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2014 Charlotte Startup Report


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2014 Charlotte Startup Report

  1. 1. 2014S T A R T U P   R E P O R T D E T A I L E D   B L O C K C O N T A C T @ D E T A I L E D B L O C K . C O M Detailed Block is a Charlotte-based technology news site. While aggregating news and events, it also releases a report about progress in Charlotte's high-growth tech community. This startup report provides an overview of the startup landscape and includes the latest industry metrics and funding information. 
  2. 2. THESTARTUP REPORT 2014 WHAT IS DETAILED BLOCK’S DEFINITION OF A HIGH-GROWTH STARTUP? We classify a company as a high-growth startup if it aims to grow quickly (at least 20% each year), has a large addressable market (TAM of at least $100M), geographically agnostic and participates in the use of and development of technology. STARTUP BREAKDOWN This page includes a listing of changes in the high-growth startups in Charlotte. Discover the newest startups and find out which have recently shut down. INDUSTRY BREAKDOWN What are the most popular industries in Charlotte’s startup community? We’ve categorized each startup to give a macro-level view of what industries Charlotte startups are pursuing. LAUNCH YEAR COMPOSITION Are the startups newer or older? Check out when they were launched. FUNDING SUMMARY Find out how much aggregate funding Charlotte startups have raised in past quarters and years. See which fund raises were the largest amounts.
  3. 3. THE STARTUP REPORT 2014 9 Launched6 Shuttered 1 Acquired Internship King Autopilot Buzzocracy Seasonally Fresh ibid2Save MindsMesh PlateShare AppVested Arrowlytics Beer Exchange Cathedral Leasing Eyewiz Guisto Quaero Verifreight Visuallz 9 6 2 Rebrands Podanize -> PodKeeper PassportParking -> Passport See the companies at Startup Breakdown
  4. 4. THESTARTUP REPORT 2014 Top 7 Industries 8           FinTech 13         Marketing 11         Software 6           Ecommerce 6           EdTech 6           Big Data 4           Food The top business model is Software as a Service at 19. The second largest business model is providing a service through mobile at 17 companies using that approach.
  5. 5. THESTARTUP REPORT 2014 Launch Year Composition 15         2012 12         2011 12         2013 9           2014 6           2015 5           2010, 2000 4           2009, 2008 The large number of recent companies is more of a reflection of the companies who have connected to the startup scene. There are a large number of tech companies who have not connected to the newest crop of founders.
  6. 6. THESTARTUP REPORT 2014 Funding Breakdown Q1:  $3.8 M Q2:  $15.7 M Q4:  $7.8 M Q3:  $2 M Quarterly $9.1 M $15.3 M +68.1% $29.3 M +92% 2012 2013 2014 TOP 3 OF 2014 AvidXchange - $10M SmartSky Networks - $8.3M T1Visions - $3.8M Yearly Comparison