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Piddi Email Attachment 2010


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A brief overview of the type of work that Piddi Design does.

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Piddi Email Attachment 2010

  1. 1. Company Overview Exhibits Retail Environments Corporate Special Events piddidesign
  2. 2. Piddi has been building displays or “brand environments” for 50 years. We provide both temporary and permanent site installations for Retail Merchandising, Exhibit & Corporate Architecture projects. Our business success results from a mix of creativity, professionalism and a dedicated and enthusiastic service to our clients. We work in small teams made up of project managers and craftsmen who follow jobs, big and small, through to their conclusion. piddidesign
  3. 3. Maintaining quality control through the production process is essential. Our hands-on approach incorporates Design, Workshop, Graphics Production, Logistics & Management in one 45,000 sq ft building, located minutes from Pearson International Airport , Toronto. piddidesign
  4. 4. With this system of teamwork , that is results driven, Piddi delivers successful projects to our clients. Some of these include: Virgin Mobile: Retail Diageo: Retail Duty Free Inniskillin: Retail Issey Miyake: Retail Christian Dior: Retail Mercedes-Benz: Corporate, Exhibits & Retail Siemens Canada: Showrooms, Exhibits Medtronic: Exhibits, Corporate Museum piddidesign
  5. 5. Jean Paul Gaultier @ The Bay piddidesign
  6. 6. Givenchy @ The Bay piddidesign
  7. 7. AMEX @ Pearson International Airport, Toronto piddidesign
  8. 8. Mercedes Benz @ The Montreal Auto Show piddidesign
  9. 9. Medtronic Education Centre piddidesign
  10. 10. Dior @ The Bay piddidesign
  11. 11. Contact James Palmer Piddi Design Associates 3150 Wharton Way Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2C1 t 905 238 7493 f 905 238 7897 piddidesign