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True Father's speech on the 10th ICUS 1981 proposing the Great Asian Highway...

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Science & absolute values

  1. 1. Science & Absolute Values Rev. Sun Myung MoonThe Search for Absolute Values and the Creation of the New WorldSun Myung MoonFounders AddressThe Tenth International Conference On The Unity Of The SciencesNovember 9-13,1981Sejong Cultural CenterSeoul, KoreaHonorable Chairman and committee chairmen, distinguished professors, andladies and gentlemen, I am deeply grateful that you have come to Korea to attendthe Tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences.Korea is my native country. Here in Korea you may find reminders of the sacrificesmade by the sixteen nations that participated in the Korean War. As Korea isdivided into North and South, it is a sorrowful country, but nevertheless it is a country of great significance. I sincerely hope that you will take a deep look at Korea and Asia and come to understand them well. Below: Eugene P. Winger with Reverend Moon Unity Between the Upper and Lower Classes of Human Society There are many confrontations and struggles in human society today. Confrontations exist between what might be called
  2. 2. the upper and lower classes of races, nations and societies, but the most seriousproblem of all is the confrontation between the upper and lower classes formed bythe difference between wealth and poverty.The human population in the northern hemisphere centers mostly on the whitepeople and is estimated at about 800 million. This group may be considered theupper class of peoples of the world. On the other hand, in China, India and otherAsian nations, there are 3 billion people who form a middle class of peoples.Finally, centering on the black and brown people, the 500 million of Africa, Centraland South America, and Oceania form an economically poor, or lower class ofpeoples. This difference in economic wealth presents itself in todays world as amost serious problem, and it is repeatedly dealt with as the so-called North-Southproblem by a number of international organizations, including the United Nations.The most probable way of solving this problem is to unite these upper and lowerclasses through the Asians who are between the white EuroAmerican societies andthe black African societies. All the important issues of the twentieth century todaymust be solved on a worldwide scale.In this aspect, the most important problem is how to motivate the people of theupper class to lower down their status of their own will. Since the beginning ofhistory, mankind has sought to diminish this gap between the upper and lowerclasses.Communism, for instance, is the strongest example of this trend. The ideal ofcommunism is to eliminate exploitation between the classes in human societiesand to construct a society without any classes. However, the biggest problem withcommunism is its atheism, and the fact that it seeks to create an ideal world on afoundation which denies God. It is also a problem that in practice undercommunism all things are carried out according to the private will of a few dictators.To overcome these problems and to find a new solution we must go beyondhumanism to which we held on tightly A new thought founded on a new Godismand a new central nucleus for such unity are necessary.A central medium which enables the upper and the lower classes to unite in themiddle is necessary. This is none other than religion.
  3. 3. Originally, religion is supposed to accomplish this function. Religions purpose isthe salvation of the world rather than just the salvation of individuals or families. Inorder to unite the upper, the middle and the lower classes, new religion, whichserves as a nucleus for unity, is necessary.Then what is the Unification Church? It is the new religion destined to carry out thishistoric mission. I have been pioneering the path for that purpose. It is a historicalinevitability that people of all races want to meet me in that path. Below: Rev. Moon, Bo Hi Pak, and S. A. Manson The Position of the Korean Peninsula From the Standpoint of Civilization The earth on which we live is divided into land and ocean. If we took at peninsulas geographically, we see that theyare centrally located so as to connect land and ocean. Accordingly, since ancienttimes, peninsulas have always been significant locations for the formation ofcivilizations. The ancient civilizations of both Greece and Rome as well as thecivilizations of Spain and Portugal all began and flourished on peninsulas. Buttoday, a new worldwide civilization, combining the civilizations of the East and theWest, must emerge. In Asia it is on the Korean peninsula that this is happening.World civilization has developed as it has moved around the globe. First came thecontinental Egyptian civilization, then the peninsular Greek and Romancivilizations, then the island civilization of Britain, next the continental Americancivilization, and continuing westward across the Pacific, there is the island
