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strategic planning                      product development                    marketing             training EC O LO D G ...
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strategic planning                     product development                           marketing                training S U...
strategic planning                     product development                           marketing                 trainingS U...
strategic planning                     product development                      marketing                training  MO RE T...
Ecoplannet brochure ver.2
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ecoplannet (ecological planning for the environment and planning) is now entering its 21st year as one of the worlds formost firms offering sustainable tourism planning, product development, marketing and

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Ecoplannet brochure ver.2

  1. 1. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M EC O TO URIS M C O N S U L T I N G S E R V I C E S Sustainable Tourism Sustainable Tourism Ecolodge Development Sustainable Tourism + planning Policies Planning, design and Ecotourism Training Ecotourism development and Policies for sustainable national operations criteria, business Workshop structure, group training programs, marketing and regional destination plans... Page 9 participation and manuals strategies....Page 4 development....Page 6 .....Page 13 INNOVATION IN SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PLANNING + PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT + MARKETING ecoplan:net has been providing sustainable tourism and ecotourism consulting services to governments, businesses, NGO’s and indigenous communities worldwide for 20 years 20 ecoplan:net was established in Vancouver, in 1992, by James MacGregor, as Canada’s first consulting company to offer sustainable YEARS and environmentally responsible tourism planning services to numerous clients across the country. Since then the firm has worked in 32 countries and for all major donors and development banks. Serving your community, ecoplan:net workshops have been given to more than 7000 participants in 12 countries and their associate training materials have business and region with been widely distributed professional sustainable Ecoplannet projects have been awarded many significant and tourism consulting service prestigious international awards including the Green Globe Achievement Award (in 1996 and in 1998), the European Travel since 1992 Writer Award (1997), CTO ‘Environment Award’ and most recently both the 2009 (Morocco) and the 2010 (Botswana) Tourism for Tomorrow Award from the World Tourism and Travel Council.!ecoplan:net Morocco•! ! • ecoplan:net romania • 1
  2. 2. strategic planning product development marketing training TO URIS M S ERV IC ES S INC E 1 992 James MacGregor, president, ecoplan:net. James began his career as a landscape architect with an interest in national park planning and regional development. His interest in the planning process and work in community development enables him to undertake some of Canada’s first regional tourism development strategies. By early 1990 he had developed regional and provincial tourism plans in all areas of Canada. As Director of the Tourism Division for Canada’s largest consulting firm, SNC Lavalin he managed regional tourism and marketing strategies on all 3 Canadian coastlines. In 1990 he was commissioned to prepare ‘Canada’s Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism’ and the next year he was retained by the Banff Center for Management to develop the first Ecotourism planning and product development and marketing workshops. In 1992 he established ecopla:net in Vancouver, Canada in collaboration with the ecoplan:net institute in San Francisco. Tourism Planning, Product Development and Marketing Workshops ecoplannet training and train-the- trainer workshops have been delivered to more than 7000 participants in 18 countries in 6 languages. They are intensive, interactive and participatory and based on the use of a training manual that is exclusively designed for the particular region or country. Trainees are typically involved in a group learning situation where they work cooperatively to prepare plans and strategies using real-life situations. James is a The workshops are considered an prolific international WTTC Best Practice writer and author and the Sustainable Tourism and of numerous papers and Green Management program, delivered to 11 commonwealth Caribbean manuals on the subject of sustainable nations was given the prestigious Green Globe Achievement Awards. tourism and marketing!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 2
  3. 3. strategic planning product development marketing training TO URIS M P RO D UC T D EV ELO P MENTNortheast Asia (GTR) Multi-destinationCross border Tourism DevelopmentAction Plan and Marketing Strategyfor the GTI Secretariat (UNDP/China) and GIZProject managerMore than 10,000 km of cross border tourism routes anditineraries were developed for the Greater Tumen Region(GTR) including: China (Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning provinces)and Inner Mongolia, Mongolia (Dornod, Khentii, Sukhbaatar),North Korea, east coast of South Korea (Gangwon,Geyongsangbuk, Busan, Ulsan Provinces), Primorsky Territory(Russia) and Tottori and Niigata Prefectures (Japan).The mandate required assessing China’s and member countries China Familiarization Tour (for Tourshopping, cultural heritage, ecotourism, and medical tourismresources and potential domestic and outbound markets for Operators, Agents and Media)cross-border tourism to each of the GTR markets. for the GTI Secretariat (UNDP/China) and GIZDetailed multi-day itineraries were developed for 9 routes Trip Organizer and Managerincluding a development strategy addressing infrastructure,accommodation, site planning, capacity building and visitor Approximately 16 tour operators from Japan, Russia, Southservices requirements. Korea and Taiwan will be offered 2 separate FAM trips in theA three-year marketing plan [2013 - 2015] identified a GTR Northeast and Inner Mongolia regions of China, DPRK andBrand and brand management activities and various strategic Far East Russia in April 2014. Ecoplan:net is responsible formarketing mechanisms. the FAM itinerary design, all logistics, cost estimates,The mandate also involved preparing a comprehensive database promotional materials (Group Tour Planner) and identificationof GTR outbound and inbound market statistics [includingprivate sector data developed in cooperation with the PATA] as (in collaboration with regional and provincial partners) of allwell as reviewing obstacles to tourism flow such as Visa trade participants and government sponsors.regulations, visitor services and infrastructure requirements. Thanh Hoa Province (Vietnam) Tourism Development, Marketing and Capacity Building Strategy for the Asia Development Bank and SKMGlobal Consulting Project Manager Thanh Hoa Province is strategically located approximately 150 km from the urban population and international gateway of Hanoi. The province has traditionally attracted domestic travelers to its excellent beaches. However to broaden it market appeal, ecoplan:net was hired to reposition the region as a cultural heritage and ecotourism destination. Following the identification of tourism opportunities, and in collaboration with the authorities, private sector and communities, a detailed training program was prepared (including general course content with an emphasis on destination planning, provincial marketing and tour operator relations, tour itinerary development and handcraft production. The development plan identifies options for Tourist guide at the Ho Dynasty infrastructure development with an emphasis on Ben En National Park, village tourism Citadel Gate, Thanh Hoa Province and cultural heritage restoration.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 3
