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  1. 1. EvaluationThe task was to create a opening sequence to a new Si-Fi and fanaticy TVshow, then also to record all of the planning research and work that goesin to iit.
  2. 2. Comparison with real media products• The UK teen drama Skins was the one of our key influences me and lee had both watch a lot of this show, the first idea was to do something like Skins as there is nothing really like it on TV. When we started to plan It out more other influences such as Requiem for a dream (film) and the (game) Manhunt.
  3. 3. Here a 9 panels of Costume, Construction of characters, Props, Location,Effects, Framing of characters, Types of action shown.
  4. 4. • When it came to it we spent more time planning it to be like Skins with teen actors and drug use and did not think to much about the camera angles at the time, that was one of our biggest problems but we got around it by having alot of short clips of people at the party, to make it look like there were more people there.
  5. 5. The construction process• There were many aspects of the construction the most enjoyable part for me was the editing. I really like to edit film. It was a challenge taking the rough edit and all the shots and trying to make a film out of it. because the main problem was that a lot of the shots were not very clear or there was a lack of shots.
  6. 6. • This was amplified by the fact we could not go back a shoot any of the shots again. We had to take out a lot of the film as from the feed back we were not going to make a 2-3 minuet long video with a story, but make it more into a fast passed, snappy and thrilling video.
  7. 7. • The hardest part of the process was the filming, we had planned for there to be two other people in the video. Jessie and Esther but then when it came to it they could not make the only time we could film the sceans that they were in. This was a real problem as there was only 5 of us instead of 7. When it came down to it I phoned a friend who I knew could act, to see if they could come and fill a spot so there was 6 of us which was fine. Planned cast list Actual cast list James – Jamie Lee – Ronnie James – Jamie Leon – Lon Lee –Ronnie Esther – Esther Leon – Lon Jessie – Skylar Alex – Mongrel Alex – Mongrel Chris – The Oath
  8. 8. • Working with Lee in the projectIstill think was a good choice as we work well together. At the very start we had a chat to see what we were good at and what we went at. I told him that I love filming and editing and the practical side of it. He said that he was good at the written side of it. we seemed like a good pair and I still think we are.
  9. 9. Legal and ethical consideration• The song Petrified Forest by Ed cox is the song that is playing over the back of the video, we could find no reason why there would be any copyright issues, so this song is perfect. Something that we should have done was put a credit in for Ed cox. The song its self is quite long, repetitive and slowly gets intense through out the song. Then when editing I found 3 points in the song to cut away at, this has made the film build up tension.
  10. 10. • In the opening sequence there is drink and drug use, we did this as this sort of thing is appealing to watch as a teenager. We knew that the drug use could not promote drugs in anyway, so we added the “bad trip” idea. So after the drugs had been taken they are meant to look like it is going well, but after a while it starts to go terrible for them. With the target audience being teens they are at the age were they could be potentially be involved with drugs, the whole bad tip side of the video should shock the audience into not wanting to taking drugs.
  11. 11. Skills development• In this project there has been as much if not more on the Macbooks working in Photoshop editing in Final cut then all of the research on the internet. One of the big things that I enjoy is editing film, all though I had never used Final cut before this unit. In the past I have used other editing suite such as Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas and Imovie. A lot of the skills from them I could use in Final cut.
  12. 12. • There was a lot of work in Photoshop for the research and for the planning. At the start I made a mood board the the themes of the film, I spent a lot of time then cutting out images to make something that looks betting then what I had done in the past. I also made character mood boards. The other large thing that we did in Photoshop was the text for the credits in the film. We did not want to use a font from Final cut or Photoshop so we looked on the internet at sites like Fontspace and Next was to make pages of the same word “sketch” in different fonts. Doing this was good as we could see very quickly which ones did not work.
  13. 13. • The editing was a challenge from the rough edit where there was almost nothing that made sense, it took a lot of work to get it to what it is now. The big thing was cutting it right down, taking out clips, rearranging them then cropping clips to make them have more of an impact. Once the film was around 1 minuet long we started adding filters to the clips where they hallucinations [ look on final cut and name the filters here]. Something else that I worked on was the cutting of the music. I did it so it would sound more intense the more drugs that where taken, this makes the film more powerful towards the end. AfterBefore
  14. 14. Quality of final product• Over all I am very happy with the final product. From all of the rushed and uninteresting shots, that we made a video that is some what good compared to the rough edit that we did. The biggest problem we had when we were editing was that we kept falling in to the habit of putting in to much detailed, at points with the story that we had made we could have made a few TV episodes out of our ideas, so we were always cutting out ideas that would not fit in or taking shots out as we meant for a fast passed snappy video which is what we wanted and not the long story opening that we kept ending up with
  15. 15. At the start we planned for the target audience was to be around the age of 16, looking at the video I think it would be more appropriated to be aimed at 17-18 as the drug and swearing in the video. I no longer think that a 16 year old would understand the video really, but then may see it in a much different way.
  16. 16. • To conclude, this project has gone well there was a few hic-ups along the way with some of the actors dropping out, to the lack of shots when it came to editing. But then when it came to editing we improved everything about the film as when we had at the start, adding music and all the effects, and getting feedback from people saying it should all be shorter. Which we fixed as well. I think if we were to do this same task again I would have made sure we had more of a plan for the story as we kept changing it around to make more sense, when we should have just made the story then left it as that.