  4. 4. civilization of Japan, and now civilization is being extended to Asia so as toconcentrate into an emerging Korean peninsular civilization. The civilizationbrought together here in Korea is one of high dimension, and it will play a centralrole in creating a new world.Japan, an island country, allowed Western civilization to become established inAsia for the first time. The next age will be that of a peninsular civilization. TheKorean peninsula is the place where the Eastern and Western civilizations aremerging. As the historian Spengler pointed out, civilization, like the four seasons ofa year, has repeated its rise and fall. Today, the age of the Atlantic civilization ispassing, and the age of the Pacific civilization is emerging.If we look at the situation around Korea, we see that Korea is located between thefour great powers of the United States, Japan, China and the Soviet Union. TheUnited States is currently expending great effort to counter the expansionist SovietUnion. In Europe, the Soviet Union occupies half of a divided Germany, and inAsia, it divided Korea into north and south, and it has kept the north within its rangeof control.If one is to truly comprehend the situation of the world today, one must understandthe situation of Korea, where God has a special will, and that within Koreaeverything exists in a condensed form. For example, democracy and communism,which are the main trends of thought in the present world, exist in Korea, and thefour major religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Islam, also existhere on a high level. As I said earlier Korea is the connecting point of the Easternand Western cultures, and the four greatest nations of the world are politicallyconfronting each other centering on Korea. Everything exists symbolically withinKorea itself. In Gods dispensation, Korea is responsible to inevitably bring all ofthese aspects into unity.In conclusion, Korea has to accomplish four great tasks centering on the UnificationMovement. They are:First, a unity of religions through an ecumenical movement;Second, a unity of thought by overcoming materialistic communism through a"Victory over Communism" movement;Third, a unity of culture by establishing a new lifestyle in which the cultures of the
  5. 5. East and the West are combined; andFourth, a unity of economy through a new ideology.With Gods love of absolute value, we of the Unification Movement will love all thepeople of the world even more than our own parents and brothers and sisters, formthe unified world and realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. With this, thecreation of the new world which God and mankind have been longing for will havebeen completed. Only with Gods love can there be true victory, true peace and truehappiness forever.Below: Morton A. Kaplan and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon The Future of Asia Centering on Korea Korea is capable of bringing about unity in the four areas mentioned above through the Unification Movement. Of them the first three have already nearlyreached completion. And we are now trying to accomplish the fourth and last point,the economic problem.Korea is developing economically at a rapid pace. However, it still cannot be saidthat it has reached an advanced international level. Then how can this beaccomplished? To accomplish this goal is also the mission of our UnificationMovement. For this purpose, I intend to initiate cooperation between Germanyshigh standard of mechanical technology and the industry of Korea. Spiritually,Korea and the Unification Movement have already successfully linked Japan andthe United States. The United States and Europe are already linked culturally.
  6. 6. God has especially blessed and helped Germany and Japan to recovereconomically after World War 11 in order to accomplish this dispensation. Inparticular, Japan has become a gigantic economic power. Even Germany hascome to feel threatened by the economic success of Japan. The only way forGermany to protect itself is to join together with Korea and produce superior qualitygoods at reduced cost and market them in Japan and other places. Likewise, itshould allow the Third World to participate in equal profit-sharing. Then, if Japan isincluded, the road of world economic unity will be opened.It is primarily in Asia, centering on Korea, and not in Europe, that these four greatpowers confront one another. Because of this, America is obliged to pay attentionto Asia, a continent greater than Europe. Considering this situation, Korea is acountry which in all areas will play a basic role in determining the destiny of theconfrontations between East and West, and North and South.At this point, let us take a look at the practical possibility of this. Koreans have astrong sense of justice and are religious, and they display their capabilities in manydifferent fields. If they come to a deadlock in any situation, they cope with it, or ifnecessary, they can change directions in a bold and courageous way with muchadaptability. This trait is one of the outstanding characteristics of Koreans.I was born among these Koreans, and the Unification Church has developed fromsuch a background. We of the Unification Church believe that as the fruit of such ahistory, we are to accomplish the worldwide mission of bringing the upper and thelower class closer together centering upon the yellow people.The Unification Church has sufficient religious content to fully accomplish thispurpose. To accomplish this purpose I am determined to do my best in all fields ofendeavor and in all regions of the world.Gods Love -- The Absolute ValueTo bring unity between the people of the upper and lower classes, we must bringthe people of the upper class to unite with those of the lower class and bring themup to the level of those of the upper class. In order to accomplish that, a centralpoint of absolute value is necessary. That central point is Gods love. Then what isGods love like? Gods love can be with both the people of the uppermost class and
