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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE DR. JAMES D. PONZI – DBA, MA, BS, BA Email: EDUCATION Doctor of Business Administration: Specialization - Homeland Security Management Northcentral University, Prescott, Arizona - Degree Earned, January 2016 Dissertation: A Qualitative, Formative Evaluation of Best Practices in the Mitigation of Active Shooters in Middle Schools M. A. Master of Special Studies in Applied Communication Denver University, Denver, Colorado – Degree Earned, 1999 B. A. Psychology (With Distinction) University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado – Degree Earned 1990 B.A English Literature University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado – Degree Earned 1972 PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS Certified FEMA Instructor: Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) New Mexico Tech • Certification Earned – 2006 Certified FEMA Instructor: Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombings (PRTSB) New Mexico Tech • Certification Earned – 2006 Certified FEMA Instructor: WMD, Radiological/Nuclear Awareness Train-the-Trainer Course Las Vegas, Nevada • Certification Earned – 2006 Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) INFOSEC Institute, Washington D. C. • Certification Earned – 2014 SCHOLARSHIPS AND EDUCATIONAL AWARDS B.A. Psychology/With Distinction – University of Colorado – 1999 Excellence in Teaching Award – Regis University – 2007 M.A. Applied Communication – GPA 3.98
  2. 2. DBA Homeland Security Specialization – GPA 4.0 ACADEMIC WORK EXPERIENCE Regis University – Denver, CO – 2006-Present • Assistant Professor of Criminology • Lead Faculty for Criminology (and Formerly Sociology and Psychology) – 2006 to Present Provide faculty lead duties to include facilitator scheduling, course development and maintenance Key Accomplishments Leadership: Faculty Lead for approximately 60 adjunct faculty members. Duties include faculty scheduling, course development, recruiting, course scheduling, performance assessment, and maintenance of all D2L online modules. Change Management: Developed new cybercrime program and courses that are now required for both the undergraduate and master’s degrees in Criminology. Collaboration: Established a cybercrime focus for criminology students between the School of Contemporary Liberal Studies and the School of Computer and Information Sciences. Students who are interested in computer crime can graduate with a computer focus under the umbrella of a criminology degree. Mentoring and Coaching: Al lead faculty, my duties include mentoring both new and current adjunct faculty in course development, facilitation, and D2L module construction. Assessment: Participation in faculty hiring committees and do initial assessment for all applicants applying to facilitate in Criminology. In addition, I sit on the College Board for Academic Integrity and the Regis Information Security Committee. Marketing: Assist Deltak with personal interviews and information for the purpose of recruiting new students to Regis University. Las Vegas campus – Marketing trip with Blenda Crawford and Don Lindley to help start the new Criminology Program on Regis University campuses in Nevada. Denver Public High Schools – Denver, CO - 1996-1998 • Taught civics classes in Denver high schools
  3. 3. Key Accomplishments Leadership: Provided contemporary classes for high school students in such a way as to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the younger generation. Change Management: Developed hands-on exercises for high school classroom after training via the University of Colorado Sociology Department. Collaboration: Established a link between Denver Public High Schools and the Denver Police Department. Mentoring and Coaching: Developed a rapport with young students which helped influence life choices. PRIVATE SECTOR WORK EXPERIENCE • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Five Substation Lieutenant/Shift Commander, 2000 - 2008 Assumed patrol command duties for the night shift in the fastest growing segment of the city. Part of my duties was to attend community meetings and write monthly articles for the Montbello community newspaper • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: Internal Affairs Bureau Lieutenant, 1998 - 2000 Assumed the duties of handling and reviewing sensitive complaints and disciplinary actions for the entire department, supervising 10 sergeants and two detectives. I maintained a reputation for thoroughness and fairness because I did investigations from the aspect of both clearing officers if they were innocent and reprimanding them they were proven guilty. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Three Lieutenant, 1992 - 1998 Returned to District Three at the invitation of Captain Tim Leary and was assigned the night shift, supervising 40 officers and 5 sergeants; also responsible for the Impact Unit which targeted special crimes and investigations. The "Washington Park Rapist" was captured by the Impact Unit during a saturation operation under my direction. Commanded the District Three substation during both the Pope's visit and the Summit of Eight Conference. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District One Substation Lieutenant, 1992 Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to District One Substation with supervisory control over 30 officers and 4 sergeants. Handled Internal Affairs complaints and was commended many times for the accuracy, fairness, and thoroughness of my investigations. Conducted roll calls and planned and directed crime prevention and reduction programs in the district. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Two Substation Sergeant, 1987 - 1992 Returned to District Two and expanded my knowledge base with participation in schools and seminars.
