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Resilience presentation for WIT


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  • Great thought provoking, thank you very much
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  • Sorry, the name of the movie is 'Thrive' as opposed to Survive!
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  • Sorry I missed this presentation, Jim - but I went ahead and read your notes - a very thoughtful presentation. I believe we are definitely going toward the sustainability you are talking about, but we need to first address what is causing Western culture to be so egocentric in the first place, and I believe that is exactly what the Occupy movement is protesting against. By divide and conquer methods, we have been led to think that our neighbor is our enemy, and that more 'stuff' will alleviate our woes. Who is behind this? The people who profit from it the most, what the Occupiers would call the 1% (or more precisely, the 1% of the 1%). Anyway, I highly recommend watching 'Survive', which just came out and is now going viral - the makers of the film present a stunning picture of what is going on, and what our future may look like. Thanks for sharing your presentation!
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Resilience presentation for WIT

  1. 1. RESILIENCE An Upbeat Guide to the End of the World Presented by Jim Lee Wilmington in Transition October 27, 2011 photo by Kate Ter Haar
  2. 2. Gloom photo by Gabriel
  3. 3. Doom photo by Tomas Monzon
  4. 4. BetterFaster,More photo by Michael Huey
  5. 5. Tipping Point photo by Echo McNeill
  6. 6. 3 SolutionsTime Technologyphotos by Blake Buettner, IRRI Images, Derek Keats Transformation
  7. 7. Sharing photo by Alec Couros
  8. 8. Less is More photo by Tammy Strobel
  9. 9. Do-It-Yourself photo by Kate Ter Haar
  10. 10. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose photo by DoNight
  11. 11. Growing Your Own photo by Natalia Wilson
  12. 12. Homesteading photo by Susy Morris
  13. 13. PatchworkCareers photo by Kirsten Skiles
  14. 14. Post-Nuclear Family photo by Meg Lowe
  15. 15. WisdomCulture photo by Gary Knight
  16. 16. Transitions• Ownership to Access• More to Enough• Household Consumption to Production• Financial to Social Capital• Jobs to Gigs• Cultural Adolescence to Maturity photo by Riccardo Cuppini
  17. 17. Future of Work photo by Britta Bohlinger
  18. 18. Blog: Twitter: JHLINDE Thank You!All photographs licensed under Creative Commons photo by MaDag