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Photo Autobiography: Global Peace Citizen


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A photo autobiography of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon...

Photo Autobiography: Global Peace Citizen

  1. Global Citizen of PeaceThe Life of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon January 1920—September 2012
  2. Korea, 1935: Sun Myung Moon is a 15-year-oldschoolboy living in a small town in the hermit kingdom of Korea.
  3. Praying for his people and his nation, he encounters Jesus in a vision,
  4. and accepts a calling to do three things:
  5. To unite Christianity and all religions, to heal the divided human family
  6. and to comfort the grieving heart of God.
  7. I have lived my life withjust one thought:I wanted to bring about aworld of peace, a worldwhere there are no warsand where all humankindlives in love.
  8. After graduating high school he joined other churches, first as a member then later as a Sunday School teacher.
  9. But when he shared his mission from God, no one listened. In the communist North, he was soon arrested.
  10. For almost 3 years he was in the Heungnam laborcamp, where 75% of the men died of starvation and exhaustion.
  11. The camp and all its surviving prisoners were liberatedby UN forces of sixteen nations in the autumn of 1950.
  12. By now virtually all Koreans were now refugees. Hissmall group of early followers had been scattered and lost.
  13. The long years of separation and hardship proved toomuch for his family, which was tragically broken apart.
  14. He has nothing to eat, and only one set of clothes. Withnowhere to live, he builds a mud shack on a lonely hill.
  15. When he says that one day world will come to Korea tolearn peace, even his friends think he might be crazy.
  16. The place was built of mud and stone; the rain leaked through the roof. Then a young man came in. “Christianity and all religions of the world can be unified,” he said. But I was suspicious. “You can‟t even gather a handful of people,” IHyun Shil Kang thought. A Protestant missionary who hoped to bring Sun Myung Moon into her own church, but joined him instead.
  17. Many men would have given up . . .
  18. . . . but he didn‟t
  19. Against all the odds, the church began to grow as word spreadabout the „man teaching strange things‟ in the shack on a hill.
  20. At the end of the War, he moved to Seoul. When manystudents from major universities joined him, authorities were alarmed.
  21. Rev. Moon and others were jailed on charges of „draft evasion‟ amid sensational media coverage.
  22. When he was found “not guilty” three months later, thesame papers buried the story deep on an inside page.
  23. Koreans have a saying that aperson insulted by otherslives a long time.If I were to live in proportionto the insults I have received,I could live another 100 years.My stomach has been filled,not with food, but with insults.
  24. In 1960, he married Hak Ja Han, the young daughter of an early disciple, and his family began to grow.
  25. Teaching that God‟s ideal is realized through thefamily, he began to bless his followers in marriage.
  26. Despite rumors, misunderstanding and prejudice, the numbers of new couples grew quickly.
  27. The church rapidly spread to major cities, and hewould spend most of the year visiting members and preaching.
  28. But in the summer, they would still go back to the country to help rural families plant the rice.
  29. He knew he had to work beyond Korea and began to send out missionaries.
  30. to Japan and the USA, and then to 40 and 120 countries.
  31. The publication of the Divine Principle in English meant that the movement and its message could spread around the world.
  32. In 1971 he came to America, answering God‟s callto help it once again become „One nation under God.‟
  33. His arrival energized the small group of Americandisciples that had been created by early missionaries.
  34. With the help of hundreds of new members he began a high-profile campaign, “The Day of Hope.”
  35. Americans have lost the lovethat they received from God.Unless America recovers itsspirit, it has no future.I came to awaken your spiritand to save America fromdestruction. Repent! You mustrepent and return to God.