  4. 4. strategic planning product development marketing training TO URIS M P RO D UC T D EV ELO P MENT Morocco Eastern Desert Ecotourism Itineraries and Tour Guide for Program for the Oasis of the South and UNDP Project manager The region is known for the longest ‘palmaraie’ or oasis in the world. However desertification and climate change are creating significant changes in the oasis ecosystem. Ecotourism was identified as a means of generating new revenues into the region and contributing to the protection of the resource. Integrated Tour Product Development and Marketing The mandate involved the preparation of Cultural Heritage Tour Product several products that together were Development and designed to position the region in the European market place: The products Marketing included : Program for the Oasis of the • preparation of multi day tour itineraries South and UNDP including maps and GPS location Project manager • design and preparation of visitor tour ecoplan:net was hired to develop more guide including alternative itineraries than 3000 km of tour itineraries in the (English, French, German, Spanish) east and southern regions of Morocco. • Design of multilingual tour operator The program also included working marketing sheets closely with European Tour Operators to identify products that respond to their clients speciality interest needs. The program also included the design of tour guides and manual for the training of ecotourism and cultural guides. Tour itineraries focused on several different themes including architecture, cuisine, handcraft, oasis lifestyle and history. The tour guide has been distributed to more than 1500 tour operators, particularly in targeted European countries. Typical village with adjacent oasis and agriculture activities!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 4
  5. 5. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P LA N N IN G Southern Red Sea Sustainable Tourism Strategy, for USAID/Egypt, 2006-2008 Team Leader for Chemonics International James was hired in 2006 to prepare the first ever coastal marine tourism strategy for the Southern Red Sea Region. The strategy had several objectives including: improving opportunities for hiring local residents (especially members of the Bedouin tribes), increasing local purchases, protecting the fragile house reef (particularly by rigourous management of run-off from 44 resorts along the coast) and introducing more environmentally and socially responsible accommodation facilities along Sunderbans National Park and Tiger the 160 KM of coastline. Reserve Area Tourism Development and Marketing Strategy for ANZDEC and Arctic Coast (Northwest Passage) the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh Ecotourism Planning Specialist Sustainable Tourism Development and The Sunderbans is the largest delta and mangrove Marketing Strategy and Training Plan, forest in the world and comprises a 2500 sq. km. for the Government of the Northwest Territories, wildlife reserve. James was one of three specialists Project Manager hired to prepare an economic development strategy for the Sunderbans Reserve (Southern Bangladesh) to increase local jobs and revenues in order to support The Kititmeot Region is one of the most remote tourism the conservation of the forest resources and the destinations in Canada yet holds an exceptional variety of protection for the Royal Bengal Tiger. natural, archaeological and heritage resources. Tourism is A comprehensive ecotourism strategy was prepared also the only significant economic activity for the Inuit including design of secure accommodation facilities and enclosures, observation towers, visitor reception people who occupy the dozen coastal villages. The and interpretation center and boat tours in the delta. challenge therefore was to establish tourism products that A market assessment and a marketing strategy were financially viable and provide a better livelihood for identified tour operators (national and international) the indigenous residents of this remote region. The who were interested in the programs. A database was strategy included the implementation of a 5-year Human prepared for the Ministry of Tourism. Resource Development Strategy and training plan. Palanan (northern Philippines) Ecotourism Opportunity Assessment and Market Demand for Conservation International (CI-Manila) and the Philippine Department of Tourism Ecotourism Specialist Conservation International recognised the exceptional ecotourism potential of this remote Sierra Madre Region of Isablea Province in the Northern Philippines. The region is also the traditional home to the semi-nomadic Dumagat people who had lived in this region for centuries. ecoplan:net was hired to assess the potential social, cultural and economic impacts of developing tourism. They lived amongst the local people for several weeks observing the traditional activities and customs. Despite the exceptional coastal resources and the fascinating indigenous culture it was decided that the impact on the local tribes would be negative. It was therefore decided to have a 10 year moratorium on any tourism development in the region. Instead additional health and educational services Indigenous huts on the isolated beaches were provided to the regional and tribal communities. of the Northern Philippines!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 5
