Yodo1 overview Feb 12 2014


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Overview of Yodo1's Business

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Yodo1 overview Feb 12 2014

  1. 1. ®   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  2. 2. China,  the  Biggest  Smartphone  Market China  Smartphone  Market:     Expected  to  Break  800M  in   2014   China  Now  The   World’s  Largest   Smartphone  Market   Chinese  Mobile   Gaming  Revenue   Reaches  $1.8B  in  2013     China  Mobile   Gaming  Revenues   Up  100%  in  2014   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  3. 3. Why  China  is  Difficult  For  Western  Developers   DISCOVERY   AD  NETWORKS   DISTRIBUTION   SOCIAL  NETWORKS   PAYMENT   CREDIT  AND  GIFT  CARDS   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  4. 4. Why  China  is  Difficult  For  Western  Developers   DISCOVERY   DISTRIBUTION   PAYMENT   Welcome  to  China!!!   AD  NETWORKS   SOCIAL  NETWORKS   AD  NETWORKS   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  5. 5. Yodo1  PlaYorm  –  China  Simplified Welcome  to  China!!!   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  6. 6. Deep  Culturaliza]on,  Not  Just  Transla]on   From  Western  Hit  Titles  To   Deep  Culturaliza]on   Chinese  Hit  Titles Reaching   One  Billion+   Chinese  SNS  users 570M  users   Co-­‐Produc'on   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   750M  users   420M  users   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   500M  users   Ad  Networks   Alpha  Zero:  Re-­‐wrote  storyline  +  voice  over   Integra]on  with  China  SNS   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  7. 7. Co-­‐Produc]on  to  Sustain  Growth  and  Revenue   Deep  Culturaliza'on   New  Content  Crea]on   Sustaining  and  Culturalized  Co-­‐Produc'ons Co-­‐Produc]on   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   Ad  Networks   Hero  Academy:  Brand  new  story  mode  about  a  young   man  becoming  a  warrior.  We  designed  and  animated  a   China-­‐original  “Shaolin”  team  –  now  adopted  as  part  of   Hero  Academy’s  global  version!       Ski  Sarari:  Incorporated  new  Chinese-­‐ themed  music,  characters,  obstacles,   and  IAPs  (gear  and  ouRits)       Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  8. 8. Protec]ng  Your  IP   Protec'ng  your  games’     Deep  Culturaliza'on   Intellectual  Property  in  China Co-­‐Produc'on   IP  Protec]on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   Yodo1’s  Dedicated  IP  Protec]on  Team   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   Ad  Networks   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  9. 9. Turnkey  MMO  Games  Opera]on   Deep  Culturaliza'on   Co-­‐Produc'on   Local  cloud  infrastructure   Dedicated  community  and  event  management    team   24-­‐hour  customer  service   Simultaneous  launch  on  mul]ple  MMO  plaYorms   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera]on   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   Ad  Networks   Event  Rewards   Choosing  an  opponent   PVP  Results   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  10. 10. Distribute  Through  the  Broadest  China  Partner  Network   Deep  Culturaliza'on   Co-­‐Produc'on   Top  Publisher  with  China’s  “BIG  3”  mobile  carriers   400  android  app  stores  channel  networks   30+  Ad  networks   Handset  manufacturer  partnerships   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   Distribu]on     &  Mone]za]on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   Ad  Networks   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  11. 11. Kryptanium:  the  Most  Powerful  Games-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  PlaYorm   Instantly  Add     Deep  Culturaliza'on   Co-­‐Produc'on   In-­‐Game  Community     +  Social  Virality  +  Cross  Promo'ons   The  Most  Powerful  Games-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  PlaRorm   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   Increase  Reten]on  Rates     12.78%     25.03%   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Average  7  Day  Reten]on  Rate   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaYorm   Ad  Networks   Home  page  displaying   most  popular  discussions   about  your  game   Discuss  gameplay  and  tac'cs   Share  screenshots  and  achievements   Find  friends  and  other  players   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  12. 