  4. 4. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Four Substation Sergeant, 1986 - 1987 Same duties as District Two, but with a very different population. Managed bidding and purchasing operations for the construction of a new gymnasium to be built in a new District Four Substation. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Two Substation Sergeant, 1981 - 1986 Promoted to Sergeant and assumed supervisory duties over 7 officers in a very busy police district. Duties included: Performance evaluations, scheduling, undercover operations, oral boards for promotion, community meetings, citizen complaints, disciplinary proceedings, and management of serious crime scenes. Awarded the Police Department Merit Award for managing the command post after police officer James Weir was murdered. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado: District Three Substation Patrolman, 1974 - 1981 Began my career as a police officer in District Three. Ran youth fitness programs at District Three and earned the Community Service Award. Performed administrative work for Captain John Hindes and learned the "paper trail" of the department. • Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado – 35 Years of Service Recruit: Denver Police Training Academy, 1973 - 1974 17 weeks of training for police officer. Voted Class Valedictorian and was a finalist for Outstanding Recruit. • Del Farm Foods, Denver, Colorado (Formerly Miller’s) Assistant Produce Manager, 1970 - 1973 Returned to my position after being honorably discharged from the Army. • Miller's Super Markets, Denver, Colorado – 9 years retail experience Assistant Produce Manager, 1962 - 1968 Worked in retail stores in the Denver metro area. MILITARY SERVICE • United States Army, Republic of Vietnam Sergeant E-5, 1968 – 1970 - 13 month tour of duty in Vietnam • Bronze Star Medal - United States Army, Republic of Vietnam, 1968 - 1969. Meritorious achievement against hostile ground forces in the Republic of Vietnam. • Army Commendation Medal – United States Army, Republic of Vietnam, 1968-1969. Meritorious service in a combat zone. COURSES TAUGHT-REGIS UNIVERSITY
  5. 5. • CR429 – Family Violence • CR445 – Homeland Security • CR449 – Vulnerability and Security • COM447 – Interorganizational Communication • MACR607 – Criminal Profiling • CR427 – Criminal Profiling • MSCR687E – Criminal Profiling • MAP690H – Victimology • MAP690G - Cybercriminolgoy • MSCR687G-Cybercriminology • MSCR660-Cybercriminology • CR460 – Computer Forensics and Cybercrime PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Ponzi, J. (2016). A Qualitative, Formative Evaluation of Best Practices in the Mitigation of Active Shooters in Middle Schools. Dissertation. Northcentral University, Prescott, Arizona. NON PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Ponzi, J. (2008, October). Cooking the books now commonplace. American Police Beat Magazine. Boston, MA. Ponzi, J. (2008, August). Musings on the DNC. Cherry Creek Chronicle. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2008, June). Investigating foggy statistics. Greater Far Northeast Reporter. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2007, October). Priming the pump of safety. American Police Beat Magazine. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2007, June). Watching your partner could get you killed. The Training Wheel. Las Vegas, Nevada Ponzi, J. (2007, March). It may work for business, but law enforcement is different. American Police Beat. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2007, January). It starts with you. Greater Far Northeast Reporter. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2005, September). Too many cop-haters and sensationalists. American Police Beat. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2005, May). Compstat or Compscam? American Police Beat. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2004, December). Liar liar pants on fire. American Police Beat. Boston, MA