  7. 7. the people of the lower class. Gods love is never one-directional. It is a force whichmoves in a spherical motion. It can move around freely from the highest point to thelowest. Wherever Gods love appears, it is welcomed by all, everywhere, and itcreates harmony everywhere, at all times.Gods love always possesses absolute value whenever and wherever it may be. Ifwe have Gods love, we are happy; we feel tilled and secure. Though one may be ina position at the bottom, he can still love those who are on top and those in toppositions can love those in the lowest positions. In this way Gods love is infinitelyfree. The people who have Gods love receive a great welcome wherever they go inthe world. This is the reason why people follow Unification Church memberswillingly and wholeheartedly wherever they may be in the world.The Unification Church has sought salvation in Gods love. As soon as peoplecome to realize that the new thought which the Unification Movement is introducingis far more outstanding than those of both communism and capitalism, and that theKingdom of Heaven on earth is realized by the love of God, all people will be onlytoo happy to accept it.In reality, as long as the aggressive policy of the communists persists, world peacewill never come about, nor will economic unity be possible. If Korea, the UnitedStates, Germany Japan and China become one, it would be possible to block theSoviet Unions global aggression. Of course China is at present a communistcountry, but in hope of modernizing in the fastest way, it wishes to maintain friendlyrelations with Japan, the United States and Germany. Because of its pastexperience in history, China will never want to be close to the Soviet Union,however.In order to oppose the Soviet Union, the United States is compelled to strengthenits armaments, and it also wants to maintain close ties with Japan, Germany andChina. But Japan is unwilling to strengthen militarily because of its past history andbecause of its internal situation.On the other hand, in view of its situation today, Korea is very eager to strengthenits military defenses. The United States wants Korea to serve as the axis ofdefense against the Soviet Union, but Korea alone is too small. Thus the UnitedStates may want to have China join this axis of defense against the Soviet Union.
  8. 8. China wants to develop its own heavy industry, but this will take some time as itsfoundation is too weak. Even though China wishes to import advanced technologyfrom Germany and other industrialized nations, geographically it is too far awayfrom them and its culture is very different from theirs; thus it is nearly impossible todo so.However, a good opportunity for China lies in utilizing the three and a half millionKorean residents who live in the northeastern part of China. Through them, Koreanand German technology could be disseminated extensively Korean residents inJapan, the United States and China are connecting these three countries. For thisreason, the Unification Movement intends to connect Korea and Germany.China would not mind joining together with Korea which has never attacked anycountry throughout its entire history. Although Japan may not want to strengthen itsown armaments, it has the technology and the capability to produce weapons, andit could produce them in China.Here we arrive at one conclusion. If Korea together with the Unification Movementplays a role, the technologies of Japan, Germany and the United States couldmove into China, thereby helping strengthen the defense against the Soviet Union,and Korea could further link the highest technology to the third world, eventuallyleading to world peace. These countries will realize that is mutually profitable for allof them to join together with Korea as a mediator. The three Asian countries couldform an economic alliance, with the United States and Germany connected to themat the same time.By so doing, the road of defense as well as the road of victory over the communismof the Soviet Union would be paved. In this sense, Korea is becoming a new basefor an East-West civilization, and it is emerging as the center of the Pacificcivilization.My ProposalAs a conclusion, I would like to make a proposal. It is to construct a "Great AsianHighway" zone which would run through China, Korea and Japan, and theneventually link the world by constructing a "Great Free World Highway" zone toconnect the whole world. This highway would be a great international highway
  9. 9. around which freedom is guaranteed, and it would go through mainland China,crossing the Korean peninsula from north to south to an underwater tunnel orbridge to Japan, and moving north through the entire Japanese islands.If this highway were constructed, the three Asian countries would be linked throughthe highway, and they would become one. The economic and cultural exchangebetween them would be so frequent that it would literally enable them to form anAsian Common Community.China would probably agree to this, and so would Japan. Korea would undoubtedlywelcome it. The United States and Germany would also participate. If this plan iscarried out according to the framework suggested here, free traffic would becomepossible among all the peoples of the Asian countries and as a result, North Koreawould have to give up its ambition of aggression through military means. It wouldbe forced to choose peaceful means for unification instead.Thus, by uniting the Asians, it would eventually become possible to connect theupper and lower classes of the world with the yellow peoples serving as mediator.In order to concretely realize such an ideal, the Korean residents now living inJapan, the United States and China could be connected to form a technologicalgroup. Then automatically the direction of Japan and the United States would alsocome into accord. Then, based on the new economic foundation, a highway whichguarantees freedom could be developed worldwide.Thus through completing the unrestricted Asian highway, and realizing thehistorically long cherished ideal of joining the upper and lower classes, a greatmigration of the yellow peoples will come about. With Asia as its starting point, byestablishing a realistic unified economic sphere and connecting the East and Westin a new civilization, the peace of the new world can be realized, centering onGods love which is the absolute value.In this age of the transition of civilization when Western civilization joins that of theEast, and prepares to meet the new Pacific civilization, I sincerely hope that all youdistinguished participants from more than 100 countries of the world who areparticipating in this memorable International Conference on the Unity of theSciences here in Korea, will have deep insight into these matters and will offer
