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How to participate in yahoo answer


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The Yahoo Services Number is especially useful to customers when setting up their email accounts for the first time as there might be certain fields which do not make sense to users who do not possess a high level of computer literacy. The technical team at the Yahoo Services Number comprises of a number of friendly executives who can answer queries related to filling forms, setting up account information and understanding settings associated with email preferences.

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How to participate in yahoo answer

  1. 1. Yahoo! Answers is the leading Q&A service on the web. You can join in the fun and answer to your ability and more. Here are some ways to get up and in the game of Yahoo! Answers.
  2. 2.  Sign up for a Yahoo! ID at Yahoo! This is easy to do and will only take a few minutes to set up.
  3. 3.  "Answers" in the left side bar.
  4. 4.  Look on the left, and click on "Get Started!". The website will ask you for your preferences.
  5. 5.  Press OK and you are now a member of Yahoo! Answers! Before you jump into answering or posting questions, though, it's best to browse around and get a feel of how the site works before- hand.
  6. 6.  Review the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines by clicking here.  Click the Answer button at the top and review open questions  Click on the category of your choice and start answering questions that you have a good knowledge at.  If you are chosen to have the best answer, you will get 10 points.  If you have the most amount of best answers, you could become a "Top Contributor"!  Ask a question!  Go to the homepage, and type in your question in the Ask button.  It will ask you for details and to categorize your question.  Click Submit and it will post your question so other people can answer it.  Check back later for answers.
  7. 7.  Remember that, until you move up to much higher levels, you can only answer and ask questions to a certain extent. You may not find this out until using up all your contributions for the day, so be prepared!