  6. 6. Ponzi, J. (2004 September). Hostility is out of control. American Police Beat. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2004, June). But he only had a knife. American Police Beat. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2004, February). We don’t get paid to run away. American Police Beat. Boston, MA PEER REVIEWED PRESENTATIONS Ponzi, J. (2007). Fudging numbers is still a crime. Harvard Law School. Boston, MA Ponzi, J. (2007). Fudging numbers is still a crime. Canadian Police Association. Quebec City, Canada NON PEER REVIEWED PRESENTATIONS Ponzi, J. (2006-2016). Ten presentations (one per year) on various topics. CSI Regis. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2015). Professional development. ASIS International, Denver Mile High Chapter 024. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2014). Computer forensics. ASIS International, Denver Mile High Chapter 024. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2012). Cybercrime. George Washington High School for Goodwill Industries. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2011). Computer forensics. ASIS International, Denver Mile High Chapter 024. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2010). Computer forensics. ASIS International, Denver Mile High Chapter 024. Denver, CO Ponzi, J. (2007). Violent video games. Humanex Academy. Denver, CO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – REGIS UNIVERSITY • Naval Postgraduate Academy – Monterey, CA, June 7-13, 2015. Faculty Development Conference in Homeland Security. • INFOSEC – Washington D.C, August, 2014. Certified Forensic Computer Examiner Course. • D2L Committee. Regis University, Denver, CO, 2012 - D2L migration from Angel online management system . • CITI Training, Regis University DTC Campus, January 2012. • Critical Thinking and the Adult Learner, May, 2012, Regis University
  7. 7. • U.S. Department of Defense Cybercrime Conference, Atlanta, Georgia – January 21–28, 2011. Faculty Development-Regis • T.O.P. Online program for Regis for online class certification. December 21, 2007. Tina Parscal facilitated. Course – December 7 –December 21, 2007. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT-CRIMINOLOGY DISCIPLINE • Denver Police Department Recruit School-Denver Police Training Academy-11/73-3/74-570 Hours • Crime Prevention Training Course-Denver Police Training Academy-11/74-40 Hours • Crisis Control - Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado, 7/1977-32 Hours • Police Instructors Course-CLETA-Lakewood, Colorado-7/77-40 hours. • Stress Management - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 9/1977-21 Hours • Stress Management/Officer Survival - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 1979-32 Hours • Crime Analysis-D.R.C.O.G-Denver, Colorado-6/82-8 hours • Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs-Department of Justice-7/82-8 hours • Search and Seizure Workshop-D.R.C.O.G.-9/82-8 hours • Street Survival, Tactics for Armed Encounters-Aurora, Colorado- 10/82-16 hours • In Service Training-First Aid, Budget, Warrants, Shootings, Reports, Officer Survival-11/82-24 hours • Advanced Arson Investigation Seminar-Denver Fire Department-2/83-8 hours • Creative Crime Scene Investigations-National Law Enforcement Institute-2/83-16 Hours • How to Become a Better Manager in One Day - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 4/83-8 hours • Terrorism Awareness Seminar-Loretto Heights College, Denver, Colorado, 5/83-7 hours • Robbery Investigation Seminar-Metro Denver Robbery Intelligence Group-Denver, Colorado- 6/83-24 hours • Criminal Psychology-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Denver, Colorado-6/83-28 hours • Hostage Negotiations Specialized Course-University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado- 7/83-8 hours • Child Sexual Abuse-D.R.C.O.G.