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Radon SecurPASS Presentation


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Low dose X-ray scanning system that detects all types of dangerous or illegal substances such as liquid explosives, drugs, copper wires, plastics, etc. Based on unique patented technology, SecurPASS is capable of handling the high level security needs at airports, prisons, border crossings and government buildings.

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Radon SecurPASS Presentation

  1. 1. RadPRO ® SecurPass Full Body Security Screening System Presented By: 1
  2. 2. 2 o Approximately 350 systems installed in the United States, Canada and Mexico - Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has deployed 124 SecurPASS systems o National network of RadPRO SecurPASS system authorized and trained service engineers - 24/7/365 customer support o Industry-leading training and education programs o Over a decade of dedicated security technology experience RADPRO® SECURPASS® MARKET PRESENCE
  3. 3. Key Players: U.S. Security Screening Market 3 Nutech Corporation: Penetration-BI Series (X-ray) • <1.0 µSv/scan Transmission-HT Series (X-ray) • <0.25 µSv/scan Back Scatter-BX Series Millimeter-Wave-MW Series Smiths Detection: B-Scan Series • 16HR-LD <0.1 µSv/scan • 16HR-LD <0.25 µSv/scan • 16HR FB <2.0 µSv/scan • 16HR-DV <4.5 µSv/scan OD Security: Soter RS <1.7 µSv/scan Virtual Imaging, Inc.: RadPRO® SecurPASS ® Full Body Security Screening System <0.25 µSv/scan Whole Body Security Scanning Vendors and Dose Parameters
  4. 4. RadPRO® SecurPASS® Full Body Security Screening System 4 Quick Specs Scans in under 8 seconds 81.9 x 29.1 in(208 x 74 cm) scanarea <0.25 uSv(0.025 mR)/scan Hardened steel platform certified to 660 lbs
  5. 5. SecurPASS Product Differentiation 5 Electronic Cabinet Steel Platform Detector Sensor Steel Safety Handle Oil-Cooled (450W) X-ray Generator-Monoblock Power Line Conditioner Step-Up Transformer Steel Worm Gear
  6. 6. 6 SECURITY IMAGING TECHNOLOGY COMPARISON Technology Detects Metals Detects Non-Metals Imaging Under Clothing Imaging Within Body Cavities Transmission X-Ray Yes Yes Yes Yes Metal Detection Yes No Yes Yes Backscatter X-Ray Yes Yes Yes No Millimeter Wave Yes Yes Yes No Thermal Imaging Yes Yes Yes No • The RadPRO SecurPASS system utilizes low-exposure transmission X-ray technology for maximum detection capabilities • TSA (airport security screening) utilizes millimeter wave technology
  7. 7. o Generous conveyor load capacity with steel platform certified to 660 lbs. • Compared to Smiths Detection B-Scan model at 485 lbs. capacity o Scanning time=less than 8 seconds • OD Security Soter RS=less than 10 seconds • Smiths Detection B-Scan Series=Less than 7 seconds o No proprietary hardware in the operator’s workstation o Virtual Imaging-supplied PC is custom-built with long life motherboard component o Total image storage=~ 900,000 • ~450,000 original images • 1 TB mirrored drive (~450,000 images) • 1TB back-up drive o Industrial-grade, oil-cooled Monoblock (X-ray generator) is used that has a rating of 10,000 hours or about 4,500,000 images o Line conditioner to protect from power surges/transition to-from generator power o UPS w/battery backup for operator’s workstation PC o Standard dedicated 110V-20A outlet o Internal step-up transformer 7 RADPRO® SECURPASS® HARDWARE CONSIDERATIONS
  8. 8. SecurPASS Typical SecurPass Install Site Examples 8
  9. 9. SecurPASS Imaging with PREA (Privacy) Filter o Enables operator to hide certain anatomical regions by male and female according to policy o Allows for differentiation of operators’ access rights for male/female images 11
  10. 10. SecurPASS Female PREA Images 12 Left: normal image Right: same image with medium filter (Filter does not change the stored, only viewed image for increased privacy)
  11. 11. SecurPASS - Male Images PREA Images 13 Left: normal image Right: same image with medium filter (Filter does not change the stored, only viewed image for increased privacy) Note: Intra-cavity cell phone is still visible with privacy filter on
  12. 12. SecurPASS can Detect Contraband in: o Body cavities o Casts o Shoes o Prosthetics o Headwear o Back braces 14
  13. 13. SecurPASS Imaging - Internally placed Weapons 15
  14. 14. SecurPASS Imaging - Internal Drugs Drugs present in the lower intestines Drugs present throughout the intestines 16
  15. 15. SecurPASS Imaging - Internal Drugs Plastic & Aluminum Pill Bottle 17
  16. 16. SecurPass imaging - External Objects 19 Wire knife
  17. 17. ANSI N 43.17 Federal Guidelines o Determination of the total yearly accumulated dose that an inmate can have, which is 250 µSv/year o As you increase the scan dose, you decrease the number of scans that you can perform on an inmate o If you scan at 0.25 µSv/scan, you can scan an inmate 1,000 times/year. If you scan at 2.5 µSv, you can scan an inmate 100 times/year 20
  18. 18. ANSI N43.17 & NCRP General Use Classification: RadPRO® SecurPASS® Full Body Security Screening System 21
  19. 19. Radiation Exposure considerations o ETL Certification o The SecurPASS System is the only NIJ, DOJ and BOP documented and certified applications training course that also includes Radiation Safety Training o Federal ANSI Guidelines focus on the ALARA concept (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), which is 0.25 uSv/scan. The SecurPASS System meets this; some competitors’ whole body scanners are 1.7 – 4.5 uSv/ scan 22
  20. 20. SecurPASS Operator Training o Tailored user-role education • Standard user training • Super user training (train the trainer concept) • Administrator-role based training o Formal training program: • Staff competency is documented by RadPRO SecurPASS certified trainers o Basic radiation safety class: • Available in classroom & on-site • Unique in the market to Virtual Imaging o 3-day initial on-site training following installation o Post-training follow-up calls in weeks 2 & 4 o Detailed training video • Beneficial for staff turnover scenarios and re-training o Web-based competency 23
  21. 21. RadPRO SecurPASS Service and Support o True 24/7/365 customer support o Nearly a decade of service and support experience in the market o National network of factory trained field engineers currently servicing approximately 350 SecurPASS Systems in 42 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico o Remote diagnostics o U.S. based, dedicated technical support team for field service engineers o U.S. based, dedicated engineering staff and support 24
  22. 22. End of presentation Thank you! 25