The Art of Business Design 2.0


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This e-guide is designed to quickly stimulate your thoughts about Design Thinking and Authenticity and explore the link between them. The booklet isn’t a how-to manual, but more of a summary of my philosophy of invention as it applies to designing new and innovative business models.

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The Art of Business Design 2.0

  1. 1. The art of business design Copyright Cultivar Consulting Limited 2010 an e-guide to authentic design thinking
  2. 2. Contents ✤ introduction ✤ significant moments in time ✤ sustainability & CSR ✤ the next step - authenticity ✤ authentic leadership ✤ a profound sense of purpose ✤ thinking styles ✤ design thinking ✤ the design process the author ✤ the art of business design James Rock Chief Business Designer Cultivar Consulting
  3. 3. introduction ✤ this e-guide is designed to quickly stimulate your thoughts and encourage you to act further ✤ the booklet isn’t a how-to manual, but more of a summary of my philosophy of invention as it applies to designing innovative business models ✤ it introduces the concept of authenticity as a central core element of the business - a culture within a new type of business architecture ✤ it describes how creativity and innovation can be linked to business experience to invent new and more effective business models ✤ for established business leaders it explains why now is the time to re-think, re-design and re- build for the future ✤ for new start-ups it should stimulate you to think differently and freshly, to seek inspiration in designing a business that really fires your passion and helps you to be more successful ✤ its all about - The Art of Business Design
  4. 4. significant ✤ sometimes events occur that give us a shock! ✤ if they didn’t happen our life would continue pretty moments in time much as-is without the need to change - when they do arise it usually leads to initial disbelief, followed by realisation that the status-quo no longer applies ✤ 9/11 was one of those days... perceptions about managing public safety and transportation changed overnight, our world was turned upside down ✤ 2008 was one of those years... when consumerism driven by easy credit suddenly unravelled ✤ these events are often called “black swans” high- impact, hard-to-predict, and rare occurrences, and when these significant emotional events hit us we need to reframe our world... ✤ in 2009 there arose huge public distrust in capital markets after the banking sector crash, and in public institutions after the scandal of MP’s expenses ✤ most of us now realise that greed isn’t good, and that capitalism needs to be re-invented to provide both economic and social development ✤ we need to look at ourselves critically and determine if we need to change - we need to fundamentally address how we act in our life and in our business...
  5. 5. ✤ though it often seems like it, sustainability isn’t just sustainability & about tree hugging environmentalists ✤ it has become a wide-ranging term that encompases CSR taking a long-term perspective of our future ✤ in business this covers three principal areas - ✤ environmental sustainability ✤ societal sustainability ✤ economic sustainability ✤ this holy trinity of sustainability is usually grouped together to form a company’s corporate sociability responsibility (CSR) policy - many firms are doing this ✤ in the USA, CSR is often called the “Triple Bottom Line” i.e. its focus is about using CSR to impact on profitability and shareholder value - true capitalist thinking ✤ but isn’t focusing on bottom line profit inherently unsustainable? doesn’t taking short term profits often mean investment cutbacks? its well known that you can’t save your way to sustainable long-term prosperity ✤ now there is a new trend to something more genuine - a sustainable approach that works - the new term being used for this is Authenticity...
  6. 6. ✤ authenticity isn’t just a new management buzz-word ✤ its a set of values that guide individuals and authenticity organisations in facing the many tensions, forces, pressures, and influences of everyday life with honesty and integrity ✤ there are growing movements across the world that are building knowledge and expertise in this field ✤ every day more individuals, organisations and businesses are adopting authenticity as their way of becoming truly sustainable ✤ authentic people, leaders and businesses display the following attributes: - P - they have a profound purpose beyond profit, a purpose that is socially and/or environmentally positive I - they display integrity between communication and action R - they show respect for others S - they display sensibility to exploitation of resources and customers; and they have U - they have a distinct and unique business personality ✤ are you a truly authentic leader?
  7. 7. authentic ✤ being a leader is a difficult role - it requires many leadership ✤ qualities and skills we know the ones who inspire us ✤ they are full of life and passion ✤ they believe in the greater power of a team over an individual ✤ they are ethical and act with integrity ✤ they trust people to act responsibly ✤ they respect the needs of others ✤ they have the courage to follow their convictions ✤ above all, authentic leaders have a deep and true sense of purpose and deploy their energy in pursuit of it ✤ people are always willing to follow inspiring and authentic leaders ✤ so why not be the leader others choose to follow?
