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Respect at BU


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This presentation shares the Respect at BU work and was used to support the launch of the Respect at BU video and posters.

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Respect at BU

  1. 1. Respect at BU Dr James Palfreman-Kay, Equality and Diversity Adviser
  2. 2. Aim • To launch the Respect at BU video and posters
  3. 3. What does Respect mean at BU? • “Bournemouth University (BU) aims to create a work and study environment for students, staff and visitors to BU where different values and beliefs can be freely expressed and openly discussed and will do what it can to encourage open and respectful debate around equality and diversity issues.” BU Equality and Diversity policy
  4. 4. Examples of work to promote a culture of respect at BU: • Policies (Equality and Diversity and Dignity and Respect) • Forum Theatre • Unacceptable student behaviour action plan (Lad culture) • Good Lad programme • Dignity and Respect Advisers • Staff development – Dignity and Respect/Promoting Good Relations workshops • Hate crime guidance and video/HEFCE bid • Involvement with the Prejudice Free Dorset network
  5. 5. Development of Respect at BU videos/posters • Seek input from the wider BU Community by asking the question ‘What does the word Respect mean to you?’ • Filmed in-house at BU • 1 full length video (available as 3 shorter videos) • Features different voices from across the BU Community (including academic and professional staff, students, service providers and Dorset police) • It is hoped the video(s) will encourage reflection/discussion on what is appropriate behaviour whilst working or studying at BU or visiting the campus
  6. 6. Posters
  7. 7. Respect at BU video
  8. 8. Next steps – posters/video(s) • Launch the BU Respect campaign at key stages throughout the academic year. - Good Neighbour poster/digital signage – September - Classmates poster/digital signage – November - Litter poster/digital signage – January - Videos shared throughout key stages of the academic year - Invite colleagues to share the videos/posters within their Faculty/Professional Service
  9. 9. Next steps… • Use Equality and Diversity charter marks as tools to self- assess ourselves against • Develop and publish a Carers policy • Continue to deliver equality and diversity development sessions to students and staff which will cover topics such as Promoting Good Relations, Dignity and Respect and Transgender
  10. 10. Next steps… • BU through the Prejudice Free Dorset network, will continue to work together to raise awareness of hate crime and the support available within and outside the University • Other ideas welcomed… • Report on work as part of the Equality and Diversity Report 2017/18