  6. 6. strategic planning product development marketing training H A ND C RA F T TO URIS M MA RKETING Morocco Handcraft promotional campaigns were prepared with a focus on improving the tour Marketing Strategy operators awareness of the availability (2011-2015): Medinas of handcraft product and production of Fes and Marrakech as an attraction to encouraging Aid to Artisans for the Millennium tourism arrivals in the medina and Challenge Cooperation (MCC) expanding opportunities for domestic Chief of Party and international sales. The handcraft Surveys and data industry represents gathering: The a major source of marketing strategies employment and we based on extensive revenues for data gathering. Morocco. Surveys were Furthermore conducted of all much of these stakeholders including Tourism Circuits Planning: revenues are individual artisans, Medinas of Fes and distributed to production houses, Marrakech, Morocco those with lower tour operators and Millennium Challenge incomes. accommodation Cooperation Strengthening the suppliers and tour Chief of Party sales of these guides handcraft is Furthermore 12 multi-day walking tour itineraries possible by handcraft buyers were brought in from were planned for the 2 medinas in increased marketing to the tourists as several countries in Europe and the Morocco. Their purpose was to improve the level of contact between well improving exports to select Middle East. the the tourist and the artisans, thus markets. increasing sales and expanding the All plans were validated by the quality of the tourism experience. ecoplan:net was hired to manage a presentation of the marketing plans to $US 10 million marketing strategy and government and the hand craft sector. The theme of each circuit focused on a particular handcraft product; leather, metal works, ceramics, weaving, carpets, jewelry, etc. The Morocco Handcraft National Label circuits also included interpretive Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC); Chief of Party features that reflected the cultural heritage of the medinas The Morocco handcraft industry is threatened by imports from other countries. The circuits were developed in Unsuspecting tourist are not usually aware of the source of the handcraft nor the cooperation with the various conditions under which they were made. A specific mandate within the Morocco stakeholders including inbound Handcraft Marketing Program identified the interest of the handcraft industry in (receptive) and foreign tour operators, local accommodation establishing a national label. Based on a comprehensive survey it was determined that suppliers, tour guides and the artisans. 84% of the industry (artisans and exporters) wanted a label. Furthermore they were able to define the most relevant criteria for the label including: Quality of production All circuits were mapped, described and design, hand made by Moroccans, environmentally responsible materials, fair (on an hour by hour basis) and wage and employment practices. presented to the tourism industry The surveys also indicated that the existing word mark and logo should be retained. and artisans for approval. An action plan and marketing strategy was prepared for the Ministry of Handcraft.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 6
  7. 7. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P LA N N IN G Retezat National Park and Regional Ecotourism Development Strategy (2005-2010) for the Ministry of Forestry and Rural Development, Romania Project Director The regional Ecotourism Strategy was prepared to both establish a long-term development action plan as well as integrate the national park into the tourism economy of the region. Emphasis was placed on working with the communities within the park to generate alternative revenue and consequently reduce the stress on the natural resources. Visitor surveys were conducted throughout the park to determine development priorities. A particular emphasis Madagascar National Parks was placed on identifying the needs of the national tourists. Ecotourism Strategy, for USAID Carpathian Regional Sustainable Tourism and the National Agency for the Management Development + Investment Plan (2008-2012), of Protected Areas (ANGAP) Project Director for Tropical Research and Development for the Romania National Tourism Authority Team Leader The ANGAP Ecotourism Strategy was one of the first for a national The region has for decades been a favorite destination for park network and included market analysis, ecotourism product hikers and trekkers who came to experience the development and proposed infrastructure for 12 national parks located magnificent landscape of the Carpathian Mountains and its throughout Madagascars. James worked closely with both local traditional village culture. However the region was communities as well as other donor partners particularly on island positioned, well below it potential. An infrastructure locations such as Nosey Be to ensure maximum distribution of development and investment strategy was prepared to economic benefits from park visitors. Development priorities were encourage local and Romanian investors to participate in the upgrade of facilities as well as construct ecolodges and identified with a focus on establish multi-day itineraries and an quality campgrounds.The new positioning was supported international marketing strategy in collaboration with Madagascars inbound operators. Chtoutka Aït Baha Sustainable Tourism Development, Marketing and Investment Strategy, for the Office of the Governor of the Province of Chtouka Ait Baha, Morocco 2006-2007 Team Leader This region and national park are strategically located just south of Agadir, Morocco’s most popular coastal tourist destination (700,000 visitors/year). The province includes 120 KM of some of the best beach resources in Morocco and the lands adjacent to the National Park have high investment potential for the local villages. The individual potential for more than 7000 hectares of coastal land was identified and formed the basis of the investment proposals. A prospectus was prepared. The region was positioned as both a rural tourism and ecotourism attraction for visitors to Agadir as well an international destination in itself. !2 tour packages were designed and promoted to foreign tour operators and inbound ‘receptif’ in Agadir and Marrakech. The strategy identified a structure for a regional DMO which also included a Mending nets at Tifnit fishing cooperative relationship between the provincial authorities and the national park administration as well as the role of the national park within the regional village on Chtouka Aït Baha Coast sustainable tourism development strategy.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 7
  8. 8. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P LA N N IN GPacific Rim Sustainable TourismDestination Strategy and MarketingPlan, for the Canadian Department of RegionalEconomic Development (Project director)This strategy was the first of its kind in western Canadaand firmly established Vancouver Island as one of themost popular island destinations. The strategy focused onthe recently established Pacific Rim National Park and thesupport infrastructure surrounding the park (resorts,campgrounds, native villages and visitor centers) toensure a high quality visitor experience. The localindigenous population were an integral part of theplanning process, and today offer many of the visitoractivities including whale watching, hiking, coastal cruises Queen Charlotte Islands Lodge Siteand visits to the regions’ hot springs. Location Assessment for the BritishClayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Columbia Ministry of Crown LandsReserve Sustainable Tourism The QCI are unquestionably the most beautiful island chain inDevelopment Opportunities, for the BritishColumbia Ministry of Economic Development, Canada Canada. The have been the home of the Haida Gwaïi forProject Director (Tourism Component) thousands of years. The combination ofClayoquot Sound was the most controversial environmental ‘hot dramatic cultural and natural heritagespot’ in Canada, in the mid 1990’s. Logging interests werecutting Canada’s most valuable old growth forests leaving few dramatically