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All is not as it seems


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All is not as it seems

  1. 1. Are you paying attention?James Marshall
  2. 2. Small Village Grocery Stores2 are multi use, 1 is stand alone.1 coffee shop nearby1 leisure centre in next town1 apple farm.One had a hidden agenda.
  3. 3. OpportunitiesThe opportunity is for clarity of purpose of the store. Make people welcome.Know what you are selling, and do it well.1 or 2 messages per customer per visit, gives the opportunity for an upsell.Information overload is the norm, so messages are ignored.Two of the stores don’t greet, don’t smile. That costs nothing.The apple farm was the most welcoming and had a very clear message onthe surface.On further inspection it is the front for a religious sect with virulent anti-semetic, homophobic , racist and misogynistic views.They are hiding in plain sight behind smiles and apple cake!
  4. 4. Are we welcome?
  5. 5. The Happy Workforce
  6. 6. Missed Opportunities• It doesn’t hurt to say welcome• It helps to say what you are on the outside• No where is Coffee mentioned.
  7. 7. One StopImplies all your groceries are in here.
  8. 8. Too much? If you try to cater for everyone, then you end up with nothing. “One stop” should be a grocery store for convenience. Instead, it tries to hard to sell on impulse, not on what we need. There are too many messages. I know what I am getting when I go to the Apple Farm or Costa Coffee.
  9. 9. Core productCore product is coffee appeals to all Opportunity for upsell.with variety. Breakfast, snacks. Business market, hotel next door, rest stop.
  10. 10. Simple is best This high ceiling with big sculpture is not given the recognition it deserves. 12 noticeboards inside the Leisure Centre aren’t enough. Posters, flyers and signs are put on every available surface. Ironically there is no signage outside.
  11. 11. Display differences
  12. 12. What am I supposed to read?
  13. 13. Multi use can be clear.
  14. 14. Older clientele in the Post Office