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Technical testing evaluated


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A talk on the nature of technical testing given at the Leeds Tester Gathering June 2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Technical testing evaluated

  1. 1. Technical TestingEvaluated@saltpy#TechTesting
  2. 2. #TechTestingMe● Programming for around five years mostly inPython, Java and JavaScript● Nine months manual testing experience● Consultant at The Test People● This talk is my own as are my opinions
  3. 3. #TechTestingIs Technical Testing a fad?* Data sourced from of various job boards and sites
  4. 4. #TechTestingIs Technical Testing a fad?* Data taken from June 2013
  5. 5. #TechTestingTechnicalTesting is aFad
  6. 6. #TechTestingDo we just talk the talk?● Heard of someone who, starting at somespecific date in the future, will be a TechnicalTester/Developer in Test?● Been told to use a specific tool, likeSelenium, to do all testing?● Spent time doing manual regression testing?● Interviewed someone who claimed technicalskills as well as a background in testing butfailed to answer simple questions?
  7. 7. #TechTestingHow can we get up to speed?You probably dont have as much to do as youthink but here are some good resources● SQL:● Python:● JavaScript:● Web:● WYPY:● AgileYorkshire:
  8. 8. #TechTestingMy View1. Organizations have wanted TechnicalTesters far longer than the term has been inuse2. With Agile practices Development andTesting have greater overlap3. People and computers are notinterchangeable
  9. 9. #TechTesting