increased demand to lodgeeconomic benefits in the region. James was hired to both identify sites. The local indigenous people hadtourism opportunities as well as determine the potential long placed a moratorium on development.term economic value of the industry on the local communities. Consequently James was hired to identifyNumerous public meetings which resulted to heated debate fromthe various interests groups including loggers and fishers, those location that responded to the needsenvironmentalists and the travel industry. The sustainable tourism of the residents as well as the investors.action plan was integrated into the overall development strategy. Kent County Sustainable Tourism Development Master Plan for Tourism New Brunswick and the Department of Regional Economic Development Canada Project Manager Kent County, on Canada’s east coast, was considered one of the most economically depressed regions in Canada. A decline in fish stocks had a significant impact on the local population and there were few employment options. However a large section of the coastal zone of the County had recently been declared as Kouchibouguac National Park and suggested that the region had a new future as a coastal tourism destination. The Master Plan had to consider how to develop a viable tourism industry in a region that was traditionally entirely based on the fishing and logging sector. James identified both market demand and the required infrastructure and services, but also the training programs that were necessary to respond to the development of the industry. Also the agriculture sector was revived to supply The lighthouses of Kent County are food products to the tourism sector and in-shore fisheries provided added value. a significant part of the culture The region has subsequently emerged as one of the most popular destinations in Atlantic Canada attracting more than 500,000 visitors.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 8
  9. 9. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P O L I C Y 4.1 Architecture Canada’s Sustainable Bahamas 4.2 Site Planning and Protection of Tourism Policy and Sustainable Tourism Heritage Landscapes 5. SITES/FACILITY Action Plan, Development DEVELOPMENT 5.1 Site Planning for Tourism Canada and GLOBE ’90 Project Director Policies 5.2 Site Design 5.3 Building Design for the Bahamas 6. ENVIRONMENTAL Ministry of IMPACT Tourism and the ASSESSMENTS 7. RESEARCH AND Organization of MONITORING OF American States ENVIRONMENTAL (OAS) IMPACTS 8. NATURAL AND Following the CULTURAL preparation of RESOURCE Canada ’s policy PROTECTION Canada’ first Sustainable Tourism paper on Sustainable 9. PROTECTION OF Policy and Action Plan was tourism, James was MARINE RESOURCES prepared by ecoplan:nets’ James hired by the OAS to 10. MARINE DEBRIS MacGregor as part of the GLOBE assess the REDUCTION ’90 (Global Oppor tunities for environmental issues on the Island of the 11. ENFORCEMENT Business and the Environment). Bahamas and develop a set of 12. WASTE MANAGEMENT Sustainable Tourism Policies to both 12.1 Waste Reduction During that landmark event, James influence cabinet as well as establish a 12.2 Solid Waste Management gathered tourism specialists, framework for long term sustainable 13. WATER CONSERVATION development. The policies provided to 14. TRAINING AND environmentalists and NGO’s from a be the first such a document and was EDUCATION dozen countries to collectively consequently awarded the Green 14.1 Staff Training present their vision of a sustainable Globe Achievement Award. 14.2 Public Environmental tourism policy. Over 6 days James Education worked with the team to craft 28 Policies were prepared for each of 14.3 Tourist Education policies and a 5 year action plan the following topics: 15. NATIONAL INITIATIVES that was designed to position 15.1 Sustainable Tourism Planning Canada as a leading nation in 1. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM 15.2 Bahamas Conservation responsible tourism. DEVELOPMENT Strategy 1.1 Sustainable Planning 15.3 Strengthen Sustainable 1.2 Assessing Economic Impact The document was widely Resource Management 1.3 Local Involvement and Benefits distributed and was used by several Capacities 1.4 Public Consultation provincial government to structure 16. ESTABLISHMENT OF A 1.5 Intergenerational Equity their own sustainable tourism policy. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM 2. RESPONSIBLE MARKETING DEVELOPMENT UNIT The action plan was subsequently 3. RESORT GREEN integrated in the National MANAGEMENT The project also resulted in the Sustainable Development Plan. 3.1 Green Management Policy creation of a Sustainable Tourism 3.2 Purchasing Procedures Unit within the Ministry of Tourism. 3.3 Energy and Water Conservation 3.4 Use of Pesticides and Herbicides WINNER: Green Globe 4. HERITAGE RESTORATION Achievement Award!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 9
  10. 10. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P O LIC Y Palau Sustainable Tourism Policies Office of the President of the Republic of Palau Project Manager In the late 1990’s, charter flights started arriving in Palau. The president of the Republic became concerned that the introduction of mass tourism wo u l d h ave a negative impact on the precious marine resources of the islands. Consequently ecoplan:net was commissioned to p r e p a r e Sustainable T o u r i s m development Policies. A two phase process was proposed. PHASE 1 included an extensive assessment of the nations environmental issues followed by 2 5-day intensive workshop with members of the Island of Exuma Coastal Zone Council of Chiefs, senators, the travel and Marine Park Ecotourism industry (national and foreign tour Management Plan and operators, accommodation transportation Marketing Strategy sectors) and environmental NGO’s. for the Commonwealth Secretariat (London) + Working in groups and using a structure the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism developed by ecoplan:net, they collectively Team Leader prepared an initial set of 37 policies. In PHASE 2, the This Ecotourism Management Plan (and policies were edited community based planning process) was and with the t he recipient of t he prestigious collaboration of Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) several senators ‘Environment Award’ and recognised and NGO’s a for, “its ability to influence the private final document sector to make immediate changes to was prepared for a improve the green operations of their presentation at property”. The process included an a National ecoplan:net training workshops with an Congress for endorsement. emphasis on ecotourism, green management and marketing of resorts, and Policies were then distributed to marine resource protection. Exuma has consequently become a major international tour operators for their tourist destination in the Family Islands and the standards and guidelines contribution. The 30 policies were presented established in the Management Plan have made a major contribution and passed through the Palau Congress in a towards improving the island economy (through local hiring and record 6 month. purchasing practices) and protecting the islands fragile resources.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 10