  10. 10. concrete cooperation regarding them.Thank you very much.ProposalToday, all humanity is yearning to free itself from hunger, disease and war, andhoping for the ideal world overflowing with peace and happiness We simply cannotlook upon this cherished desire of humanity as though it were a dream which cannever be realized.Burning within ourselves, each of us has a passionate desire to live in a unifiedworld transcending nationalities. This inner cry is nothing other than the true idealand heart of man, as well as Gods heart and cherished desire.As we close out the twentieth century, which has been trying and painful, andprepare to greet the twenty-first century, I feel that we have come to a point wherein order to create a true culture, we need to leave behind us the pursuit of thenational good of our respective countries, which only leads to enmity and struggle,and establish a global sense of values.At the same time, when we reflect on whether we can maintain true peace for ourown countries without the happiness and peace of our neighboring countries, werealize that world peace can be thought of only in the context of a love for allhumanity which transcends nationality.From this point of view, I believe that now is the time when new academic theorieswith respect to established social and economic structures need to be proposed.Moreover, we need to establish a new international economic body so that we canavoid the extensive economic waste and loss of the past, and push forward a newland use plan from a "world and humanity" point of view in order to endow allhumanity with the right to enjoy peace and happiness together. On this basis anideal world can be established, eternal peace will be realized and people will beblessed with happy and affluent lives.Toward realizing this ideal of "humanity as one family and all men as brothers," Ipropose the building of an International Highway which will link the countries of the
  11. 11. East and West (see figure).One plan would be to begin with a first stage connecting Japan, Korea and Chinawhich would pass through the Chinese mainland, South Asia, the Middle East andEurope as far as the Soviet Union. Eventually, such highways would connect allcountries in the world in a direct course. Pneumatic tube systems could beestablished in the median strip to handle the shipment of freight (see detailedfigures of pneumatic tube system), and in large cities, airports could be builtadjacent to the highway Immigration checkpoints could be established at
  12. 12. interchanges, and a simple and quick entry and exit system requiring no visa couldbe adopted.At least one kilometer on both sides could be set aside as a neutral buffer zone.This zone would be established as an area transcending national boundaries, andrest areas could be created here for the people who will be using high speedautomobiles (250 kph) and tour buses.This proposal is a part of a concrete plan to realize the ideal world of the future asquickly as possible. Such a plan calls for the realization of Heaven on Earth bydeveloping a network of high speed transportation which will bind the peoples ofthe world into one. It is a clarion call for scientists to contribute to the happiness offuture humanity by developing the technology necessary to realize a world in whichround-trip journeys to any part of the world can be completed within a day.With the integration of the worlds economics, tremendous economic progress willbecome possible and the people, who will all be leading affluent lives, will be ableto devote much of their time to leisure. They will have time to understand natureand learn from it, to give thanks to God for its beauty, and to live for and love eachother, transcending nationality. It is my conviction that such an ideal world in whichall people enjoy true life will certainly come.Such a world is the world of Gods desire, the world which is consistent with theideas of the Unification Principle, and the ideal world for which humanity yearns.Resolution by Participants and ObserversInspired by its Founder, the International Conference on the Unity of the Scienceshas been striving to emphasize the moral and human factor in the application of ourscience and technology.Since its humble beginnings up to the present, this Conference has also dedicateditself to establishing a forum for communication amongst the various social andnatural sciences.This is the first International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences to occur inKorea, the homeland of our Founder.
  13. 13. This gathering, which has included more than 1,000 observers and participantsfrom 103 nations, marks the Tenth Anniversary of the International Conference onthe Unity of the Sciences.Be It Resolved that first of all, we express our heartfelt appreciation and recognitionto our Founder, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whose vision and commitmenthave inspired this Conference; andBe It Further Resolved that on this occasion, we scientists and scholars commitourselves again to the common task of bettering the well-being of Mankind,regardless of race, sex, or religion; andBe It Further Resolved that as an expression of our desire to end human suffering,we applaud the spirit of Reverend Moons proposal, as outlined in his FoundersAddress, that led to his conception of an international highway to link peopletogether and to realize the future peace of the world.