons why is because majority of people would want a variety of at least 3 locations within amusic video but it also depended purely what was within the location such as if the location waswell designed and thought out giving a special interesting look to it then it would be better to filmmajority of it there then have a wider spread location not relating what so ever and one overpowering the other.Feedback also came in very useful when trying to think of an artist name as Im working alone Ineeded to get some advice around my friends and family in order to think of a productive artistname to match the song choice and the music video I have designed for it.I also had a quick feedback session later on where I asked my partner to watch my music video ofwhat I have done so far and to give honest thoughts of what she thought about it, resulting intoneeding to make adjustments on specific areas and to improve the miming to as good as possiblemeaning that the feedback was showing me where my errors was that was missing my eye.
  7. 7. After finishing my music video I then asked my partner again on her views of what I haveachieved on my music video after finishing all of the editing and even though that the feedbackwas personally amazing, it had proved to me that some areas of the lip synch was still notaccurate, however running short of time I did not manage to correct these but still felt it was goodenough to be shown. As I was working alone, Im extremely proud of what I have achievedindividually and how far I have come onto developing my own music video and the album coverand the research around it that I have proven working alone can be a option for those who wantto.
  8. 8. Q4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Everything associated with my project is to do with media technology. The research that I havecarried out is from the internet which is also part of digital technology and from asking my familyand friends. Ive used Google to research records companies and celebrity artists as well albumcovers to obtain the style which I believe suits my music video, song and title as well as my artist.I have researched online some of my inspirational artists being; Jeffree Star, Andrew DennisBiersack, Jared Leto, Marliyn Manson and many more. I have researched certain bands such asBlack Veil Brides social sites such as Facebook and individual twitters and how they use these toadvertise their music as well as themselves. The images which I feel relate to the song was foundfrom looking at many artists and their style.During the planning I used many different programmes such as SnipMp3 in which I downloadedthe song to place it onto my music video, I used Final Cut in order to make my music video alongwith the effects, I used Microsoft Word to create the audience research questionnaire and otherstuff. I used Irfanview in order to edit and style my album cover and photos along with making thedigipack complete. And I have also used a Cannon Camera kindly lent by my partner to take thephotos for my album cover and locations along with the artist photo.During the production I had used a school camera which was used by tape however the qualitywas very good and got the job done effeciently. Along with the camera I had used a tripod to givethe camera when needed a stable turn meaning its not as shaky and gives more control to theshot. Having filmed all of the clips I then had to use the Final Cut for the first time and I got usedto this pretty quickly having used other movie editting programmes such as iMovie and SonyVegas.