12. Maximizing  Ad  Revenue  in  China   Federa'ng  over     Deep  Culturaliza'on   30  Chinese  Ad  Networks  in  1  SDK   Co-­‐Produc'on   IP  Protec'on   MMO  Games  Opera'on   Distribu'on     &  Mone'za'on   Games  as-­‐a-­‐service   PlaRorm   Ad  Networks   Enhance  Revenue  with  well-­‐designed   ad  injec'on  without  impac'ng   gameplay   Mone'zing  a  broader  demographic   by  using  offer  walls   Enable  users  to  turn  off  ads  when  virtual   currency  above  a  certain  $  is  purchased   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  13. 13. The  Fastest  Growing  Mobile  Publisher  in  China   Published  more  than   50  games  in  China!   116M+   3.0M+   16M+   Total  Ac]ve  Users   DAU   Monthly  New  Users   February  10,  2014   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  14. 14. The  Most  featured  Mobile  Publisher  on  Apple  App  Store  in  China   Over  50  Home  Page  App  Store  Features     in  past  12  months   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  15. 15. The  Most  featured  Mobile  Publisher  on  Android  in  China   Cut  the  Rope  2:   Over  100  Features  Across   All  Major  China  Android   App  Stores   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  16. 16. Case  Study  –  Yodo1’s  impact  on  China  mone]za]on   60X   20X   210X   And  s'll  growing   $14,500/Day   $4,200/Day   $1,351/Day   $69/Day   Interna]onal   Version   35,000   TOTAL  DOWNLOADS   Chinese  Edi]on   Yodo1  Produced   Chinese  Content   More  Yodo1   Produced   Content   60,000,000  Total  Users   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  17. 17. Our  Developer  Partners   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  18. 18. The  Force  Mul'plier  for  Mobile  Gaming   Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Kryptanium  is  a  “FORCE  MULTIPLIER”  for  Mobile  Gaming   The Four Key Performance Factors for Mobile Gaming Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 19
  20. 20. MULTIPLY  “Reten]on”  and  “Gamer  Interac]on”   Instant In-Game Community Share Screenshots and Achievements Get Updates Ask Questions Find Other Players Share Tactics & Tips Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 20
  21. 21. MULTIPLY  “Gamer  Interac]on”  Even  More…   Turning Single-Player Games to Multiplayer Games Request Friends for Help Compete with Friends Social Gifting Invite Friends from SNS Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 21
  22. 22. MULTIPLY  “Virality  &  Distribu]on”   Creating a Foundation for a Specialized Social Network for Gamers Only So that every Kryptanium-Enabled Game Becomes a Distribution Channel Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 22
  23. 23. MULTIPLY  “Mone]za]on”   Create and Manage Live Events to Drive In-App Purchases Live Events & Tournaments In-Game Promotions Push Notifications Confidential. © RTM Asia. All rights reserved. 23
  24. 24. Blue  Chip  Mul]-­‐Na]onal  Execu]ve  Team   Henry  Fong     CEO   •  Co-­‐founder  of  a US$80m   Global  Tfrack  n  000   listed   Record   venture   und  in  2   f  Asia  Market    •  Co-­‐founder  ohat  has  helped  60+  US   Accelerator  t Serial  Entrepreneur  and   Asia   tech  companies  expand  into   Consultant  to  Over  60  US  Tech   •  Technology  Leadership  Roles  in   Start-­‐ups   &  Brocade   Microsom     •  Passionate  gamer  for  over  25  years   Mul'-­‐discipline  track  record   from  technology,  product   design,  opera'ons  and  exec   management     Jung  Suh   VP  Global  Publishing   •  A  game   ndustry  veteran  since  1995,   Korea  &i  WPestern  anagement   Markets   Jung  was  in   roduct  M   and  Sr.  Produc'on  roles  at  industry     leaders,  Ac'vision,  Walt  Disney,  and   Electronic  Arts.   