-Denver, Colorado-8/83-8hours • Police Supervision - University of North Florida, A specialized supervision course taught by the University of North Florida-Denver, Colorado, 9/83-80 hours • Burnout Awareness and Prevention - Career Service Authority, Denver, Colorado, 10/83-4 hours Communicating Productivity - Career Service Authority, Denver, Colorado, 10/83-8 hours • Managing Motivation - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 10/83-8 hours • Advance Officer Skills-Denver Police Training Academy-11/83-32 hours • Physical Conditioning for the Police Officer - University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado, 3/84-8 hours • The Compleat Officer - Region Eight Training Conference, Lakewood, Colorado, 4/84-24 hours • Critical Incident Training Seminar-Dr. Roger Solomon-Denver Police Headquarters-5/84-8 hours • Response to Domestic Violence Seminar-Dr. Nancy Loving, Denver Police Academy-10/84-8 hours
  8. 8. • Disaster Seminar-Office of Emergency Preparedness-11/84-16 hours • Explosive Ordinance Recognition, FEMA Region VIII, Denver, Colorado, 1/85-40 hours • Information Retrieval - Denver Police Data Bureau, Denver, Colorado, 1/85-8 hours • CPR Certification-American Heart Association-Denver Police Training Academy-2/85-8 hours • Aerobics Center Physical Fitness Specialist - Cooper Institute of Dallas, Denver, Colorado, 3/85- 40 hours (Cooper Institute personnel came to Denver and trained the trainers for the Denver Police Department's physical fitness program) • Alcohol Enforcement Training-Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division-Denver, Colorado-2/85-8 hours • Supervisors Course - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 12/86-40 hours • Fitness Trainers Update, Cooper Institute-Denver Police Training Academy-1/87-8 hours • FBI Management Seminar - Federal Bureau of Investigation, Denver, Colorado, 4/87-8 hours • Hostage Negotiation, Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA)-Lakewood, Colorado-10/87-32 hours • Presentations That Win Approval - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 8/90-8 hours • Use of Deadly Force by Police-International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)-Denver, Colorado-9/90-8 hours • Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting Computers, Denver, Colorado-2/91-40 hours • First Responders Radiological Transportation Emergencies Course, US Department of Energy, Denver, Colorado, 4/91-8 hours • How to Create Newsletters People Will Read-Padgett Thompson-Denver, Colorado-9/93-8 hours. • Gypsy Criminal Activity-Denver, Colorado-6/94-32 hours • FBI Executive Development Seminar - Denver Police Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, 1/95-16 hours • Problem Oriented Policing-Supervisor’s Course and POP Conference - San Diego Police Department, San Diego, California, 11/95-40 hours (Week long professional training course on Community Policing). • Gunshot and Stab Wounds: A Medical Examiner’s View-Barbara Clark Mims-Denver, Colorado- 12/95-8 hours • Internet for Law Enforcement - Pueblo Police Department, Pueblo, Colorado, 4/96-8 hours • Project Prince-Law Related Citizenship Education – Department of Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 7/96 and 8/96-80 hours (Specialized instruction for classroom teaching in Denver high schools). • Persuasion in Mass