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5 Ways to Create Customer-Getting Content


Published on These days, businesses without a content strategy are fast becoming antiquated – not to mention lost behind content-rich pages in search engine results.

Consider this:
Inbound marketing more than doubles average website conversion rates 
(State of Inbound Marketing Report 2013)

58% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing budgets this year 
(Content Marketing Institute)

Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links 

But – what these stats mean for YOU might surprise you....

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5 Ways to Create Customer-Getting Content

  1. 1. ! INTRODUCTION ! If you’re serious about your business growth then you don’t need convincing of the power of content marketing. Businesses big and small (and every size in-between) are using valuable content to get interested customers through the door. ! There’s just one problem… ! Content marketing ISN’T a one-time effort. ! Too many business owners put off improving, or even implementing, their content marketing strategy because they just “don’t have the time” to spend researching and producing good content regularly (as you already know, this elusive free time never does magically materialize). ! Others simply don’t know where to start, or don’t think their business has anything worth talking about (but you’d be surprised at the type of genuinely useful content you can create out of seemingly nothing). ! That’s why I’ve made this cheat sheet with 5 easy-to-implement tips for rapid content creation to help you produce quality content in a flash. They may not all work for your industry, but I guarantee that 2, maybe even 3, of these tips can be put in place tomorrow to get more your best prospects coming to you. ! The only condition is that you actually put them into practice. ! ! ! 
 ! !
 Licensing 3rd party content can be a great way to produce training and informational content that is completely in line with your own business’ research, findings and beliefs… without the time-suck of producing it all yourself. ! Step 1: 
 License the type of content that you would typically produce if you had the time. You’re not just white labelling someone else’s content (i.e. selling it under a different name), but you’re purchasing the rights to edit, reformat, re-record and sell the content. ! Step 2: 
 Make it your own. If you obtain videos and slides, for instance, you can transcribe the recording, edit it, change it, add to it (and get rid of what you don’t like). ! Step 3: 
 Promote your new content to your database and social media audience. The finished product accurately reflects your business, because it’s completely customized (and has been produced in a fraction of the time and at minimal cost to you). 

 ! One way to quickly create new marketing content is to look at your business’ past campaigns and promotions and create a new guide, webinar or training product based on what’s worked for your business in the past and what hasn’t… ! Step 1:
 Pick out examples of distinct promotional strategies that have worked extremely well for you in the past and those that have been unsuccessful. This doesn’t have to be an extensive list - even one or two examples can be really effective. ! Step 2: 
 Then you can choose the good (and bad) examples you want to showcase and ask an employee to turn them into a “case-study” type guide, blog post or webinar training for other business to learn what works and what doesn’t. ! Step 3:
 Include ready-to-use templates and tips to provide added value to your case studies. Myself and my clients have seen great success form turning our own business lessons into cut & paste campaigns for other people to use in their businesses.
 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  4. 4. EXPERT INTERVIEWS ! When you’re short on time, or in-house resources, conducting a series of interviews with authorities and thought-leaders in your industry is a fast way to produce valuable content AND earn implied authority in the process. ! Step 1: 
 Approach one or more authorities in your industry for an interview. If you have a product or training that you can offer their database (at a lower-than-market price) in exchange, it could go a long way to securing you the all-important interview. ! Step 2: 
 Combine the interview material and compile a content piece like a written guide or podcast around a single, relevant topic (like SEO or inbound marketing, for example). ! Step 3: 
 For even faster content creation, record the interviews with these industry authorities and compile them into one, or a series of, original training videos. In addition to being no-cost and fast, these videos are easy to produce and are an effective way engage your busiest prospects. (*If you sell these videos as a mini-series, you can offer your interviewees 100% of the commission in exchange for the interview - the implied authority you’ll earn will be worth it). ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  5. 5. 
 If you’re struggling to come up with content ideas, or you’re pressed for content creation time, re-record your top- performing blog posts or articles in audio or video format or create “offshoot” content from your best posts. ! Step 1: 
 Look through your existing content pieces and identify a topic that worked really well for you in the past. Tip: look at comments on blog posts and feedback you’ve received to identify pieces that have resonated with your audience’s pain points. ! Step 2: 
 Repurpose this by recording the post in audio or video format to appeal to your busier prospects who may have missed the original post or who are more likely to listen to audio when they’re on the go. ! Step 3: 
 OR, create content related to the topic of your top-performing post. Chances are, you already have the expertise and research done for topics closely related to your original content piece. So, gain inspiration for “offshoot” content by asking yourself the following questions: ! “What do people need to know before they arrive at this topic?” ! “Is there something within this content piece that I can elaborate on?” ! “What do people need to know once they’ve read or viewed this content?” ! !
 ! Creating an idea hot sheet is easily underestimated (you may never have even considered it), but it’s a hassle-free way of turning the ideas and knowledge you already have into something seriously valuable for your audience. ! Step 1: 
 You probably keep a running list of ideas or inspiration for past projects and upcoming projects. Take a look through these and identify a topic of interest to your audience (“Facebook Marketing” for example). ! Step 2:
 Collate your existing ideas into a hot-sheet, or cheat-sheet of ideas for your prospects (i.e. “15 ways to get more customers from Facebook”, “25 Winning Facebook Offers” etc.). These hot sheets can include anything from subject line ideas, to content ideas to strategy ideas. ! Step 3:
 If you don’t have a running list of ideas handy (and, frankly, you should start one now), you certainly have a bunch of different content pieces that you can draw from to put a cheat sheet together quickly. While a hot sheet won’t take much time for you to put together, this is a huge time-saver for your prospects and holds more value than you likely realize.

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