  8. 8. a profound sense of purpose ✤ do you know your own life purpose? it defines you and helps you to know who you truly are ✤ for most of us there is a gap between the life we are leading and who we truly are - this gap causes stress and the bigger the gap the more stress there is ✤ when we know our life purpose and apply our talents in pursuit of it we feel engaged, fulfilled and much happier - we become passionate in our work ✤ and if a group of people with a shared purpose work together their energy rises dramatically - in a business this energy can deliver amazing results ✤ so do your employees know their purpose? do they share your purpose? is everyone aligned? are you all passionate about what you do? ✤ authentic businesses focus on this shared sense of profound purpose to constantly drive them forward in pursuit of their goals ✤ they usually outperform their peers too... resulting in growth and profitability far above average
  9. 9. if you have decided that now is the time to re- thinking ✤ think then is now the time to change the way you do this too? styles it is well known that the brain has two distinct ✤ halves - left brain and right brain - and thinking originates from either side ✤ left brain thinking is described as logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective - it focuses on the parts ✤ right brain thinking is described as random, intuitive, holistic, synthesising, subjective - it focuses on the whole ✤ in business, people are predominantly left brain thinkers - they deal in reality, and are usually conventional and predictable - our education system is primarily designed to foster and help develop these left brain skills but doesn’t do enough to develop the right side of the brain ✤ but artists and designers are predominantly right brain people - they deal in creativity and innovation - often described as lateral thinking ✤ so why can’t these thinking styles can be combined? ✤ they can - and this is now being recognised...
  10. 10. design ✤ leading business leaders have said we need to re- think, re-design and re-build - but in ways that look not at the past... but by embracing the future thinking ✤ society is changing, technology is rapidly developing, competition is global and on-line ✤ the west can’t compete head-to-head with low-cost labour producers any longer, and is committed to creativity and innovation as a competitive response ✤ its recently been said that design schools are the new business schools - because it’s now apparent that old-school businesses are out of date and some lateral thinking is needed - Design Thinking ✤ so leading business schools are beginning to develop collaborative links with the best art schools ✤ and top-end design companies like IDEO are now being engaged in business and service design ✤ this is because creativity and innovation is needed to design the businesses of tomorrow - injecting a dose of right brain, abductive thinking - so start to ask yourself what might be? ✤ the design process can then be used to provide a framework that helps you design your business of the future...
  11. 11. the design ✤ designers manage the process of design in different ways, but there are similarities in every approach, typically covered by four common phases :- process ✤ discovery - the start of the project - beginning with an initial idea or inspiration in which user needs are identified ✤ define - in which interpretation and alignment of these needs to business objectives is achieved ✤ develop - where design-led solutions are developed, iterated and tested within the company ✤ deliver - where the resulting business model is finalised and launched in the relevant market ✤ but whilst other design processes can deliver innovative solutions, they don’t consider the crucial aspect of embedding authenticity as a central key element, nor the behavioural aspects of change that are required to deliver this ✤ so you need a design process that integrates the technical elements of change alongside those behavioural ones that are so critical for authenticity ✤ this ensures that everyone understands, buys-in and supports the business model as it is implemented...
  12. 12. the art of ✤ so we know business tensions will hit us from different directions, including economic cycles, changing customer needs, competition, and ever increasing shareholder expectations business design ✤ we understand that sometimes these tensions arise at different times, but very often they will occur simultaneously and require a bigger response ✤ so businesses need to be amorphous structures that will be flexible and responsive to change ✤ the authentic business architecture is a flexible and accommodating framework that interlinks the key elements of the business whilst retaining authenticity as the central culture at its heart ✤ any tensions cause the whole to flex together, but authentic values help every part to adjust accordingly without suffering a critical failure ✤ so while you are re-thinking, re-designing and re- building you can invent a business of the future that will cope with the tensions of tomorrow ✤ you can inject creativity and innovation to deliver excellence, engage your people, and display a passion that will truly excite your customers ✤ in short - The Art of Business Design
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