Alvaro Sobrinho African Union presentation


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Alvaro Sobrinho African Union presentation

  1. 1. Presentation by Dr Alvaro Sobrinho, Chairman PEI United Nations General Assembly 2013
  2. 2. An international NGO and charity passionate about science, technology and innovation in Africa
  3. 3. Three pathways We believe will lead us to scientific independence
  4. 4. Creating new higher education and research Centres of Excellence in Africa • CESSAF – Angola’s first major PhD Programme • Newcastle, Agostinho Neto Universities & the Indian Institute of Technology • ARCHES – new Centre for Public Health in Mozambique • Universities of Glasgow & Eduardo Mondlane involved
  5. 5. Developing cutting-edge technology in and for Africa • Incubating technologies that can drive scientific development in Africa • Providing tailored programmes to exciting new innovations to help them become established • Current projects include mobile learning at higher education level and in key industries
  6. 6. We publicly advocate science, technology and innovation to Governments around the world • Expert scientific and policy workshops • Large scale conferences and events • Giving a platform to scientists from Africa and the Global South
  7. 7. Why do we do it? Tertiary enrollment in Africa is the lowest in the world
  8. 8. Why do we do it? Scientific development far behind other regions in the Global South
  9. 9. Why do we do it? Huge challenge of brain drain impacting Africa more than anywhere else in the world
  10. 10. Our partners Our international partnership network brings together leading scientists, academics, politicians, civil society groups, researchers and business figures Global thinking for Africa’s scientific future
  11. 11. Trustees and CEO Chairman Dr Alvaro Sobrinho
  12. 12. Three points for UNGA 1. To champion the role of science in the Post 2015 agenda for Africa, in partnership with the African Union
  13. 13. Three points for UNGA 2. To bring together government figures passionate about STI in Africa around key priorities, including increased investment in HE and R&D
  14. 14. Three points for UNGA 3. To continue to build a broad movement for science across the development community – not just scientists!
  15. 15. And we’re here to say… Join us – our campaign is far bigger than just the PEI, and we are keen to work with all passionate about STI in Africa!
  16. 16. Thank you and look forward to working with you! Follow us online