  11. 11. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M P RO D U C TWestern ‘Atlantic’ SaharaSustainableTourismDevelopment Strategy for theAgency for the Social and EconomicDevelopment of the South of Morocco(L’Agence du Sud) (2009)Team LeaderA  Quadruple-­‐bottom  line  Approach  to  Tourism  Product  Development....ecoplan:net   was   hired   to   prepare   an   overall  sustainable  development   strategy  for   the   this  last   frontier   for   tourism   development   in  Morocco.  The  client  was  particularly  concerned  about   the   impact   of   tourism   on   both   the  fragile   desert   and   coastal   ecosystems  as  well  as  the  local   nomad  populations   and  Sufi   Saints  religious  sites  and  tombs.All   proposed   infrastructure   development   and  programs   were   based   on   supporting  ‘quadruple   bottom-­‐line   procedures   and  p r a c t i c e s ’   i n c l u d i n g :                                                                  environmental   protection   and   enhancement,  social   enrichment,     responsible   economic  growth   and   carbon   emission   reduction.   The  implementation  of  the  strategy  focused   on  the   Tata Regional Sustainabledevelopment   of   several   all-­‐inclusive   package   tours   that   would   be   Tourism Development promoted   in   western   Europe Strategy (2009-2014) for UNDP and the   Program for the Oasis of the South, Morocco Sustainable   Tourism   Team Leader Action  Plan A   detailed   3   phase,   $11   The oasis in the southern regions are million   development   threatened by climate change, advancing program   was   outlined   including   feasibility   dunes, changing agriculture practices and analysis,  planning  +  design   neglect. ecoplan:net was hired to work a n d   i n v e s t m e n t   with local villages and stakeholders to requirements  for:   prepare a tourism strategy and ecotourism 1.Infrastructure    (e.g.   products based on international ecolodge,  visitor  centres,   sustainable development practices. This interpretive  kiosks,   campgrounds  and  trails was realistic because of the influence of UN-HABITAT’s Local Agenda 2.Training  Program  Design  and   21 program which, in promoting the Millennium Development Goals, Delivery  (Guide  services,  Green  management)3. Marketing  and  Community  Awareness was responsible for many progressive programs including composting, water conservation and recycling. ecoplan:net continues to work with local lodging managers and tour operators to develop sustainableDesignated:  ‘Model  for  Regional  Sustainable  Tourism  Development  in   practices and multi-day all-inclusive tour itineraries enabling the regionMorocco’ to be promoted as a true North African sustainable travel destination.-­‐-­‐  Agence  du  Sud/Maroc!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 11
  12. 12. strategic planning product development marketing training EC O LO D G E D EV ELO P MENT Haida Gwaii Native Coastal Banks Island Naturalist Lodge and Cultural Center Lodge, Arctic Coast, Business Plan, for the Skidegate Northwest Territories Tribal Council, Queen Charlotte for the Sachs Harbor Inuit Council Islands, Canada Project Manager Project Manager Despite its remote The Inuit community of location, the Sachs Harbour is Islands of Haida located approximately Gwaii have 840 km above the become one of the Arctic Circle. During more desirable the preparation of the destinations in Western Arctic Tourism Canada. The local Strategy, James was tribal council, using asked to assess the funds from fishing conversion of a decided to expand Canadian Tortuguera National their economic Atmospheric Weather Station into a Park Ecolodge Business base by investing in the tourism naturalist lodge. Plan, Costa Rica, for sector. James was A feasibility study Southlands Investments hired to prepare a business plan demonstrated the demand for a Project Manager that included both a 62 unit lodge high arctic destination lodge. A A Canadian investment and cultural center to display the detailed training plan was company hired James, as indigenous art. James worked with provided to ensure that the local project manager, to assess the several tour operators in indigenous people had access to feasibility of acquiring an Vancouver to ensure immediate most of the jobs in the lodge. existing lodge, adjacent to the positioning in the marketplace. national park, on the east coast Nanatsuak Wilderness of Costa Rica. The park and Destination Eco-Resort and coastal zone are characterized Eagles Nest Coastal Resort Cruise Boat Feasibility by numerous rivers and canals Business Plan, Barkley Analysis, for the Nain Inuit which are home to 7 species of Sound, Vancouver Island, turtles and the West Indian Tribal Council, Labrador Canada, for Barkley Charters Manatee (above). The Nain Tribal Council acquired a Barley Sound was one of the major former Monrovian missionary site, 100 qualified North American commercial fishing areas on the south of the Tourngat Mountains tour operators were contacted. west coast. With the decline in in Northern Labrador. The site The feasibility also identified the fishing, many fish processing plants was only accessible by boat and potential to hire local villagers were vacated. James and a local snowmachine (in winter). and a training program was architect were hired to assess the James was hired to assess the feasibility of converting a closed business potential for the included in the business plan. plant into a fishing and leisure development of this wilderness The property enjoys good resort. The proximity to Barkley resorts in one of Canada’s most occupancy rates based on a Sound, with direct access to the pristine northern locations. The targeted marketing strategy to Pacific Ocean was a major feasibility also assessed the select ecotourism wholesalers attraction and the resort has been purchase of a small cruise vessel to and travel agents. a successful venture provide access to both the facility and coastal communities.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 12
  13. 13. strategic planning product development marketing training EC O TO URIS M MA NUA LS Ecolodge Design, Construction and Operations Manual for USAID/Egypt and Chemonics International                                       James was retained to prepare a comprehensive Ecolodge Development and Operations Manual to be used to a] assist Egypt’s Tourism Development Authority (TDA) to assess the credibility of various ecolodge applications and b] to assist new developers in constructing facilities that responded to the highest environmental requirements. The document was subsequently distributed to existing resort and lodge operations in the Red Sea Region in order to promote more environmentally responsible lodging ad food services operations. Ecotourism  Itinerary  and  Tour  Operations   A Practical Manual for Investors Design  Criteria  for  the  Canadian  Museum  of  Nature James was retained as an in-house consultant by the The manual is divided into three sections. Canadian Museum of Nature. Part of his mandate was to identify business opportunities for the museum, with