Television Channel Research


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Television Channel Research

  1. 1. CHANNEL RESEARCH James Matthews Media Work
  2. 2. BBC • BBC 1 Is the main channel of the BBC franchise. The channel first aired on 2nd • • • • • • • • November 1936 as just the BBC. When the channel first aired it made history as the worlds first regular channel to post high resolution video (at the time) The channel's annual budget for 2012/13 is £1.14 billion, this is funded by the television licenses. The BBC prides itself on the fact that its shows are uninterrupted by commercial advertising. In 2012 the BBC have been rated excellent on their coverage of the Olympics. The BBC has a demographic that covers practically everybody, this is because BBC1 & 2 Cover the older people while BBC 3 covers the teenagers and then CBBC covers the children. This is one of the main reasons why the BBC is the main television channel The BBC also realised that many of its viewers miss out on shows due to personal reasons. To combat this the BBC released a on demand catch up TV player called iplayer. This allows people to watch shows they have missed when ever they want on a computer phone or tablet. BBC remit mits/nations.pdf
  3. 3. Luther • • • • • Luther is a British Psychological crime drama The show follows the life of DCI John Luther and his fixation with catching the criminal which often leads him into danger. The 1st season of Luther averaged over 5.9 million viewers per episode. Luther has been condemned by people as they feel the show is too violent and negatively portrays the police. Luther has carried on and became more popular with each season and has recently confirmed that there will be a Luther movie
  4. 4. • ITV is a mainstream channel which launched in 1955. • The channel consider themselves to be the best channel for drama, • • • • • this is shown through their motto “Where Drama Lives” The channel originally launched as an independent television authority. ITV has a very wide variety of shows, this is because each channel has a slightly wider ITV has 27 dedicated regional channels The channel is now the largest commercial TV station and has a huge range in its demographic, this is because in 2012 ITV shown 80/100 of the top programs for 16-34’s and 96/100 of the top shows for ABC1 (upper, middle and lower middle class) Adults As ITV recognises it has such a wide demographic and sometimes people are bound to miss a show or two they followed the trend and made an online on demand player this allows you to watch live TV and also recent programs ( )
  5. 5. Downton Abbey • Downton Abbey is a British period drama • The show was incredibly popular averaging over 11 million viewers each season. • Set from 1912 in an East Yorkshire Estate owned by the Crawley family • The drama focuses on the day to day lives of everybody who lives and works in the estate and how events both major and famous and even personal impact the characters and their relationships. • Some examples of events that are shown throughout the show are WW1 and the Spanish Influenza and even the sinking of the titanic
  6. 6. • E4 is a British channel created by Channel 4. • The e stands for entertainment and the demographic is the 15-35 • Some American imports are regularly played on e4. • The channels most successful periods was when the Inbetweeners was aired • E4 Remit
  7. 7. • Skins is a British TV drama that follows the lives of groups of teenagers throughout their two years of 6th Form. • The show was highly criticised for the features it explored. These ranged from dysfunctional families, substance abuse, mental illness and death an bullying. • The show has received abuse and even people petitioning to get it removed from TV. Contrary to this the show has shown it was popular as it has claimed 7 awards. • The average viewership of each episode was 1 million
  8. 8. • Channel 4 is a British TV channel which first broadcast on the 2nd November 1982 • Channel 4 was created to add diversity and competition for the other 3 channels which were available at the time. (BBC 1 & 2 and ITV) • Channel 4 remit
  9. 9. • BBC 3’s goal was to provide entertaining and innovative content to the 16-34 age group. • The channel has a unique broadcasting time to help them meet this age groups demand for TV (19:00-05:00) • They regularly broadcasts films, comedies and documentaries. • The Channels most popular shows are; Family Guy, Don’t Tell The Bride and American Dad