  36. Though he spoke almost no English, with an interpreter heembarked on a 7-city tour of the US, starting in New York.
  37. He also invested for the unity of the sciences, thearts, the development of the media, and much more.
  38. “I greatly appreciated Rev. Moon‟s deep concern for the present predicament of mankind. He says intellectuals have an urgent responsibility in the task of rebuilding society, with values as the supremeNobel Laureate Sir John Eccles [1903-97] guide.” Chairman, International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences
  39. He declared “God‟s Hope for America” in front of 300,000 people at the Washington Monument.
  40. And created the Unification Theological Seminary as a leading interfaith center of learning.
  41. He took time to show the students how to meet Godaway from their books while fishing or just mending nets.
  42. He started newspapers that exposed communism and secular humanism. Americans took notice.
  43. “Rev. Moon came to America to launch his ministry based on our most cherished values. Our religious institutions, regardless of denomination, must play a pivotal role in these tasks.” Gen. Alexander Haig,Supreme Commander of NATO ,1975-79, and US Secretary of State, 1981-82
  44. He never shied away from controversy, urging theUnited States during the Watergate era to „Forgive, love and unite.‟
  45. Some saw him as an enemy.
  46. US Congressman Donald Fraser falsely accused the movement of working for the Korean CIA.
  47. Eventually Rev. Moon and others were indicted by agrand jury. He had the choice to leave the country or face trial.
  48. All I did was in order toreestablish the morality of anAmerica that had fallen intodegradation and restore it inline with Gods will.But I was accused of notpaying my taxes. I was wellpast my 60th birthday at thetime.
  49. He was sent to jail at age 64 for allegedly not paying just$7,000 in taxes, despite having invested millions in the USA.
  50. 40 religious groups filed amici briefs, saying that as the head of a church, Rev. Moon was treated unfairly.
  51. “I know who the real Rev. Moon is. He is a man with an immense heart, a heart with room to love allhuman beings, a heart big enough to love sinners who injure him.” Dr. Morton Kaplan, University of Chicago, after visiting Rev. Moon in prison
  52. Painfully, that same year the Moons‟ secondson, Heung Jin, was killed in a car accident at the age of 17.
  53. Many men would have given up . . .
  54. . . . but he didn‟t
  55. By the time he was released, public opinion had turned in his favor. A U.S. senator concluded: “Injustice, not justice has been served in the case of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.” Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Chairman,Judiciary Subcommittee, United States Senate
  56. Encouraged by many faith leaders who supported him inprison, he worked to end the conflict of communism and democracy.
  57. He sponsored fact-finding tours for Western journalists to visit the USSR, and vice versa.
  58. In 1990, he went to Moscow and began a friendship with President Mikhail and Mrs. Raisa Gorbachev.
  59. “Mr. President, you did a greatthing," I told him. "You gave upyour post as GeneralSecretary of the SovietUnion, but now you havebecome the president ofpeace. Because of your wisdom andcourage, we have thepossibility to bring worldpeace.”
  60. A year later, he returned to Pyongyang after 40 years toreconcile with Kim Il Sung, the man who had once tried to kill him.
  61. Later the Little Angels dancers brought his message of peace and hope to Moscow and Pyongyang.
  62. Many foreigners knew aboutKorea only as a poor countrythat had fought a terrible war.I wanted to show them thebeautiful dances of Korea sothat they would realize thatthe Korean people are apeople of culture.
  63. When the first Gulf War began, he reached out toMuslim leaders urging them to join with him to make peace.
  64. As the world was about to beswept up in the vortex of war, Icame to the conclusion thatChristian and Muslim leadersshould meet and stop thisconflict.I immediately begancontacting people on the twosides.
  65. The World Peace Blessing ceremonies grew to include people of all races, religions, and nations.
  66. Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon launched the Women‟s Federation forWorld Peace (WFWP) on a peace tour with George & Barbara Bush.
  67. The WFWP‟s many service and educational projectsare helping make the lives of the world‟s children better.
  68. Young people of different religions have been holdinginterfaith service programs with Religious Youth Service for 25 years.
  69. He rescued the University of Bridgeport frombankruptcy, turning it into a thriving institution with studentsfrom around the world.