a Section 1 included an assessment of existing ecolodges particular emphasis on ecotourism packages that could be particularly in arid and desert environments but also sold to the museum membership. Some of these packages considered were responsible practices in coastal, marine, were developed with museum staff and others built on mountain and forest locations. existing tour products offered by select international ecotourism operators. In Section 2, international ‘Best practices’ were used to identify and describe more than 150 development criteria, In order to ensure that all tour products met the highest standards ad technologies that would be most applicable ecotourism standards, James prepared a detailed manual to the conditions within the diverse Egyptian desert, outlining all ecotourism criteria with respect to community involvement and guest/host relationships, energy and water mountain and coastal environments. conservation, waste management practices, interpretation Section 3 provided a checklist to TDA that allowed them program standards, use of environmentally responsible accommodation and transportation, and other attributes to rate the quality of the ecolodge applications and typically associated with a quality ecotourism experience. investment proposals. Botswana Ecotourism Best Practices Guidelines Manual for the Commonwealth Secretariat (London) and BTB ecoplan:net was hired by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Botswana Tourism Board to identify Ecotourism Best Practices in Africa and worldwide. Approximately 40 ecotourism destinations and facilities where assessed and a comprehensive description was provided for 20 facilities. Information extracted from the analysis of these operations then provided more than 180 planning, design, construction, operations, tour and marketing criteria that would ensure a sustainable tourism eco-operation. Each criteria was then described so that it would assist any operator or enterprise that wanted to be a green business. For instance water saving devices, energy conservation practices, and waste management techniques that encouraged recycling and composting were described in technical detail. Particular emphasis was placed on the preparation of the Ecotourism Business Plan and the Environmental Impact Assessment Eco-tent accommodation in the These criteria eventually were used as a basis to the standards identified in Okavango Delta (Botswana) the Botswana Green and Ecotourism Certification Program.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 13
  14. 14. strategic planning product development marketing trainingEC O TO URIS M BUS INES S O P ERA TIO NS EcoAdventures Ltd. Business Lake Matagami Ecolodge Lake  Matagami  Ecolodge Plan and Operations, for Business Plan, Town of Matagami, James is co founder and partner, Lunehivers and the James Bay Office of Economic Development business planner and vice- Development Corporation Project director, associate partner. president of marketing Team Leader, investor and partner Following the success of EcoAdventures was proposed as a EcoAdventures as a regional private new private sector tourism development based DMA agency, the company (Destination was approached by Management Matagami to enter into Agency) with the a joint venture to design, mandate to work build and operate with public Northern Quebecs first departments to ecolodge. establish tourism in The business plan Northern Québec. included an exhaustive The new concept of assessment of northern using a private Canada’s ecotourism company as ‘an and soft adventure agent for travel potential. A development’ was special management outlined by James structure was prepared within the 5-year business plan which that included First Nations included an exhaustive market participation at the financial as well analysis, tour product development Canada’s first Northern ecolodge as the operational level. The business schedule, development and is located on the 50th parallel yet plan was used as a vehicle to attract operational cost estimates and 5 year all electricity is generated by both private and public sector cash flow analysis. the proposal was solar and wind sources. The investment. James also managed a strengthened by clearly identifying the selection process to identify the facility is built entirely from wood role and responsibilities of all architect with the best sustainable grown in a certified sustainable partners. The new model for regional architecture credentials. forest (owned by a local tourism economic development gained widespread attention across The ecolodge opened in 2008 and a b o r i g i n a l C re e c o m m u n i t y Canada. The DMA was sold in 2009 had a successful first year. business). The facility is plastic and chemical to a large ecotour company. free and has been called “a laboratory in sustainable living” by an international tour operator. Cree First Nations Aboriginal Tourism Development Strategy, for the Cree Nation of the Community of Waskaganish, A 3% contribution is added to the James Bay Cree Territory, Northern Québec payment and it is used to finance Project Manager and Trainer local Cree culture and Over a 3 year period, James worked with the tribal council, elders and small business to develop a long term tourism development strategy for this isolated environmental project. community of the south eastern shores of James Bay and the Rupert River. Furthermore all fuel consumption The strategy proposed both cultural and nature based ecotourism product and is calculated and the appropriate since the community is strategically located on a migratory flyway, with more number of carbon credits are than 250 species, an emphasis was placed on developing birdwatching trips. purchased making it the first Guides were trained and business plans were prepared for the different carbon neutral lodging facility in services to be offered to the tourists including transportation companies, Québec. wilderness tent camps an ecolodge and guide services. James also accompanied local operators to various trade shows in southern Canada.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 14
