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James Padlock


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Outside of parents and immediate family, the biggest influences in the life of a child are their mentors.

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James Padlock

  1. 1. Here’s what coaching children is like during the game jamespadlock Uncategorized March 29, 2018 1 Minute Outside of parents and immediate family, the biggest influences in the life of a child are their mentors. One of these mentors is the youth coach. In fact, in some ways, the youth coach does more for a child than their teacher. The responsibility of a youth coach goes beyond education. They mold children’s character in the real world. Youth coaches instill the concepts of discipline, fair play, hard work, and even being gracious in both victory and defeat. This combination of concepts is unique to sports and should be learned by every child as early as they can. Image source: What happens is that the actual coaching becomes secondary to real-world guidance. Coaching during the game becomes more than just coaching. Lessons about life and sportsmanship are taught at every turn of the game, at every possession, and at every incident. Coaches should also keep themselves in check since they are the example children follow. They must not only teach young athletes to play fair but also exhibit fairness himself by letting every kid on the team have their turn. Youth coaches should never lose their temper, even if countless situations may cause them to do so. And they should always remind parents who are watching to let their kids play. After all, it’s easier for children to learn something if they’re having fun. James Padlock ☰ Menu Create your website at Get started
  2. 2. Tagged: coaching, experience, in-game Image source: Although using coaching methods for older athletes can work for children, youth sports coaches should not take things too seriously. For one, young athletes may have trouble understanding advanced sports strategies. Game plans that may ruin the fun for the kids should be re-evaluated. While winning is fun even for children, it should not take precedence over the young athlete’s ability to have a good time. James Padlock is an accomplished educator. His skills include developing and managing student programs, activities, and special events. He is knowledgeable in team building, education law and strategies, leadership training, and educational program evaluation. For more on James, check out this site. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google Report this ad Report this ad    Loading... Published by jamespadlock View all posts by jamespadlock
  3. 3. How tall tales inspire successful teams Leave a Reply Follow me on Twitter My Tweets Find US 7194 Wild Cherry Court, Roanoke, Virginia 24019 910-740-5901 Category Enter your comment here...
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