  70. But then came the 1990s Asian financial crisis threateningmany businesses that had previously supported his work.
  71. Properties in South America planned for education and a “peace community” came under arbitrary government investigation.
  72. The challenge of public life placed great stress on theentire family. The Moons lost yet another son in a tragic accident.
  73. At the age of eighty, many men would have given up or simply retired. . .
  74. . . . but he didn‟t.
  75. He went to the United Nations, saying interfaith unity andcross-cultural marriage are the only true and lasting basis for peace.
  76. He celebrated the World Peace Blessing ceremony with spiritual leaders from many different religions.
  77. He called for a Middle East Peace Initiative and urged the children of Abraham to unite.
  78. Early results have been promising.
  79. He built the Cheongpyeong campus in Korea, a model peace village, with a hospital, schools, and a temple.
  80. And started the Interreligious Peace Sports Festivals as a way to unite young people in peaceful competition.
  81. To help renew the United Nations, he launched the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in September 2005 in New York.
  82. Then he left on a grueling peace tour of 100 cities in 100days, spreading the UPF message and inviting others to join its work.
  83. People have studied his peace messages in more than 40 languages.
  84. Father and Mother Moon challenged everyone, fromvolunteers to Presidents, to help build peace by 2013.
  85. “Rev. Moon‟s call for peace through religion is something ofgreat nuance and profundity. We are deeply fortunate for thechance to hear him and observe his life-long struggle for world peace.” H. E. Abdurrahman Wahid, President of Indonesia,1999-2001
  86. Three generations of the Moon family visited a further 700 cities on later international peace tours.
  87. Then Ambassadors of Peace took the Peace Tour to 12,000 more locations worldwide.
  88. In June 2006, the Cheon Jeong Goong Peace Palace was opened in Korea, heralding the coming age of peace.
  89. 2007: UPF World Assembly, New York City
  90. Delegates from all the nations of the world were seated by lottery.
  91. Dr. Moon’s keynote address: “The United States and the Future of the United Nations and the World”
  92. He told the UPF Assembly that the 21st Century will be a
  93. 2009: Best Selling Autobiography
  94. Publication of Global Citizen of PeaceThe overflow crowd at the COEX center in Seoul at the publisher‟s party for Global Citizen of Peace
  95. Former Albanian President Alfred Moisiu remarks that the book is “the story of a great love for God.”
  96. Becoming a Global Citizen of PeaceRev. Moon shares some of the stories of his colorfullife contained within his best-selling autobiography.
  97. Becoming a Global Citizen of PeaceMore than 3000 of Korea‟s leading citizens came out to celebrate the book‟s publication.
  98. Peace tour 2011
  99. MADRID: Keynote Address
  100. Throughout mylife, I have offered myself for the liberation ofGod, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth.
  101. Visit to Toledo, Historical Capital
  102. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a historic time of great transition. It is a time for a greatcosmic revolution to change history.
  103. A Stop at Buckingham Palace
  104. Ultimately, the problems afflicting humanity can onlybe resolved through the worldview of One Family under God.
  106. The moment we enter the spirit worldshould be a time that we enter a world ofjoy and victory with the fruits born of our lives on earth.
  107. Berlin: Tempodrom
  108. This is the time of opening up the era of God‟skingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a time in which we can return to the heart of the one true God.
  109. London: House of commons/ metropole
  110. A world where allpeople are equal and all nations are brothers as “onefamily under God” is being created right before your eyes.
  111. Meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria
  112. If we can all shine as we live such glowing lives, there will be no chance for the shadow of sin to be cast.
  113. We dont know the timewhen morning becomesnoon. Neither do we knowthe time that eveningbecomes night.Though we may not knowit, there is clearly heavenlyfortune, which the One whocreated this world uses toconduct His providence.
  114. Father and Mother Moon and their family have alwaystaught that the world of peace –a kingdom of God– can start to emerge by 2013.
  115. But only with all of our help!
  116. Rest in Peace!
  117. © 2012 Universal Peace Federation