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  1. 1. Southbanks Constructions IT System 1
  2. 2. HYUNGWON SHIN 4938151 ROMEO LAZARTE 4909054 Meet The Team P r o j e c t s u p e r v i s o r : P r o f e s s o r J u n H a n RUBEN QUINREO 2046946 MARAT TUBEKBAYEV 4975340 Position: Team Member Roles: Design of Camera system, Wi-Fi security and Quality control Special Skills: Microsoft Windows networking, Cisco Network Position: Team Member Roles: Design of VoIP system and Business Analyst Special Skills: Cisco Network, Cisco Voice IP Position: Team Member Roles: Design of network system and Project coordinator Special Skills: asterisk PBX, VoIP, Cisco Network Position: Team Member Roles: Design of Camera system, Wi-Fi security and Quality control Special Skills: Microsoft Windows networking, Cisco Network DUY KIEN NGUYEN 4903749 Position: Team Leader Roles: Design of network system and Project Manager Special Skills: Microsoft Windows Server, Cisco Network 2
  3. 3. Company Introduction Q u a l i t y i s t h e b e s t b u s i n e s s p l a n Southbanks Constructions was established back in April 2008 by Chris Dao, a Registered Building Practitioner, in an endeavor to transform traditional building and construction methods. Introduction  Promising to meet start and end dates**  Guarantee client satisfaction with final product  Providing 6 star energy efficiency rating  Offering Innovative designs  Providing Excellent customer service  Offering Highest standard of quality and workmanship using the best materials from leading suppliers  Building homes within budget and value for money Business Southbanks Constructions offers optimum customer service and quality workmanship. We answer all requirements while at the same time We also deliver premium value and minimise risk. Solution Provider “" 3
  4. 4. Our Mission Upgrade Windows 2012R2 Implement VoIP  Identify the existing Dial-plan and search for improvement  Identify the locations and site of VoIP connections  Search for a low-cost and reliable asterisk IP phone that can perform video conference Working from Remote  User can use VPN connection to access their file folder from remote location Wifi & Camera  Successfully identify the existing infrastructure, site location  Finding out the 3G plans and cost  Verifying the current situation of the Wi-Fi security options 4  Successfully identify the permission for folders, users and computers  Well organize the resources needed  Checklist of the required equipment amount
  5. 5. Office in Australia Servers Topology 5 Online System (Datacentre )
  6. 6. Both server has been upgraded to Windows 2012 R2 from Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 Windows Server Krissi still could be able to login with her past credential after upgrading server. User’s accounts DHCP, DNS, DFS, WDS are worked properly Windows Services Each user can use their previous home folder and share folder GPO Windows server Upgraded Successful 6
  7. 7. Working from remote VPN Connection User can use VPN connection to access their file folder from remote location The picture proves that Admin account access on DC by using VPN. VPN Server 7
  8. 8. Two PBX topology Voice IP system 8
  9. 9. Users must be able to make internal call, Australia’s phone call, and international call Asterisk Server Staffs can make video conference call Video conference Staff can makes phone call from oversea Phone calls Users could make phone call between two different PBX Two BPX connected Voice IP Implements Successful 9
  10. 10. Users can access Wifi Wifi system Boss can acces his company camera from remote Camera Wifi Configurations Wi-Fi & Remote Access Camera 10
  11. 11. Goal AchievedT e a m w o r k i s t h e b e s t Customer Deal How to deal with the clients Time management Control the time line Research How to deal with the issues Design Design and planning implement the system Teamworks How to deal with team members Strategy How to finish on time Experience fulfilling expectations for the client and team members Advantages and disadvantages during project implementation 11
  12. 12. I C T 8 0 0 0 3 | P r o f e s s i o n a l P r o j e c t | N e t w o r k P r o j e c t 2 | P r o f : J U N H A N Objectives - Windows servers 2012 are upgraded successful - Upgrade was not impact to users - Users can use VoIP system for calling oversea - Staff can work from remote (VPN) - Remote monitoring of company by camera Challenges - Domain server and previous services will not change when upgrade Win2k8 to Win2k12. - Deployed and connected two BPXs located at different physical area. Goal The aim of this project is to plan and implement a professional network for the intended client, by providing best practice, up-to-date, advanced and sophisticated solutions in order to help the client achives it desired level in the production are management and monitoring. Development - End devices [Workstations, Phones, Printers, Cameras, Machines in the productions are] - Wireless [Access Points and Wireless Controller] - ISP Router [ADSL TPG] - VoIP [Asterisk 13] Thanks to Southbanks Constructions Thanks for watching! Office Data Center Wi-Fi Camera 12