Media-Denver, Colorado-9 and 10/96-24 hours. • Special Training in Vice and Narcotics-Denver Police Vice Bureau-Denver, Colorado-8/97-16 hours • Problem Solving for Commanders-Denver, Colorado-8/97-8 hours • Major Crimes and Major Incident Management-Colorado Regional Policing Institute, Denver, Colorado-4/98-16 hours • Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Community Policing – Colorado Regional Community Policing Institute, Denver, Colorado, 3/98-8 hours • Middle Management and Organizational Change – Colorado Regional Community Policing Institute, Denver, Colorado, 4/98-16 hours
  9. 9. • Middle Management and Organizational Change-Denver, Colorado-4/98-16 hours • Special Investigations: Computer-Denver, Colorado-12/98-8 hours • Managing Police Discipline-Denver, Colorado-1/99-16 hours • Executive Leadership Session-Denver, Colorado-4, 6, 7/2000-24 hours • Deadly Force Encounters-Denver, Colorado-6/2000-8 hours • Practical Homicide Investigation - PHI Investigative Consultants, Jefferson County, Colorado, 6/2001-24 hours (Extensive course in homicide investigation taught by Vernon J. Geberth. Mr. Geberth was a homicide investigator in New York for 30 years and is a nationally recognized expert who participated in the O.J. Simpson trial). • Command Skill Development - Rockhill and Halton, Inc., Denver, Colorado-2/01-24 hours • Cultural Awareness for Supervisors-Denver, Colorado-5/2001-8 hours • Early Intervention and Tracking: Internal Affairs Bureau-Denver, Colorado-7/2001-16 hours • American Law Enforcement 2001-Gordon Graham-Denver, Colorado-9/2001-8 hours • Street Survival-Federal Bureau of Investigation-Denver, Colorado-10/02-16 hours • Motorcycle Defensive Driving Course-Denver Police Academy-4/03-40 hours • Command Skill Development - Rockhill and Halton, Inc., Aurora, Colorado, 1/03-24 hours • NERRTC: Weapons of Mass Destruction-Public Works - Public Works Department, Denver, Colorado, 5/03-24 hours • NERRTC: Incident Management and Unified Command - National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center, Lakewood, Colorado, 6/03-32 hours (With actual participation in planned scenarios). • The Bulletproof Mind-Denver Police Academy-Colonel David Grossman-9/04-8 hours • Basic Explosive and Bomb Recognition-Denver Police Bomb Squad-Denver, Colorado, 9/04-8 hours • BOTS-Basic Online Training Seminar, Douglas County, Colorado, 12/04-40 Hours (Training for doing online internet investigations). • BDRA-Basic Data Recovery and Analysis, Aurora Police Department, Aurora, Colorado, 9/05-40 hours (Hands-on course in recovering data from seized computers). • Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents, New Mexico Tech, 11/2005-4 hours- Online Course. • Terror At Russia’s Beslan Middle School, John Giduck and Joe Ruffini (Author of books Terror at Beslan & When Terror Comes to Main Street), Colorado Springs, Colorado-11/2005-8 hours. • National Incident Management System (NIMS 100)-FEMA-Denver, Colorado-7/05-8 hours • National Incident Management System (NIMS 200)-FEMA-Denver, Colorado-9/05-16 hours • National Incident Management System (NIMS 300)-FEMA-Westminster, Colorado-10/05-24 hours • Employment Law Seminar, Office of the Denver City Attorney Litigation Section, Denver, Colorado, 10/05-8 hours • New Mexico Tech-Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents-, Demming, New Mexico-4/2006-40 hours. Included teacher certification for future classes. • UNLV-Bechtel Nevada Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS)-WMD Radiological and Nuclear Seminar-Lakewood, Colorado-7/17-7/20/06-32 hours. • New Mexico Tech - Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, Albuquerque, New Mexico-7/30- 8/3/2006-32 hours. Included teacher certification.
