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Appraisly November 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Appraisly November 2013

  1. 1. November 2013 APPRAISLY Smart, social performance reviews James Strickland 1 ˘
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Appraisly is a business-to-business platform for conducting employee appraisals • We have taken the business from idea to paying customer in 4 months • Our beta was launched on the 15th of October this year • We have 9 businesses currently sig ned up,with 1-2 legitimate new business sig n-ups per week • We are busy rolling out our service to employees of these companies • We are seeking seed investment of £100,000 from angels or early stage seed funds
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM Employee performance management processes are outdated and old-fashioned Overcomplicated Costly & Outdated Poor data
  4. 4. THE SOLUTION Run a web-based service Provide a platform which requires no integration and links to other online services Empower people Associate performance with professional background through LinkedIn and make the whole process easier for employees Offer f lexibility Provide a customizable platform for each client to configure as per their business needs
  5. 5. THE TEAM James Strickland Nikoloas Lygkonis • Technical side - Ruby on Rails, Ang ular JS and others • Business development & customer service • 7 years consulting experience with Accenture and EY • Product desig n and content marketing • Selling and implementing SaaS to big banks • Business process desig n architect by trade • Passionate entrepreneur with +3 previous ventures • Background at major corporates GE Capital & EY • Bachelor of Science - Finance & Statistics • Masters in Finance & Accounting, CIMA +3 years together working together on startups and commercial ventures
  6. 6. THE PRODUCT For employees SMART goal setting, 360 feedback, extremely intuitive interface and profiles imported from LinkedIn For managers Full reporting suite on every team member, org charts, team management and ad-hoc reviews Try our demo! The F Fox Stationary Co. at UR L Email Password n-in password For businesses Integrated training and learning, digital signatures for compliance and full customization for brand identity
  7. 7. CURRENT SIGN-UPS • Interbrand (UK) 200+ employees • Innitech (US) 25+ employees • Potbelly (US) 500+ Employees • Moneris Solutions (CA) 500+ employees • ChaiOne (US) 65+ Employees • Y ellow (NZ) 350+ Employees • Arvixe (US) 85+ Employees • Perkspot (US) 10+ Employees • Think Brownstone (US) 40+ Employees
  8. 8. THE MARKET £24bn 100m 250k Performance management market in 2017 Employees in working in the US and UK SMEs = total addressable market There have been 59 acquisitions in the talent management industry in the past 5 years
  9. 9. THE COMPETITION Appraisly Comparative Feature Product Features Integration with LinkedIn No No No No Y es Analytical Dashboard Y es No Y es No Y es Audit Trail No Y es No Y es Y es User Interface/ intuitiveness Average Unfriendly Friendly Average Super Friendly Customizability Less customizable Customizable Less customizable Very customizable Very customizable Integration/set-up cost High cost, long time High cost, long time High cost, medium time No cost, short time No cost, very short time Business F acts & Figures Price per user per month $20 $15 $50 $6 $5 Location United States Canada United States Germany United Kingdom No. of customers 500 1,500 12 50 9 Annual revenue ~$15m ~$38m ~$0-$1m ~$0.5 - $1.5m $0m No. employees 150 300 10 12 2
  10. 10. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY Off-site On-site • 15% Referral HR experts Discounts for 1 year up-front • 50% Free one month trial for all sig n-ups • 30% Extensive internal & external product tour • 5% Incredibly easy sig n-up for employees Social Content marketing
  11. 11. SALES PROCESS Product demo Content marketing & direct contact Roll-out & minimal support
  12. 12. BUSINESS MODEL B2B model targeting SMEs with initial focus on tech & advertising industry A tiered pricing plan based on a per-employee per month charge 20% discount for 1 year up-front No contracts 1-10 users 11+ users Free for all users $4.99 per user per month
  13. 13. what’s next
  14. 14. Jul ’14 Target 25+ customers 10,000+ users March ’14 API development & expansion to rewards Today Dec ’14 Seed funding Oct ’13 Beta launch Sep ’13 Development Aug ’13 Product Desig n Jul ’13 Idea Nov ’13 Nine customers
  15. 15. CONTACT US James Strickland Nik Lygkonis Co-Founder ! ! Co-Founder ! ! +447545318570 +447717782988