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Slideshare 7 supplier relationships


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Do you treat your suppliers like you want to be treated or do you look at them like they are just a commodity?

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Published in: Leadership & Management

Slideshare 7 supplier relationships

  1. 1. Supplier relationships and servant leadership?
  2. 2. I was asked to help with a problem… some of our suppliers weren’t adhering to their contract
  3. 3. ORDER #23 100 PARTS FOR 7AM THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW This supplier is unreliable; they are always late
  4. 4. Procurement knew what to do… change the contracts, add a penalty clause and enforce
  5. 5. I had a different idea; servant leadership…. what could we do differently?
  6. 6. We could ask the supplier to suggest a solution
  7. 7. The supplier had some insight to share… driver shifts meant they could not deliver before 8am
  8. 8. A new process was established…. only place orders which ask for delivery after 8am
  9. 9. ORDER #24 200 PARTS FOR 8AM THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW We should do more business with this supplier; they are reliable
  10. 10. I was happy; we had avoided penalties… and remember suppliers effectively work on a cost plus mindset
  11. 11. Servant leadership: share power, help develop high performing partnerships and reap the benefits of a supplier that wants to work with you
  12. 12. Penalties or partnership; how do you treat your suppliers?