  10. 10. • Improvised Explosive Devices Technical Assistance Workshop – National Law Enforcement Training Institute, Lakewood, Colorado, September 20, 2006-8 hours. • An Orientation to Community Disaster Exercises, Emergency Management Institute-FEMA. Online. Certificate of completion issued October 16, 2006. • Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents, Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education Seminar for Project Prince, Louisiana State University-Lakewood, Colorado, 12/12/06 thru 12/14/06-24 hours. • IS-800, National Response Plan (NRP), Emergency Management Institute-Denver, Colorado, 12/18/06 – 8 hours. • ICS-400: Advanced ICS Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents, Emergency Management Institute, Denver, Colorado, 1/25/2007 – 1/26/2007-16 hours. • The Texas Engineering Extension Service, Texas A&M – Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command Course – College Station Texas, June 12-15, 2007, 28 hours. • The 2007 Litigation Department Training Seminar – Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, September 21, 2007. Denver City Attorney’s Office. 8 hours • WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures (LEPM), Denver Police Academy, Denver, Colorado, September 22, 2007. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). 8 hours • WMD Law Enforcement Response Actions (LERA), Denver Police Academy, Denver, Colorado, September 23, 2007. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). 8 hours • The Bulletproof Mind for Supervisors, Community College of Aurora, Aurora, Colorado, September 25, 2007. Colonel David Grossman. 8 hours. • Protecting Our Children: A Comprehensive Training Program for Law Enforcement, Denver Police Department, November 7, 2007. Craig Hill, National Director of Crime Prevention Training, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 8 hours. • Watauga County Sheriff’s Department-Interviewed by Detective Terry Julian on an article on wrote for American Police Beat entitled “He Only Had a Knife”-11/16/2007. • CACJE Conference, Arapahoe Community College, April 25, 2008. Speakers Lou Smit, Dr. Phillip Danielson, Commander Jon Priest. Certificate – 8 hours. • The Kinsey Syndrome. Interviewed by Chris Pinto for inclusion in a DVD documentary regarding phony crime statistics in connection with Dr. Judith Reisman’s work on Alfred Kinsey’s phony sex research data-2010. • Journal Sentinel-Interviewed by Ben Poston regarding police response times and crime statistics-8/3/2011. • Sheriff’s Association Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Interviewed by B. Daniels on investigation of phone crime statistics-8/12/2011. • Arizona Republic-Interviewed by D. Woodhill on police response times-8/20/2011. • PoliceOne-Interviewed by Val Van Brocklin for and article entitled Cooking the Crime Stat Books-6/12/2012. INSTITUTIONAL SERVICE • Academic Integrity Board - College of Contemporary Liberal Studies - 2016 to Present • Lead Faculty for Criminology – College of Contemporary Liberal Studies - 2006 to Present • Fireball Course Committee – College for Professional Studies - 2015 • Regis Information Security Committee – Regis University - 2015 - Present
  11. 11. • Criminology Faculty Hiring Committee – College for Professional Studies - 2013 • Angel to D2L Online Migration Committee - Regis University - 2012 COMMUNITY SERVICE - RECENT • Food Bank of the Rockies – Denver, CO – 2/2013 • Food Bank of the Rockies – Denver, CO – 8/2013 • Goodwill Industries – Denver, CO, - 2012 • Knights of Columbus – Ave Maria Catholic Church, Parker, CO – 2012 to Present • Samaritan House – Security for the Jesuit Cycling for Change – 2010 COMMUNITY SERVICE - HISTORICAL • Optimist International Law Enforcement Award - Montbello Optimist Club, Denver, Colorado, 2000 - 2002. "For distinguished and dedicated service advancing the respect for law objective of Optimist International." • Commendation - Summit of Eight – Denver, Colorado, 1997. Policing for the numerous problems that a world summit brings. • Commendation - Pope’s Visit, Denver, Colorado, 1993. Participated in supervisory operations in District Three for the Pope’s visit and the subsequent security, crowds, and special events. • Community Service Award - Denver Chamber of Commerce, Denver, Colorado, 1977. Developed and conducted youth fitness programs for children and participated in instructional programs at the Montview Correctional School for Girls. ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS • International Footprinters Organization • International Crime Analysis Association • Cybercop: Department of Defense • County Sheriffs of Colorado • Foundation for the Prevention of School Violence • Denver Police Brotherhood – 1980-2008 – Very active in community projects HONOR SOCIETIES • Golden Key International Honor Society for Northcentral University • Sword and the Shield – International Homeland Security Honor Society • Delta Mu Delta-International Business Honor Society • Alpha Pi Sigma-Criminal Justice Honor Society
  12. 12. PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT • 15 Gold Medals - International Police Olympics, 1976 - 2006. First place in twelve consecutive (held every two years) International Police Olympic powerlifting meets to include 15 gold medals. Record holder in the Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA) for Colorado. Four state records and one national record.