Global  Gaming  Industry  Veteran   of  Western  and  Ko-­‐founded  aming   •  He  subsequently  c orean  G pioneering   Markets   game  rental  company   GameFly,  where  he  was  VP  of     Content,  and  was  most  recently  co-­‐ Founder  of  GCEO  of  mobile  game   founder  and   amefly  and   developer   Games   RedRocket  Red  Rocket  Games     Sun  Ke   VP,  China  BD   •  Published  more  than  200  well-­‐known   China  Ggaming  Market   of   mobile   ames,  including  Ages     empire,  Terminator,  Rambo,  Dragon     World,  etc.   China  Mco-­‐founder  of  Gametowin,   •  As  the   obile  Gaming  Industry   Sun  Ke  has  developed   eteran   Market  ing  and  BD  Vand  published     20  original  ARPG  games  and  online   games.   Product  Manager  at  Infusio  and   •  Abundant  experiences  on  both   Founder/COO  at  Game2win   channel  distribu'on  and  game     development.     Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  25. 25. Blue  Chip  Mul]-­‐Na]onal  Execu]ve  Team   Spencer  Liu   Chief  Product  Officer   •  Product  slass     and  usability  expert   World  C trategy   •  Co-­‐Founder  and  head  of  product   Product  Design     development  of  HighGear  Media   •  Veteran  in  branding  and  marke'ng   Interna'onal  Product  Design   for  gaming  companies   and  Usability  Guru     Lead  CNET.com’s  Asia   expansion  and  crea'ng  of  Lara   Crom  brand  franchise     Chen  Shuo   Director,  Mobile   Development   •  Founding  member  and  G Localiza]on  Expert  M  of  Shouji   Mobile  Entertainment      •  Managed  mobile  games   development   or  over  200  mobile   Mobile  Gor  top  fDaming  companies  nd   ame   g evelopment  a games  f Localiza'on  SPopCap,  Konami,  THQ,   including  EA,   pecialist     Sony,  Namco  Bandai  and  Tencent   Ex-­‐Disney  Mobile  and  General   •  Leader  in  tes'ng  and  cross-­‐plaRorm   por'ng   Manager  of  Shouji  Mobile       Will  Chung     VP,  Crea've   •  Award-­‐winning   World  Class    experience  in  digital   film  postproduc'on  and  computer-­‐ Crea]ve  Talent   generated  anima'on.    •  Selected  as  the  top-­‐10  film   Award  Winning  Cirea've   produc'on  teams   n  China   Director  in  3D  Crea've   •  Top  25  most  influen'al  anima'on   Produc'on  &  Anima'on   teams  in  Asia     Anima'on  and  Post  Produc'on   Credits  in  over  40  CG   produc'ons       Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  26. 26. Blue  Chip  Mul]-­‐Na]onal  Execu]ve  Team   James  LaLonde   Head  of  Interna'onal     Business   •  Generated  over  US   Japan  &  Global    $2.0  Billion  in   revenue  for  tech  companies  in  Asia   Track  Record   Pacific     •  Established  over  175  distribu'on   Japan  Market  Expert,  Global   partnerships   Business  Execu've  and  Author   •  Closed  over  80  OEM  contracts  with  a   of  Bminimum  value  of  $1M  USD   est  Selling  Japanese   Business  Book   •  Author  of  top-­‐selling  Japanese     business  book   Closed  over  $2  Billion  in  Deals   for  Tech  Companies  in  Asia  Pac   Billy  Tang   COO   •  Billy  brings  15  years  o Proven  Start-­‐Up    f  experiences  in   opera'ons  management,  research   Mgmt  Track  Record   innova'on  and  marke'ng     promo'on.   Serial  Entrepreneur  land   The   •  Billy  has  founded  and   aunched   Interna'onal   edera'on  of  Crea'vity   Technologist,  FFounder/COO  of   and  Technology  (IFOCAT),  Hong  Kong   Bio-­‐metric  Scanning  Somware   Youth  Synergy  (HKYS),    Hong  Kong   Company  Titanium  of  Commerce   Chongqing  Chamber   Tech     (HCCC).   Grew  Titanium  to  US  OTC   lis'ng  and  exit   Marcus  Chan     CTO   •  Microsom  Greater   World-­‐Class     China  Technology   Director   Technologist   •    16  years  of  hands  on  design,   development  and  architecture   Technical  Director  for   experience   Microsom  Greater  China  and   •  Key  architect  in  the  AMS3  trading   and  Key  Architect  in  HKSE   system  for  the  Hong  Kong  Stock   AMS3,  HSBC  Retail  Banking     Exchange  and  HSBC  ban’s  retail   system   and  HKJC  Bevng  Systems.         One  of  a  few  individuals   promoted  to  the  rank  of   Architectural  Consultant  at   Microsom   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.  
  27. 27. Thank  you.   Confiden'al.  ©  YODO1.  All  rights  reserved.