  15. 15. strategic planning product development marketing trainingEC O C ERTIF IC A TIO N P RO G RA MSMorocco  Rural  Tourism  Quality  Standards  +  Ecocerti7ication  Program  WINNER: Tourism forTomorrow Award (2009)ecoplan:net  was  hired  by   the  Zakoura  Microcredit  Foundation,  with  funding  from   the  Grand   Duchess  of  Luxembourg  Fund,  to  undertake   three   activities;   a)   assess   current   international  certiAication   programs   to   determine   if   the   foundation  should  import   a   program   or   develop   its   own   scheme,   b]   develop   a  certiAication   program   for   its   microcredit   clients   throughout  Morocco  and  test  it  on  select  rural  accommodation  facilities,  c]  design  and  facilitate  a  training  program  for  auditors. Lower  St.  Lawrence  River  Marine  Zakoura   Foundation,   the   largest   microcredit   organisations   in   Ecotourism  Certi@ication  Program;  for  the  Morocco   is   responsible   for   supporting   several  hundred  small  to   medium-­‐size   guesthouses   and   lodges.   The   purpose   of   Lower  St  Lawrence  Tourism  Commission,  Québec,  Canadaestablishing   the   certiAication   program   was   to   both   protect   Project directortheir   investment   as   well   as   insure   operators   were   more   ecoplan:net was retained to prepared the firstenvironmentally   and   socially   responsible.   Furthermore   the   ecotourism certification program in Canada. Thepromotion   of   those   facilities   that   have   become   certiAied   program was developed within a federalenhances  the  viability  of   these  operations   as   well  as   provides   environmental protection program for the lower St. Lawrence River region as it empties into theleadership  or  other  small  businesses  in  rural  areas. Atlantic Ocean. Consequently the scheme focused on responsible standards marineAuditor   Training;   Auditors   were   selected   from   Foundation   ecotourism including whale watching, seaagents   that   are   located   in   the   various   rural   regions   of   the   kayaking, pleasure boating and launches,country.   These   people   have     ongoing   contact   with   Zakoura’s   bird watching and catch and release fishing,clients  and  are   both  in  a  position  to  assist  the  operators   as  well   and the operation of coastal resorts and  certify   their  operations.  The   training  program  provided  the  necessary   technical   knowledge   for   auditors   to   assess   each   The program has been operational for the past eightoperation   and   make   a   recommendation   to   the   certiAication   years and has approximately 100 certified members.program  co-­‐ordinator  in  Casablanca. The  Botswana  Green,  Advanced  Green  and   Ecotourism  Certi7ication  Program  (2009)                       for the Botswana Tourism Board-BTB (Quality Assurance Department)           ecoplan:net  was   retained   as   project   managers   to   develop   the   Airst   all-­‐inclusive   ‘green   and  ecotourism’   national  certiAication  scheme  in  Africa.  It  is  considered  one  of  the  most   comprehensive  in  the  world  with  more   than  250  individual  standards.  The  assignment   also   deAined  the  step-­‐by-­‐step  certiAication  process,  a   management  structure  integrated   into  BTB,  logo  design  as  well  as  marketing  initiatives  and  training  program.   The   design   and   wording   of   the   various   certiAication   standards   involved   the   input   of   more  than   300   travel   industry  stakeholders   from   all  regions   of   Botswana.  ecoplan:net   held  workshops   for  tourism   operators,   government   ofAicials  and  NGOs   resulting   in   the   unanimous   approval   of   the   standards,   including   the   mandatory   requirements   for   certiAication.   The   program   was   then   tested   on   12   businesses   representing   a   cross-­‐ section  of  hotels,  lodges,  guest  houses  and  tour   operators.   The  program   is  unique  in  that   it  applies  to  both  two  levels  of  green  certiAication  as  well  as  ecotourism  operations.   Training  the  Auditors:   ecoplan:net  was  also  hired  to  train  the  BTB  auditors  and  Quality   Assurance  Committee  Members  who  make  the  Ainal  decision  on  certiAication.  !ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 15
  16. 16. strategic planning product development marketing training S US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M TRA IN IN G Island of Exuma (Bahamas) Ecotourism Planning and Product Development Workshop for the Commonwealth Secretariat and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Program Designer and Facilitator The 5-day program was prepared for as part of a Exuma Coastal Zone Management Plan prepared by ecoplan:net. The focus was on island and marine ecotourism product development and marketing. Special emphasis was placed on identifying environmental protection practices, particularly for hotels and resorts that would allow the Island to be positioned as a EcoCaribe: ‘responsible’ tourism destination. More than 40 participants attended from across the Outer Islands. Caribbean Ecotourism Train-the-Trainer Madagascar Ecotourism Planning Workshop Series + Facilitators Manual and Product Development Workshop Program Designer and Facilitator Series (Tuléur and Nosey By) for USAID and the Association for the Management of Protected areas Seven workshops were held in 1996/97 for participants from the 11 Commonwealth Caribbean Nations. More Program Designer and Facilitator than 350 delegates attended including national tourism Following the facilitation of Madagascar’s first National directors, general managers of major Caribbean hotel Ecotourism Symposium (for The International chains, tour operators and secondary and post Ecotourism Society), James was invited to return and deliver a series of 5-day regional workshops in the south secondary educators. One session was devoted to a (Tuléar) and on the island of Nosey By in the north. The 12-day ecotourism train-the-trainer program. programs were attended by more than 100 participants In 1998, the series was given the prestigious Green and officially launched ecotourism in Madagascar. Globe Achievement Award, at ITB-Berlin and in 1999 The workshops were part of the National Park and the series was selected as one of the “Best Practices” Protected Area (ANGAP) Ecotourism Development by the World Travel and Tourism Human Resource Strategy which was also prepared by ecoplan:net, for Council. USAID’s SAVEM Project. Québec Tour Operator Green Management Training for EcoAdventures and the James Bay Development Cor poration Northern Canada’s leading ecotourism and adventure travel company hired ecoplan:net to training their staff as well as business partners and suppliers (native outfitters, park managers, guide services) to both assist the company in the development of its Green Management Strategy as well as the greening of associated companies. Company employees selected an environmental coordinator to direct the implementation of their field, base camp and office green management initiatives. Bahamas Hotel and Resor t Cor porate Green Management Strategy Preparation for the Bahamas Ministr y of Tourism and Commonwealth Secretariat Program Designer and Facilitator The 4-day workshops, held in Nassau and Grand Bahamas attracted more than 80 participants from all the major resort in the Bahamas such as Club Med, Comfort Working together to identify green Suites and Marriott, The sessions were also attended by insurance companies, airlines, and ground transportation companies eager to identify opportunities for practices for the resorts cost savings and initiatives to improve corporate responsibility to their local community and satisfaction to their their guests.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 16
  17. 17. strategic planning product development marketing trainingS US TA IN A B LE TO URIS M TRA IN IN G ECOTOURISM PLANNING GUESTHOUSE RURAL AND PRODUCT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT + DEVELOPMENT for USAID MARKETING for USAID and the and the Romania Ecotourism National Association of Rural, Association (AER) Ecological and Cultural Program Designer and Facilitator Tourism (ANTREC) Members of the association came together for a 5-day workshop The 4-day workshop was designed designed and delivered by James in to assist rural accommodation the National Park. operators agro-tourism to Tour itineraries identify market demand were prepared for and design and promote a regions as diverse variety of 2 to 4 day as the Danube packages associated with Delta and the their individual Carpathian Mountains. guesthouses. Packages were developed around wildlife RURAL TOURISM observation, Brazil Sustainable protection of the PRODUCT Tourism/Ecotourism wolves, caving and DEVELOPMENT Planning Train-the- bird watching. WORKSHOP SERIES for USAID/Morocco and the Trainer Workshop TOUR OPERATOR Morocco Ministry of Tourism for Conservation International PACKAGING WORKSHOP (Washington) and EcoBrasil Program Designer and Facilitator for USAID and the Romanian Program Designer and Facilitator National Association of Travel This workshop was designed and This 14 day program was selected, in Agents (ANAT) delivered to the Ministry of Tourism 1998, as an International ‘Best Program Designer and Facilitator Regional Delegates. The 5-day Practice’ by the World Tourism and session introduced them to the rural Travel Human Resource Council. tourism development potential of Thirty tour operators were introduced their regions as well as how to brand Forty participants including senior to the market demand, product their region. officials, NGO’s and private sector development criteria and step-by- leaders came from the 8 states of step procedures for developing rural Each group prepared a 5 to 7 day Brazil. After defining Ecotourism and tourism ecotourism and ago tourism itinerary including an implementation Sustainable Tourism practices and tour products in Romania. Creative and marketing strategy. Delegates criteria they used a 150 page new packages were developed by were also asked to consider the workbook, designed by ecoplan:net, training requirements in order to to prepare individual packages and the participants to promote such i m p l e m e n t t h e r u r a l t o u r i s m required infrastructure for their state. features as alpine wild flowers as products. All potential trainers were evaluated well as the traditional agricultural and appropriate feedback was production techniques. Emphasis provided. was also placed on promoting the Qualified ecoplan:net trainers (24) organic farming as well as regional who graduated from the program and cultural heritage resources for eventually contributed to the training Brasov County DMA. Individual of more than 2200 Brazilians in all itineraries were prepared including regions of the country. net costs. The program was also used as the A marketing strategy was developed basis for an online course at the for each product. University of Visci in Brazil.!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 17
  18. 18. strategic planning product development marketing training MO RE T OU R IS M M ANDATE SJames has directed or managed Vancouver Island Tourism Marinemore than 100 ecotourism, Education and Information Bay du Nord River,sustainable and rural tourism Centre Business Plan, for the City Newfoundland; Canadianassignments in 18 countries. of Nanaimo, Harbour Commission, Heritage River System EvaluationThe following reflect a short Nanaimo, BC and Management Plan, for theselection of additional mandates.. Canadian Parks Agency BIOPARC Environmental Education Centre Business Plan, Acadian Peninsula SustainableAgadir, Southern Morocco for the Municipalité de Bonaventure, Tourism Development andSustainable Rural Tourism Action Gaspé Region, Quebec, Marketing Master Plan,Plan (Web Site Development, Visitor for Tourism-New Brunswick and theExit Surveys, Tour Operator Database), Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Department of Regional and Economicfor USAID and Chemonics International Historic Site Management Plan Expansion, and Feasibility Study, for CanadaInternational Coastal Ecolodge Environment Canada, Canadian ParksDesign Competition (site location, Agency, Western Region Ecotourism and Educationaltraining workshop and selection of Travel Product Development andarchitectural firm), for the Bahamas Ecotourism Strategic Planning Marketing Strategy,Ministry of Tourism and the Inter- Workbook - Planning Model and Canadian Museum of Nature, 1995American Development Bank Facilitators Manual Canadian Museum of Nature and the Wildlife Viewing Study (MarketingThe Cree First Nations of James Banff Centre for Management Strategy Section) for TourismBay Community Tourism/ Canada and Ethos Consulting Ltd.,Ecotourism Development Kaska Nation Ecotourism andStrategies for the James Bay Cree Sustainable Tourism Tin-Wis Native CulturalMunicipal Council Development Market Analysis, Destination Resort Master Plan Kaska Tribal Council, (Yukon, B.C., and and Feasibility Study, Tin-WisDakhla Ecovillage and Wellness Northwest Territories), Canada Development Board, Tofino, BC,Coastal Resort Feasibility Study,Dakhla, Western Sahara, Project Quadra Island Marine Destination International EcolodgeDirector for the Agency for the Eco-Resort Feasibility Study, for Management System FeasibilityDevelopment of the Southern the Cape Mudge Band Council, Quadra Analysis, with John Yost for the PEWProvinces, Southern Morocco (2007) Island, BC Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia, PAIzmir Aquarium Feasibility Study MacKenzie River and Delta Tour Atlantic Canada Ecotourismand Site Selection Proposal, City Boat Market Opportunity and Workshop, Travel Industryof Izmir, Turkey, for the Canadian Feasibility Study - Top of the World Association of Nova Scotia, WhiteMuseum of Nature Tours, Yellowknife, NWT Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia,Indian Ocean Region (Comores, Shippagan Marine Museum South Africa: ECOTOUR 94:Mauritius, Seychelles), Feasibility Study and Master Ecotourism Planning Workshops;Assessment of Biodiversity Plan, for the Department of Regional Transvaal and Cape Town, for thePlanning Requirements, for the Economic Expansion, New Brunswick, South Africa Tourism Board (SATOUR)Canadian Museum of Nature Canada Namgis/Alert Bay ProductOregon Coast Ecotourism Gulf of Georgia Cannery Market Development and MarketProduct Development (Select Strategy and Economic Impact Opportunity Study andItinerary Proposals), for the Study for the Canadian Parks Agency, Ecotourism Planning Workshop,Presidential Commission for Rural Environment Canada, Western Region for the Alert Bay Historical Corporation,Development and the National British Columbia,Endowment for the Arts, Washington, Peace River Region SustainableD.C Tourism Development Strategy Costa Rica Ecotourism Policy for the Peace River Tourism Association and Biodiversity ProtectionMetlakatla Regional Ecotourism Symposium (Coordinator) for theand Aboriginal Tourism Vancouver Public Aquarium Government of Costa Rica and theDevelopment and Marketing Plan, Economic Impact and Long Term Canadian Museum of Nature, Sanfor the North Coast Tribal Council, Development Strategy, for the José, Costa RicaPrince Rupert, BC, Canada Vancouver Public Aquarium Board of Directors!ecoplan:net Morocco• • ecoplan:net romania •! 18